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  2. I am sad to tell you that I have played many more rounds of Speedster II than BS:G. Yes, I own a "real" copy of BS:G. and it was actually much more difficult to get an original Speedster II . And, BS:G was, for that matter, cheaper, as I got BS:G in its 2002 run, and had to hunt for Speedster II for what seemed like ages.
  3. Cool find! It looks like it might be pirated branding, though; there's something off with the Atari lettering and the Fuji itself.
  4. Excellent transaction for A8 Jim Slide. Thanks for shipping to Canada!
  5. Rcamp48 was working on a Lottario program for the Portfolio...
  6. I'll say it again: no collection is complete without a CIB Lynx Invades Japan.
  7. Yes, please. And since it took like 30 seconds for you to figure that out, I’ll add one of the most hated games of 2016, for the PS4, to the box.
  8. What is the connection between: a 1983 Williams arcade villain and the Easy Listening program Patterns in Music...whose host is still heard on the easy listening net station 97five? The winner will receive... this cassette tape! Ooh! And whatever I could pack in the box to protect it. PM me with your answer. If there's more than one correct guess by 10 June we'll have a draw!
  9. I'm not sure that this is correct given the massive amount of litigation that has been generated around lookalikes and playalikes in the home computer and gaming worlds. I mean, the PC/clone Reverse Engineering Patent Wars lasted YEARS, and all the video game companies were always suing each other over some real or imagined copyright infringement. Intellectual property rights in the computer industry have been hotly contested throughout the development of home computers/gaming, and I don't see any evidence that things were "looser" in the '80s. The difference between tech and the classic arts is that it's much easier to prove the provenance and ownership of code and to track down the thief who stole it rather than just claim that you were imitating or developing a subjective "style". I'm not disagreeing with your overall point in this discussion, though.
  10. Maybe it can be reprinted as the book’s Introduction. Apropos, without the authors’ permission.
  11. That’s a nice port, but it makes the Lynx version, with all of its added touches, especially impressive in comparison. I’m still amazed by how much thought and care Epyx put in to its (Handy) Lynx titles.
  12. You know, I correspond with police officers on a daily basis at work. I've received several comments over the years from them about the "cold tone" that they perceive from me because I do not use emoticons in professional correspondence. I think that this must partly attributed to generational differences, as I certainly recall being taught not to adopt this tone in my Grade 9 typing class (1986!), and am simply not going to change my style for this...trend. In any case -- as I tell the police -- sometimes an e-mail (or forum post) is just an e-mail, and not some psychosocial weapon. ...involving forty year-old tech...plagiarized software manuals...and stolen book covers! I see lots of valid points here, but have still wanted to giggle on several occasions over the thought of all this drama.
  13. Bubble Bobble by far, followed by Treasure Island Dizzy. Controls and gameplay on these two are just rock solid.
  14. I'd like to see someone take a crack at Area 51 if the controller issue could be worked out.
  15. Looks like I've been snoozing! Two for me, please.
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