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  1. It's time to clear out some more consoles. Sadly, I'll be posting even more (Intellivision, Colecovision and Atari 2600 systems) soon. I need to fill the home theater room fund. 1. Sega Saturn (with original packaging) Offer received on the console - anyone interested in the remainder or making an offer on the entire system? backup chip mod original Saturn controller Interact Eclipse Pad (original box) Sega Nights controller 2 Sega Virtua Sticks Interact Gameshark (wasn't able to get it to work) Games (include case and instructions unless noted) Panzer Dragoon (crack on front of case) Three Dirty Dwarves (broken hinge on case) Enemy Zero Bust a Move 2 Last Bronx Diehard Arcade Baku Baku Daytona USA CCE Virtua Fighter 2 Daytona USA Virtua Cop Nights into Dreams Virtua Fighter Remix (no instructions) 3 sampler CDs (Panzer Dragoon, Bootleg Sampler and Sega Screams Volume 1) backups Fighter's Megamix (includes instructions) Dead or Alive (import, needs region swap) Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo Sonic Jam Worms Steep Slope Sliders Everything is in great shape unless otherwise noted. I'd like to get $125+shipping for everything. 2. Panasonic 3DO FZ-1 (with original packaging) SOLD RF Switch Video/Svideo cable Controllers - how the heck did I get so many?! Original Panasonic with headphone jack Revised smaller Panasonic without headphone jack 2 Doc's wireless infrared remotes with receiver 2 Logitech controllers (1 with original box) Performance Gamepad 6 (original box) Capcom 6 button control pad (original box) Thrustmaster Flightstick Pro (original box) Games (all include instructions and original longboxes/jewel cases) The Need for Speed Psychic Detective PGA Tour 96 Space Ace Space Hulk Lost Eden John Madden Football The Incredible Machine FIFA International Soccer Road Rash Shockwave 2 Wing Commander III Star Control II Samurai Showdown Bust a Move Ballz - The Director's Cut Total Eclipse Super Street Fighter II Star Fighter Zhadnost Primal Rage Soccer Kid Battlesport Dragon's Lair 3DO Game Guru Return Fire Gex Pebble Beach Golf Links Starblade Slam n Jam 95 Icebreaker Panasonic Sampler CD Crystal Dynamics Sample This Interplay 3DO Buffet Interactive Sampler #3 Interactive Sampler #4 Books The 3DO Game Guide 4 issues of 3DO Club News Everything here is in great shape. I'd like to get $150+shipping for everything. SOLD 3. Atari Jaguar Memory Track [sOLD] New in shrinkwrapped box. $10+shipping. SOLD
  2. I may have a buyer for the entire lot. If it doesn't work out, I'll give you a call, Paul.
  3. Sold!!! Quite frankly, I'm running out of room and need to clear some space. Here's what I have to sell: 1. Atari 5200 system with two stock controllers, one Wico Command Control, and 20 games. The 5200 is a two-port model in great shape, and still has the original film on the chrome strip. The stock controllers both need some button rebuilding (hard to press), but are physically in great shape. The Wico looks really good, but the vertical trim doesn't seem to be able to adjust enough (very close, though). Possible dirty or bad pot. The only instructions and overlays are pictured next to the games. I'd like to get $70 + shipping. Sold!!! 2. 2 Atari 5200 systems, one power supply, one working switcher box, and 3 controllers. The two port 5200 works, but the power button is stuck on. The four port system also works just fine with the included switch box. Both of them have cosmetic problems as seen in the picture. All 3 controllers work but need button rebuilds. I'd like to get $25 + shipping.
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