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  2. Thanks Fuji! I should have realized that we were assigned each other. The timing of the Steam cards couldn't have been any better either, with the Winter Sale kicking off THAT day. I'm glad you liked all the stuff. I wanted to get you something from your Top 10 list, but the prices are MUCH higher across the board now on EBay and Dig Dug was the only game in my budget. It got shipped to me quick, though, so I could turn around and get the box out before I left on vacation.
  3. I also have not seen a post that my Secret Santa got their package, although according to tracking it was delivered, I also am really curious to know who sent mine, since there was no hint of that person in the contents!
  4. YAY! My package came today before I left! No clue who my Secret Santa was, but they did an awesome job! The Atari t-shirt is something I can wear to bed or when it gets warm in the summer. The candy was amazing and much more then expected! And the $40 in Steam credit is great timing with the winter sale going on. And the cardboard was a very personal touch. Thanks again!
  5. Although I missed the deadline, Grig contacted me about a week ago asking if I wanted to fill in. Despite being short for time (was unable to wrap my gifts, for example), I think I put together a decent package and got it sent on it's way, and from the tracking number it got to it's destination last night. As for my package, it's a close thing. The ETA is Sat...the same day I leave for a week and a half to go on vacation. Hoping it comes before then.
  6. Damn it to hell! I've had a very busy year and forgot totally about this. Now it's too late to sign up. Please keep me in mind for a alt. Can't believe I missed this by a week.
  7. Have you contacted Emily about this, DZ? She's been making good on issues such as this one.
  8. It's already pretty close to getting funded. Don't care about the games, but the units do look cool.
  9. I never did sell mine. I guess I missed my chance. Ah well, I can say I have a original set.
  10. If I had any real pull with her save for using her for my avatar, I'd be first to help your wish come true.
  11. I knew it was coming up for Shinto, but I figured it would be weeks before his episode was out.
  12. Not really much of a choice but to lay low and hope people forget. His name is very much persona non grata now. Which is a shame, I've said it before, but I really liked him on podcasts and miss that.
  13. Your lucky you just dropped a new episode, Paul.
  14. Until they get rid of you-know-who I could care less.
  15. Got my package today from HoshiChiri! A very nice selection of stuff -- a really well done Pac-Man arcade cabinet ornament, some candy, a weird penny, a new copy of Avengers on Blu-Ray, and a book with the reprinted Swordsquest (original) and Yars Revenge comics! Thanks for all the awesome stuff! Also despite the awesome packing job that was done, the little joystick on the ornament broke. No biggie -- a little tape to put it back on for now, I'll superglue it later.
  16. Due to how busy I am right now (50 hour work weeks) and my person is overseas, so probably going to do some online purchases for them. As much as I hate to do that, as it seems impersonal, it also seems the easiest and fastest way.
  17. I noticed you guys put the Patreon on hold for December. Does that mean no episodes this month?
  18. "You do not have permission to view this forum."
  19. Very interesting! Thanks for sharing. I'd heard rumblings that Sean had been involved in a shady past, but this is the first concrete proof of that I've seen. Sean being a scammer doesn't excuse what Mike did, of course, but it does offer a grain of truth to what Mike was saying what happened. It's still about 95 percent his fault, but Mike was clearly desperate enough to be willing to get into bed with a crook. Really sounds like these two deserve each other.
  20. Might be okay, send the PM anyway, Grig said that he would send the PM out on Sunday.
  21. Beyond the games mentioned already I can also suggest: ActRaser Clock Tower Popuous Any Koei game Ms PAC-MAN Gradius 3 Harvest Moon Zombies Ate My Neighbors
  22. What are your favorite genre of games to play? Let us know and I can make some suggestions. Considering I do a SNES podcast I should know. And yes, game prices fir the system have stabilized but they are still really high. If you are willing to go cart only that helps.
  23. Simple reason for the design of the SNES....a lot of people set drinks on the top of the NES deck and spilled them and did damage to the system. So Nintendo of America purposely designed the system to be angled so you couldn't do that. I can't explain the purple buttons though.
  24. I think it's important that you keep in mind that there are two very different versions of PAC-MAN for the NES...Tengens and Namcos. The two versions play and look very different. One is more arcade perfect, the other has some NES additions.
  25. Considering who they have on their now, I could care less. They lost me as a listener when they added that scumbag, and I'm shocked Shinto used him as a source in a recent Jaguar podcast.
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