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  1. I've love playing Frenzy on the Colecovision, however I really love the idea of playing it on the 7800 with Berzerk on the same cartridge as well. +1 for this on an actual cartridge.
  2. The Vancouver, WA club and the Portland, OR club are different. They were however started around the same time, just on different sides of the river. The link you provided is for the Vancouver, WA based club.
  3. Doing ok, thank you for asking. The short version, basically the past year and a half has been rough with personal type stuff. Had to move because the landlord stopped paying the mortgage (just pocketed the rent money every month and didn't tell us they walked away from the house), so the house went into foreclosure, my dog of 15 years passed away and my dad also died. Sounds like a bad country song I know hehe, but true. On a positive note, I still have my Atari 2600 heavy sixer and the joysticks mentioned in this original post. I also just put my sites in maintenance mode since I still need to finish consolidating my content. I don't get on AtariAge much these days with work and rebuilding from the past year or so, but this recent comment sent me an email notification, which poked me with a stick to chime in for a moment.
  4. As mentioned in a previous comment, yep, picture is mine and I run the website mentioned.
  5. Look at my original post date... it was back on Oct 24, 2009 and at that point Goodwill still had some good finds... but not so much these days.
  6. Indeed, same picture because both sites are mine. It's been a while but I was working on consolidating websites. I'll have to get back to doing that now
  7. For some reason AA wasn't sending me notifications of private messages. I only found out about your message because a friend emailed me a link to the forum thread. I just logged into my AA account and realized that I needed to reset a setting for notifications. Long story short I just sent you a PM, so take a look and reply when you can. Thanks.
  8. I'm here. Currently replying to your PM now.
  9. Ok, there is only 1 JATB cartridge left, so if anyone missed out on getting one and is interested, get into contact with me asap via PM.
  10. Hey there. Check your PM's For anyone else, I technically have 5 cartridges left, but will now be holding 2 back encase I need to send user Godzilla replacements (he ordered 2 carts)... so that means I have 3 left if anyone is interested in ordering 1 or all 3
  11. Excellent customer. Great communication, quick payments. Winning
  12. Last chance to get a copy of the re-release JATB. Only 5 copies left in the run. Private message me if you'd like to get one. Thanks to everyone who has already picked up the cartridge.
  13. Picked up a JATB, Great communication, quick payment. A+ person to deal with. Thanks.
  14. Small bump. There are only a few JATB re-release cartridges left, so If anyone else wants one, send me a private message. Please note the game is a 32k NTSC cartridge only and not PAL.
  15. Picked up a JATB cartridge. Great communication, quick payment. Wonderful transaction.
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