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  1. Is it just me, or does the XEGS seem to be one shade of grey darker than the rest of the XE line?
  2. Remember this thread? Ah, good times. It looks like @Almost Rice was the big winner here with cart #1. And it sure does feel a bit weird seeing all of those long-absent members in that thread...
  3. Ken did an amazing job with Beef Drop VE, so the improvements in sfx and music with the POKEY version aren't as dramatic as you'd think. It's definitely better with POKEY, as the music isn't as choppy and has a fuller sound, but you do have to listen for it. I bought two copies from Ken sixteen fourteen (!) years ago (later giving one away), and then bought a VE version for comparison. The original, POKEYfied run was numbered on the back.
  4. But what about Little Computer People? I like to think of that one as Sim City 0.5. 1971-1974. But who didn't play this on an Apple? My choice would either be one of the Zork series or Spellbreaker. Why? Well, they were ported to essentially every system sold at the time; they had unparalleled parsers; outstanding storytelling; amazing packaging; and, with Zork, incredible and lasting influence. Yes, yes, I know the original Zork is a child of the '70s, but it truly flowered on the home computer. It's probably not the "best" game out there, but I spent more hours on Phantasie than anything else in the '80s. Great fun.
  5. ...and in working order? "No, we were sent a Sony discman, and that's what you're getting back. I absolutely have no current listings for a Jaguar CD unit on eBay!"
  6. Yes...but I also recall Sierra getting very excited about importing Thexder and Silpheed to North American computer gaming in '86. I was bitter about the fact that the A8 was not getting ports of these games, so I ignored them at the time. Okay, you did say "mostly " unknown.
  7. Why not? We've had one since 1989, and under Atari livery, too.
  8. Ooh, tempting! I'm just going to quit whining, buy the ROM, and use it in my CV multicart.
  9. Yes, they won't come with miniature boxes.
  10. I believe that the base model in the original campaign was considerably less expensive... I backed it because the design of this unit is superb.
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