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  1. I forgot I posted this! The company canceled my order without letting me know. However, I located a company on Etsy that offered to build me a cab for $680. I just finished assembling it last weekend and here's some pics. The TV set is a 32 inch. Still need to decide if I want to paint vs apply artwork.
  2. Update after many years. I never did beat this game, and lost my save files, but decided again recently to try this game AGAIN to see if I could finally beat it. The poster who helped me all these years ago looks to be long gone, but I know this post comes up in Google search, so I'm hoping SOMEONE can help me. I'm hoping you may recall what you did in the poison room to advance to the last area, as there's NO other information out there about this game but your articles. Your article says you just 'found' an event that knocked your party out. I've tried MANY times to wonder around the poison room without finding that. Do you recall where it was? Do you need to leave the screen? Do you need all four people alive or just one is fine? Does the location of the event change each time you go down? Anything at all that you (or anyone else!) can recall would be of huge help. If anyone can finally help put this 35 year old game to bed for me, thank you in advance!
  3. So now that this was done, who wants to confess to being my Secret Santa? Us Greg's need to stick together.
  4. I'm really glad that you liked the gifts David! You were a bit hard to shop for. The 'what you wanted' list didn't really have any specifics, and I didn't see much in your posts either. I finally decided a Sean Kelly Vectrex Multicart might be the best way to go since you did say wanting to spend more time with that system.
  5. I know how you feel -- I was in the same boat, so I had to send chicgamer a polite note asking her if she could please reach out to my SS and just confirm that they got the package, and they did.
  6. Yeah, I decided to take a chance and pull the trigger. I used a credit card, so in a worst case situation I can just dispute the charge with them.
  7. Bumping a old thread -- I'd like to find a cab that I can drop my X-Arcade Tankstick into. I'm not having any success. I'm willing to pay, but I don't have much building skills. The cabs like the Xtension ones are no longer available. Sites like EBay and Amazon and X-Arcade are sold out due to the pandemic. I'm not having any luck in finding anything. As a backup option I'm also looking into some of the wood cabs that are sold on Etsy, but they don't seem to fit the Tankstick very well. Edit: Why is this site selling this so cheap? https://www.cteisn.com/32-quot-quotpro-quot-xtension-arcade-cabinet-for-the-x-arcade-tankstick
  8. Have not touched any of the candy I got from my Secret Santa, but the Sony and Steam cards lasted a whole 2 minutes. I do hope my Secret Santa revels himself at some point as I'm curious who else in here is a fellow Greg.
  9. You have to build the cab first, which for someone as unskilled as me took several hours. But once done it's ready to play. Here's my Star Wars and my new Tron cab.
  10. I'm hoping my Secret Santa got my package. I'm worried cause it was shipped out of country and I don't know how reliable the tracking information is, and I haven't seen anyone from Canada post here that they got their package.
  11. That's exactly the reason why I spent $320 a couple years ago to get the Arcade1Up Star Wars cab. Emulation and console ports have NEVER done the Atari Star Wars games justice.
  12. Tracking shows my package was delivered to my Secret Santa today.
  13. I got my Secret Santa package today and among the Steam and Sony gift cards, I got a TON of candy! And it was sent by another Greg! Many thanks to my Secret Santa (who I hope will revel themselves at some point!) Not shown is a 1981 Atari Catalogue which was a nice touch. Reminds me of the one I had as a kid with the system.
  14. Well, I already got my Christmas gifts from the parents and I'm not expecting anything else, so.....no reason to wait.
  15. My package was sent on it's way today via the post office. I also have found out I'm supposed to get MY package on Monday. I'll rip into that sucker as soon as I get it!
  16. Been busy at work, but my package is ready to go and I'll take it to the post office tomorrow. I'm in a better position this year so the box is back to it's usual goodies for me.
  17. I'm back home so if my Secret Santa has not mailed mine yet, feel free to do so. Ebay indicates that I should have my main gift for my Secret Santa person coming to me on Wed. Once I get it I'll include it in the box with the other goodies and send it out on Thursday or Friday. Should be more then enough time to get to Canada.
  18. I'm still on vacation, but I have purchased my Secret Santa item (just one due to cost) and will include some misc stuff and candy with it and mail it out as soon as it comes in the first week of December. It will still be over two weeks to Christmas so I'm hopeful my person will get it in Canada before the holiday.
  19. Oh -- I didn't think to say this until now. If my Secret Santa has not mailed yet -- please try to hold off mailing so that it will come AFTER November 28th. I return from a trip on that date and since I live in an apartment I don't want to run the risk of someone stealing the package. I will let Chic know this as well so she can let them know.
  20. I think I know what I want to get my Secret Santa, but I'm leaving on the 20th for a week and I don't want to run the risk of having anything come while I'm gone. I'll buy the items while I'm gone then so they will come soon after I return. Since my person is out of the US, I'm going to try my damnest to mail by Dec 6th so it has a shot of getting there for Christmas.
  21. We're still waiting on the other half of the matches from chicgamer, right?
  22. So did everybody get all their stuff safe and sound, post office issues and rescue secret santas and all that? And how cool is that the big man himself Al sent a rescue package? I almost want my person next year to miss me.
  23. I'm glad to know that you liked the stuff and sorry it wasn't wrapped! As I said, that kinda slipped my mind when I was putting it together. The gaming signs were bought cause of the vague detail about wanting to decorate your gaming den, and I thought those would be nice to hang up. The controller actually came with the SD card and instructions. I had bought two of them for my Pi cause there was a slight difference and decided after the fact I was cool with the one I had and decided to pass the other one on. Some people swear by Recalbox as the superior emulation front end for the Pi, but I decided I was okay with Retropie.
  24. So I'm just going to state this in case others are having similar thoughts.... I'm not as active here now as I used to be, so I know hardly anyone knows this, but money is really tight for me right now. I was laid off from my regular job in August. Although I found work a month later, it's only a temp job which is ending on 1-30 at which point I'll be looking again. Therefore I couldn't be as generous this year as I had been in past years. I KNOW the suggested price is just a guideline, but seeing everyone blow out of the water what I spent (and on what my own Secret Santa spent on me) does make me feel a bit guilty. On top of that, it never even occurred to me to buy wrapping paper. I suck at trying to wrap things, and I assumed the person would know what the box was and they could decide when to open it. So I know it's the thought that counts, and on that note, thanks to everyone who is doing such a amazing job and I hope I can do better next year.
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