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  1. its difficult for me to pick just 5... I really like almost the entire library of official released games and most every post release/unreleased prototypes I have played! The 5200 is my favorite Atari system and I favor the 5200 versions of games found on other systems, the only exception being Gorf (maybe Ballblazer and Xevious as I like the 7800 versions but 5200 versions are also enjoyable and good) So it is with regrets that I cannot contribution to this thread as I cannot just pick five favorites as it would be a disservice to myself
  2. Had a little improvement... getting close to 30k... 29,296
  3. I'm starting to get the feel for this game... I'm really happy to have returned to the 5200 HSC after a hiatus of several years.. I never spent much time with Frogger II since I had gotten it a few years ago, didn't really get it, but now having something to play for really motivated me to play this game! Here's my score for tonight.. 24,209
  4. I never really spent much time with Frogger II.. lol, I just finally figured out how to get to the sky! But anyways, figured this would be a good chance for me to get acclimated with the game! here's my first submission: 11,429 I am playing the actual cart on my 4-port 5200 using the Wico Keypad
  5. it's been many years since I've participated in the 5200 HSC... I'm going to pop in Vanguard and submit a score... I miss the days of posting scores in here...
  6. as of today, I have two 2-port consoles and one 4-port console... my 4-port is what I have hooked up and I usually play my games on, but it's in rougher shape.. one of my 2-ports is practically brand new! not a blemish and still has the plastic across the silver part!
  7. Blue Print is a very fun game! I enjoy it a lot.. I also enjoy Krazy Shoot Out.. it's not as good as Berzerk, but still fun to play... I never could figure out Quest for Quintana Roo... I pretty much like every game to some capacity though... but I am in the camp with Gorf being a botched port... it would've been great if the control was cleaned up a bit... it's just sloppy and for me unplayable... I am one of the biggest supporters for the 5200 and its stock controllers, I defend the 5200 to the point where the Atari 8 bit camp hate me as much as I tire of their same old antics... and I try to play 007, but I don't do good and haven't invested much time to learn it... I wish I was around for the HSC... I could've used the incentive to learn and better play the game! I haven't been around these parts in years... life been getting in the way..
  8. greetings fellows.. I know I'm not very active here these days.. but I am still alive! I've recently moved into a new home this past fall, I am actually living around the corner from Destiny Games in Canton... it's been YEARS, but I may be able to host a modest gathering at my home in the very near future... I've been working at it for a few months, but I've been working on getting my game room together and it's finally near completion, or as close as it will get.. but my set up is pretty decent to support a gathering and I miss the days when me and my now ex-wife would host game gatherings..
  9. just to be clear, these are PC Engine games.. very few were localized for the Turbo Grafx 16... a couple other notes: Alzadick is a game that only features caravan game modes.. as in, not a 'full' game.. kind of like Star Soldier R on the Wii IMHO, Daisenpuu is Toaplans most boring, uninspired shooter, and the CD version is actually WORSE than the hucard.. want a GOOD Toaplan shooter? go with Hellfire S or Zero Wing.. they're much better and waaay more affordable than Tatsujin (which the PCE port is extremely hard, much harder than Truxton on the Sega Genesis) Rock On is a very... pedestrian game.. very bland.. and Heavy Unit? it's terrible... really.. I'll trade it for a common NES game I don't have!
  10. nice to see Veigues Tactical Gladiator mentioned... most people know Game Arts for their RPGs like Lunar and Grandia.. but there was a time they made cool games such as Veigues Tactical Gladiator and Alisia Dragoon (on the Sega Genesis)!
  11. Last month, I was on an After Burner kick, playing After Burner 2, After Burner Complete on the 32x, and After Burner III on the CD.. last night and today, I've been playing Out Run games! played a bit of the original Out Run, some Out Run 2019, and Outrunners... I really wish there was a better port of Outrunners... the Genesis game is decent at best.. WHY has Sega NEVER offered another port of Outrunners? Saturn? Dreamcast? PlayStation 2 Sega Ages series? unlockable in Out Run 2 or Out Run 2006: Coast to Coast? PSN/XBLA download? 3DS Sega 3D remakes? ........NO LOVE for Outrunners
  12. I'll offer a few suggestions for USA Turbo Grafx 'hidden gems' hucards: Chew Man Fu - action/puzzle game, 2-player simultaneous, supports saving with CD player or Turbo Booster Plus Somer Assault - shooter/platform game, you control a Slinky type thing Final Lap Twin - decent F1 racing game, two-player simultaneous split screen play, features unique quest mode that plays like an RPG, instead of turn based fights, you have races! earn gold, upgrade your car, save the land! World Court Tennis - solid tennis game, four-player simultaneous play, features unique quest mode that plays like an RPG, instead of turn based fights, you have tennis matches! earn gold, upgrade your tennis racket, buy better equipment like shoes, save the land! Cyber-Core - great shooter, plays very much like Dragon Spirit, insect theme vertical shooter, power ups morph your ship into s stronger craft, great music! Time Cruise - really good pinball game, often lost on the shuffle by the Crush games.. time travel theme, great variety of bonus games, smooth scrolling play field that goes both up and down as well as left to right! Super Volleyball - unique 2D view volleyball game, plays really well, fast paced, easy to learn, it's really a lot of fun! these games I've mentioned are often overlooked, not known, and just get very little exposure.. and they are all very playable, very fun games! everyone that knows a little about Turbo Grafx always talks about the Bonks, the Legendary Axes, the Crush games, the Neutopias, the Dungeon Explorers, and the shooters... Turbo Grafx 16 is the one console that I enjoy every game released in the USA, so much I had acquired all 94 hucards and 44 CD/SCD games!
  13. only one other person said it, but I'm going to have to say the 5200 version... it's graphically well done, and there is scoring stratagy, that is absent in the 2600 version involving the bridges and tanks crossing the bridge... and.... the analog control gives precision control if your plane.. River Raid is one game that takes advantage of the 5200 sticks! it's these reasons why I prefer the Atari 5200 version of River Raid above all others
  14. greetings fellows, I plan on being at the arcade this afternoon, however, I won't be able to get there til around 5 o'clock.. I had to work today and should be out around 4... how late was everyone planning on hanging about? was their any other plans, such as dining, hanging out after the arcade? regardless, I'm free the whole evening and hope to see everyone... and Kevin, I have the Private Eye cartridge for you
  15. hey guys! sorry I haven't been active for a while (lot of things happening the past few years..) ubersaurus informed me of this gathering, I'll be available on February 8 to attend any type of gathering... count me in!!
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