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  1. I played your hacks for a while this evening, nice job. Are you referring to my old "Create your own Adventure" windows program by any chance? Pretty cool if you are, I wrote that and posted it here over 8 years ago. Steve Thanks! Glad you like them. I did use "Create your own Adventure". Thank you for making that program, I had a lot of fun with it. I made these 2-3 years ago, I have been thinking of ideas for a new one. Is there a way of making a bigger Kingdom with some program tweeks? I would love to build a big one like Missadventure. Thanks again!
  2. Adventure was always my favorite game on the 2600. I played the original game and spent hours searching for secret rooms, etc. I used to dream of a bigger, more open kingdom. I was very happy to later see hacks appearing on here, and even homebrews. My favorite are the MissAdventure games. I like the open areas and bigger kingdom. I thought it would be great to make my own, but not very good with computers. I found Build your own Adventure and made some pretty fun hacks with it. Thought they would be worth sharing. Levels 1&2 of each game is winnable. Some selections of level 3 may not be, especially the 1st one. Adventure 77: First of my hacks. Some interesting game-play but can be difficult if not impossible. Be very cafefull not to get stuck. The bat can easily ruin your game in level 2&3. Game 3: If the bridge is not located within the first few minutes, the game may not be winnable. Adventure77_v2.bin Swamp Adventure: You must navigate through the swamp lands on your quest to win the game. There are no castles, but gates you must open to enter new forests. The dragons turn into dots when you slay them. SwampAdventure.bin Adventure GP: Kind of a halloween/ graveyard theme. You have a pitchfork you must use to kill the dragons. Don't get lost in the dark. AdventureGP.bin Adventure Vol. 4: Not very challenging, but pretty cool. Look for the short-cuts. Adventure_Vol4.bin Desert Adventure: Sort of a desert theme. Can be challenging. DESERTADVENTURE .bin
  3. That name stands for Microsoft Visual Basic Virtual Machine version 5.0 . If you have a Windows machine, you can download what you need to run it free from MS. Got it! Thanks Has anybody noticed dragons switching castles during the game? Several times with the blue Dragon, and once with the pink. They were in the black castle and I escaped, later to find them around the red castle, even when the cave was locked.
  4. Wasn't able to run adventure builder? "this application failed to start because MSVBVM50.DLL was not found".
  5. I never tried counting. I still think I am finding a new game 3 variation every once in a while or one that doesn't come up enough that I remember. But for the most part once I see an object's placement towards the game start, I know where some of the other objects are, princess location, etc. Of coarse the bat can mess that all up pretty quickly. There are definitely a lot of variations. I haven't got bored playing that's for sure. I just think the randomization tends to repeat soon sometimes. Never tried to play near as many as 75 back to back to see if I got a new game each time. Sounds like fun though! I will check those tools out to see if I may be able to do something with them. Really liked creating the ones with "Create your own Adventure", was easy, just wished it was a bigger kingdom. Thanks.
  6. This is long over due....I have been playing Missadventure for a good year now and wanted to thank everyone who participated in the making of this game! I 1st got Adventure in 1982 at the age of 7. I am another one who got "bored" with it and looked all over for hidden rooms with the bridge. All games had to be won with all objects and dragons in the yellow castle, etc. I used to lay in bed, trying to fall asleep as a kid and think about a bigger kingdom, more castles etc, and open areas to run from the dragons rather than being cornered in a maze. I started finding hacked versions on here a few years back. It was awesome to play some of the different versions and have new things to do with the game. I found this game and it is everything I ever imagined. I have played it hundreds of times. I am now to the point I know which level 3 game I'm playing by a certain object's starting place. Was a great challenge first starting and not knowing the lay out, now with the short-cuts and all, I can win it rather quickly. I have created 5 cool hacks using "create your own adventure", just wish there was more space and control to use my ideas. Thanks again everybody! I cannot wait for "Rhindle's Revenge"!!!
  7. Looks great so far! Cant wait to see the finished hack!
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