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  1. I haven't but maybe there'll be a unit at PRGE this year!
  2. Oooh... There are a number of long play videos on YouTube which really do help you with gameplay. I'm not the best player, but STUN Runner is certainly oe of the Lynx's top ten games.
  3. Le gasp! Those are all amazing games. I can't begin to tell you how much time I've spent on either Electrocop or Gates of Zendocon, but it's easily in the hundreds. Hyperdrome is just a fun killer, and will melt your brain if you stare at the screen too long. Hard Drivin' made me swear off of driving games, completely, until I found Crazy Taxi on the Dreamcast. Gordo 106 is awful and depressing. And Ninja Gaiden III is just not the game for me, with its ear-splitting "music", awful graphics, and boring "plot". But I think that Tournament Cyberball or Hockey are the worst games on the system for me. I still can't play more than five minutes of either game at a time.
  4. Okay, what? Specs, please, about the new handheld.
  5. I keep forgetting that Pinball Fantasies offers four tables, as the only one that I liked (and played) was "Billion Dollar Game Show". I actually spent much more time with Ruiner Pinball just for the "Ruiner" table, which is fantastic. That "Tower" table has just about the ugliest colour scheme of any Jag game that I've seen.
  6. Club Drive is lots of fun for such a broken game. If we're talking about post-Atari retail, Soccer Kid would be my pick: it's a really nice platformer that few seem to like. And if it's homebrews, Painter is criminally underrated/played. It's a lovely game that, in my imagination at least, is what Pepper III would have been like.
  7. I've booked at the Overlook, a.k.a The Inn at the Convention Center! I can only hope that the decor has maintained its 1973 Kojak Crime Scene charm that I experienced in 2019.
  8. Well, it was the gateway drug of choice of many for '90s Windows gaming, and I too was entranced by the beautifully-rendered graphics until I realized that many of the puzzles were irritatingly illogical and unsolvable. Bring me the red pages! I will say that I was just as captivated at the time by Jewels of the Oracle, a contemporary puzzler with equally gorgeous graphics that no one remembers. That one would be a much better fit for the Lynx.
  9. So when are you taking orders?
  10. I believe that the first 2600 that I owned was a Ben Heck special handheld, and I picked that one up almost two decades ago. And I didn't own a NES until I bought Osgeld's Nintenputer two years ago.
  11. It was perfect. The candy performed a magic trick and disappeared down my kids' gullets as soon as I opened up that package. When the heavy, longing sighs start up, you've just got to accept facts and hand over the loot.
  12. Hello friends! Santa SoulBlazer made my holiday happy indeed with some truly spectacular gifts! I’m very excited about the wonderful Final Fantasy shirt — now I have something to wear when I go out to shop! And the Vectrex multicart…the Star Wars set…and everything else…wow! So many thanks, Santa!
  13. It's completely worth the price just for "snowboard rush". Although I do enjoy making the figure skaters fall on their butts all the time. Hee!
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