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  1. Many thanks! As I said, you went above and beyond with the gift this year.
  2. Okay, now that it's past Christmas, who was my Secret Santa? Inquiring minds want to know!
  3. So I got my Secret Santa package on Thursday and WHOA! I'm not sure who mine was but they went above and beyond the call of duty! I love it.
  4. I'm glad you liked the stuff! I was your Secret Santa and I forgot to include that anywhere, sorry about that. Sorry about the duplicate game, I was looking through your online stuff and didn't find a trace of that.
  5. I would like to take part again this year please.
  6. SoulBlazer


  7. Thanks Fuji! I should have realized that we were assigned each other. The timing of the Steam cards couldn't have been any better either, with the Winter Sale kicking off THAT day. I'm glad you liked all the stuff. I wanted to get you something from your Top 10 list, but the prices are MUCH higher across the board now on EBay and Dig Dug was the only game in my budget. It got shipped to me quick, though, so I could turn around and get the box out before I left on vacation.
  8. I also have not seen a post that my Secret Santa got their package, although according to tracking it was delivered, I also am really curious to know who sent mine, since there was no hint of that person in the contents!
  9. YAY! My package came today before I left! No clue who my Secret Santa was, but they did an awesome job! The Atari t-shirt is something I can wear to bed or when it gets warm in the summer. The candy was amazing and much more then expected! And the $40 in Steam credit is great timing with the winter sale going on. And the cardboard was a very personal touch. Thanks again!
  10. Although I missed the deadline, Grig contacted me about a week ago asking if I wanted to fill in. Despite being short for time (was unable to wrap my gifts, for example), I think I put together a decent package and got it sent on it's way, and from the tracking number it got to it's destination last night. As for my package, it's a close thing. The ETA is Sat...the same day I leave for a week and a half to go on vacation. Hoping it comes before then.
  11. Damn it to hell! I've had a very busy year and forgot totally about this. Now it's too late to sign up. Please keep me in mind for a alt. Can't believe I missed this by a week.
  12. Have you contacted Emily about this, DZ? She's been making good on issues such as this one.
  13. It's already pretty close to getting funded. Don't care about the games, but the units do look cool.
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