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  1. Received my copies in the mail today! Thank you (again) to all who made this possible! I think that this is the first game that I've received in a VHS-style box. Great idea: it'll fit on my shelves very nicely.
  2. I'm having difficulty adjusting to the proshock controllers after the joyous experience of T2K with Jag rotary controllers. Does anyone have suggestions for the control settings to make playing with the thumbsticks more enjoyable?
  3. Dreamcast: Sonic Adventure, 150 min. And I let the kids choose between this and Jet Grind Radio! Ten year-olds today...
  4. Or we can think about the ways that this could be a real setup! I do have a VBXE modded 65XE, so it might be possible to approximate that display with "The Last Word". Or we could pretend that anyone actually used the XEP80 for anything but a doorstop and booted up "AtariWriter 80". I do have two 3.5" A8 drives, but I never let my A8 3.5" disks out of their box -- let alone get that dusty -- so that's iffy. I do have XE units that have really excessive yellowing that I bought off eBay that were likely placed in direct sunlight in warmer climates, so that could be legit. Ugh, I'd never crumple up tractor feed paper though. It's too pricey around here to use as scrap. Missing SIO cables aren't necessarily a problem if that setup involves a Corvus hard drive. We can't see the joystick ports or the right of the picture, so maybe there's an ungodly kludge of daisy-chained parts and peripherals running all of this crap. A8 challenge: recreate this photo in your own home using existing tech!
  5. But let’s not forget the XC12 “Turbo” drives! Loading tapes at two and even three times normal speed is going to revolutionize A8 computing in the 21st century!! I’m going to donate all of my SD units (ten and counting) to the local Goodwill store as soon as I can score a drive and tapes from Poland!
  6. Looks like you’re lucky on both counts. My battery was dead the day I bought mine off eBay years ago.
  7. You guys just aren’t thinking about the long game. I hope this proto is lost, and then rediscovered by some cannibal apocalyptic tribe that elevates it to the status of religious icon. It’ll be very Canticle for Leibowitz, except it’ll be fun and retro for Fourth Millenials.
  8. Well, I’m sure his estate will want to unload it as quickly as possible (as will ours with our unique junk). Ironic, as we’re the only group of people who could possibly care about this.
  9. Well, I think that’s been sorted out by now: OP appears to be a teen nostalgist who has experienced the joy of keying in lengthy programs from ANALOG, and wants to recreate an accurate computing experience from 1979. When I myself was seven. I was going to write some wise words about being careful to avoid the aesthetic (and budgetary) horror of combining a 400 with a XF-551, but now I say go for it! But by all means do try for a 815 first and forget those silly SD devices. There’s nothing like that pure seventies rush of raw computing power.
  10. I may buy a PS5 if I can get over my bitterness at Sony for dropping the Vita like it was a Sega console. How dare they!!!
  11. No...but the SFX are off, and this does become an impediment to gameplay at the higher levels. The Lynx and 5200 ports show you how fundamental this feature is to the game.
  12. We may disagree, but Klax is the Lynx’s killer app. And it had that market for about a year, which shows you that Atari couldn’t market its system or that the appetite just wasn’t there. Or both. In fact, all of the launch titles (Gates of Zendocon excepted) were, aside from CG, amazing exclusives that would have sold very well if anyone had known about them. We’re all pretty nonchalant about it now, but I was just blown away by Electrocop the first time I played it. It was simply amazing for 1989/1990.
  13. No advertising. I don’t recall one single TV or print ad for the Lynx in Canada during its commercial run, and it had zero footprint in stores. I had to buy all my games at local Atari dealers. And it’s now obvious that no one wanted to play Arcade games that much in 1990, something of which Epyx was aware but Atari...not. I don’t buy the physical complaints about the system that are now commonplace. The screen is mediocre...in comparison with a McWilled mod, but the Game Gear’s was awful, and the Game Boy...ugh. And I doubt poor battery life was a deciding factor for the target audience. I certainly didn’t do a side-by-side comparison of systems when I bought my first one at 18 and think “battery life is key!”
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