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  1. I have for sale a very cool game Miracle of Almana, originally a Famicom Disk System game that was converted to the Nes! It includes a real box, manual, cart with glossy label, styrofoam, and dust sleeve and clear plastic box protector. I have a few posters left, so if you want one get it soon! 55.00 shipped to US and Canada, 5.00 extra for international check out gameplay here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=MyuAQXNw4cA
  2. Now up for sale is the unreleased Nes game WAR ON WHEELS. This game never made it to market and a proto was found and now this game can be played on any Nes! Comes with real box, manual and game with nice glossy label. you can get the game here: http://www.thenesdump.com/New%20Website/war%20on%20wheels.htm
  3. ok, thanks for the info. i found this: Wizard and the Princess was first distributed by Sierra On-Line Systems in clear-plastic bags, including an instruction sheet and the game on a 5.25 inch floppy disk. The instruction manual originally mistitled the game as "The Wizard and the Princess". The original production run sold over 60,000 copies. The inspiration for the storyline came from a variety of classic fairy tales which Roberta Williams had frequently read when she was a child. The major upgrade from Mystery House is the inclusion of colour graphics. The limitations of the Apple II system meant that it was only possible to display six different colours on the screen at one time. However, the innovative use of optical dithering (interspacing two pixel colours closely together to give the illusion of a third colour) made it appear as though there were more on screen at once. so if my manual has "The" in front of the title, then it would be the first run production?
  4. I found a copy of this game (disk and instruction 8.5x11 card) recently. I can't find this game for sale anywhere and was wondering how much it is worth. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wizard_and_the_Princess I have a pic at home and can post it later. thanks!
  5. I know there are some Nes collectors here, so i figured i would post this: http://www.thenesdump.com/New%20Website/california%20raisins.htm
  6. cool, i bought this a few months ago and haven't had time to go through the disks. that would be sweet if it could be converted to a pc file if i find any. ill have to get on this soon, ill be in touch.
  7. so i picked up an atari 800 computer and a ton of disk games from a guy on craigslist. he was the original owner and said his neighbor was a game reviewer and there were a number of never released games in there that his neighbor put on a disk for him (no original disks, they must have been copied). i don't know much about this system, but was wondering if there is a list of games that were not released so when i go through the disks i can keep an eye out. even a list of released games would be great as i can have a reference when going through the disks. thanks
  8. thanks for the info, ill probably just hold onto it then.
  9. really, weird it doesnt pop up on ebay that much so i figured it was worth more than that
  10. Hi, i have a Jawbreaker cart up for sale. Not really an Atari guy, but came across this a few weeks ago in a junk shop. The label is not in the best of shape, but i think this is a hard to find game. Not sure what to ask, so ill take offers on this for the rest of the week, looking to get at least 20 bucks, if not ill just hold onto it.
  11. you can get it here: http://www.thenesdump.com/New%20Website/time%20diver.htm
  12. not sure how many levels were in the arcade version. ill have to look through some youtube videos, this also came out for the spectrum, c64, amstrad and other consoles.
  13. Up for sale now: http://www.thenesdump.com/New%20Website/xybots%20cib.htm
  14. This is the Japanese only released version of a adventures of lolo game. It was previously in Japanese, but hybrid was able to finish the translation and it looks great!! Arjak wrote up a great users guide as well. It was his idea to put this game out and i think it is a great idea. i have 30 of the tins so this will be a small release. I have not made any of these yet, but have all the parts to do so. You get tin, styrofoam insert, cart with nice glossy label and laminated 2 sided users guide. This is a PRESALE, so a non-refundable deposit will be needed to secure a cart. The cost will be 50.00 (5.00 extra anywhere else in the world). I PLAN ON SENDING ALL CARTS OUT JANUARY 10TH-15TH. so i am asking for a non-refundable deposit of no less than 15.00. you can pay in full right now, or put more money down, its up to you. before I ship, you would need to pay the rest that is owed. paypal: [email protected] IMPORTANT: PLEASE PUT YOUR USERS NAME IN YOUR PAYPAL PAYMENT!!
  15. I am not sure if anyone here is interested in Nes games, but i was able to put out the previously unreleased SUPER PITFALL II. It is for sale over at nintendoage: http://www.nintendoage.com/forum/messageview.cfm?catid=6&threadid=24446 There will only be 100 of these made, and currently only 49 are left. The game was released in Japan as Atlantis No Nazo and the prototype was found with the title screen Super Pitfall II. Nothing was changed in the rom, it is the same as the prototype.
  16. if the # is gone, you can just pick another one, i am trying to keep it updated as possible. the rom can be downloaded on the net, it just has a title screen in japanese. the rest of the game is in english. if you cant find it ill send it to you
  17. Up for sale now is the unreleased Spy Vs Spy 2: The Island Caper for the Nes: http://www.thenesdump.com/New%20Website/spy%20vs%20spy2.html The #'s are being tracked through nintendoage: http://www.nintendoage.com/forum/messageview.cfm?StartRow=1&catid=6&threadid=22758 if you pay by the website, PLEASE PUT WHAT # YOU WANT IN YOUR PAYPAL PAYMENT. Thanks
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