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  1. Well, if you go back to the first page and read it all... The legal status of the title is murky. I've seen a few copies-of-copies being made over the years, and some of them even have the save feature, but reliability is uncertain. There's been no "official" run of the game for over a decade now. I have it, and it's fine, but Wyvern Tales is excellent and available if you're looking for a quality RPG on the Lynx.
  2. Lemmings is definitely my pick out of those three. It's one of my favourite games on the Lynx and it's aged beautifully. But don't overlook Loopz, which is excellent as well.
  3. Well, there is KidGrid and that country version. I wonder why those aren't in circulation? I heard that KidGrid was complete.
  4. It’s actually been incredibly mild for the past two months, with daytime highs hovering around the freezing mark, or even above. We even had the tail end of a thunderstorm last night, which ripped shingles off the neighbours’ house and right into the window, which got all scratched up. Punched a small hole in some vinyl stripping, too. Shingles!
  5. I think I bought mine about fifteen years ago, for about $200, but it came with a big lot of mostly NIB games. Although I haven't used it in a while, I really did get a lot of use out of it, and the VLM is fantasic. Aside from Battlemorph, I believe that I put in the most time on Vid Grid. Great game, even if it was just a freebie. I am definitely going to plug it in soon so that I can unscramble "November Rain".
  6. Christmas in January!!! A big box came in the mail today from Louisiana... First up was an awesome Double Dragon plug 'n play. Nice! I've only played the 7800 and Lynx versions, so this'll be great. Next up: a cool paperback! This'll be great for my next business trip...unless the kids grab it first. The colouring book of Pixel Art is pretty neat, too, though I know my daughter's going to go after that one. I lost the amazing Pac shirt immediately to my partner, but I'll get it back later. My son immediately told me how amazing the mini controller is, and claimed that he "saw it on YouTube". And I'm not sure how he did that, since he's been banned from YouTube. Ahem. Pong is always an amazing addition, and I actually don't have it for anything but the ColecoVision (and if you count Ponx and a minigame in Lynx Reloaded) for the Lynx. Yay! Finally, a BIG thank you for the boxed copy of K-Razy Antics. I bought this when I was twelve at a Kay-Bee store in Charleston, West Virginia, and lost the box shortly thereafter. This was one of three games that I had for an entire winter, and I played the heck out of it. Ah, the memories. What amazing presents. How unexpected! THANK YOU, Secret Santa!!
  7. Just subscribed in the hope that the "very popular game" is Pig Mock or maybe Sa-Zi-Ri! Ugh, Princess Maker sounds too much like raising a twelve year-old in real life to be classified as escapism, though.
  8. But Klątwa is still PAL-only, correct? Or has it been ported over for NTSC machines?
  9. The YouTube algorythm recommended this short film tonight. It's a non-event, but is that ATASCII font being used for the "Emergency Alert System" broadcast at 2:41?
  10. Xari Arena has already been ported to the A8 computer line.
  11. It's a great game, but be aware that this is not a direct conversion of the arcade game. It is instead a pretty faithful port of the ColecoVision port. That's my favourite version of the game, so I was pretty happy with Venture when it was released for the A8 seven years ago.
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