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  1. So did everybody get all their stuff safe and sound, post office issues and rescue secret santas and all that? And how cool is that the big man himself Al sent a rescue package? I almost want my person next year to miss me.
  2. I'm glad to know that you liked the stuff and sorry it wasn't wrapped! As I said, that kinda slipped my mind when I was putting it together. The gaming signs were bought cause of the vague detail about wanting to decorate your gaming den, and I thought those would be nice to hang up. The controller actually came with the SD card and instructions. I had bought two of them for my Pi cause there was a slight difference and decided after the fact I was cool with the one I had and decided to pass the other one on. Some people swear by Recalbox as the superior emulation front end for the Pi, but I decided I was okay with Retropie.
  3. So I'm just going to state this in case others are having similar thoughts.... I'm not as active here now as I used to be, so I know hardly anyone knows this, but money is really tight for me right now. I was laid off from my regular job in August. Although I found work a month later, it's only a temp job which is ending on 1-30 at which point I'll be looking again. Therefore I couldn't be as generous this year as I had been in past years. I KNOW the suggested price is just a guideline, but seeing everyone blow out of the water what I spent (and on what my own Secret Santa spent on me) does make me feel a bit guilty. On top of that, it never even occurred to me to buy wrapping paper. I suck at trying to wrap things, and I assumed the person would know what the box was and they could decide when to open it. So I know it's the thought that counts, and on that note, thanks to everyone who is doing such a amazing job and I hope I can do better next year.
  4. Well, I haven't seen any sign that my Secret Santa even GOT my box, much less opened it. I'm a little worried. The tracking shows it finally got to their place over a week ago.
  5. Got my package today! I can't really say enough stuff about this -- this was AWESOME! My Secret Santa went above and beyond on spoiling me, so MANY THANK YOUS!
  6. Looks like my package finally got delivered to my Secret Santa today. A trip that was supposed to take 2 days ended up taking 8. Thanks, USPS! Nice of you to charge me Priorty shipping for something that went by third class! As for mine, I know it's in CT. Hopefully I'll get it tomorrow or Monday.
  7. Well, it's not just the package that was sent to my Secret Santa that seems lost somewhere....the package for me was supposed to come today but it's also not giving any updates. Both just say 'late and on it's way to it's next destination.' Anyone else seeing their boxes stuck in la-la land? The post office is REALLY bad this year!
  8. My package is being bounced around all of the US from what I can tell (sigh) Sorry to my Secret Santa, I hope it gets there soon and in one piece!
  9. Looks like my package was delayed and should get there today. I KNOW I won't be able to resist temptation and will rip into mine when it comes.
  10. I got the last thing I was waiting for yesterday, so I went to the post office today and mailed mine out via Priority mail. Should get there 12-5. Now to wait for mine.
  11. Many thanks! As I said, you went above and beyond with the gift this year.
  12. Okay, now that it's past Christmas, who was my Secret Santa? Inquiring minds want to know!
  13. So I got my Secret Santa package on Thursday and WHOA! I'm not sure who mine was but they went above and beyond the call of duty! I love it.
  14. I'm glad you liked the stuff! I was your Secret Santa and I forgot to include that anywhere, sorry about that. Sorry about the duplicate game, I was looking through your online stuff and didn't find a trace of that.
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