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    Are those "MY" toys you are playing with?
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    I am married and have a 1 year old daughter named Amaya.
    I am interested in my Neo Geo collection for the here and now.
    I have a nice colletion of Atari games...2000 plus games!
    I have a nice lookin Nes collection...I own more Ps2 games than they make currently....am currently sifting through the newer stuff in my collection, trying to determine what is necessary to keep and what I can part with.

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  1. Very windy Halloween to all..in Michigan anyways!

  2. Very windy Halloween to all..in Michigan anyways!

  3. Golden Axe, I live in MI I owe you...if I can help just let me know....
  4. Pm me my old english could use some practice....see what I can do for ya'
  5. Only 425....looks to be in good shape.....Clear casing ? 1-32 players.... if I had 13,600.00 I could play with 32 people...Sounds like a steal!
  6. I am looking to add some more Neo Geo games to my collection. My collection is not much right now, but I am looking for Aes or MVS carts. Do you have some you could let go. I am willing to trade if I have something you are looking for or pay cash if I can afford them. Just PM me.
  7. I have an extra styro insert for super nes model one....
  8. My wife and I signed up for a credit card and when we got the first bill there was a charge for insurance. Her and I even signed the form stating we did not want the insurance and checked the box. It took almost 6 months before they would agree to wipe the charges from the card. Scammers in retail from the very words..."Best Buy". Trying to contact HSBC to get rid of the charges was a nightmare...I even heard that HSBC has thier own "Debt Relief system" Watch out if you ever get into debt and call one of these guys....they may be charging you fees up front and making no payments on your behalf and making your credit even worse....read the fine print!
  9. what alternate reality are you from? Gameboy reigned supreme in the handheld market, putting down all their competition: Lynx, PC Express, Gamegear even Nomad... I was merely talking about the size of the screen...obviously nintendo won the handheld wars so on and so forth, but Sega did it right when they made the bigger screen...consumers were bitching then about a bigger screen so sega made thier own first party screen widener.... Thats all I was stating...the bigger screen has always been a necessity in handhelds
  10. Fake label or not...I wish I knew about this auction...... I have a road runner 2600 cart I bought On ebay...I think it is fake...
  11. I could use a lost luggage..I may have some of the 7800 titles on your list...an I have a lot of atari 8 bit games maybe 20 let me know what you would want for it...
  12. I have a couple of the carts in the pics, but not the picture shown...most of my carts have some water and a skull of some sort on the label art...I think I have condor attack like that....
  13. http://www.afterdawn.com/news/archive/20142.cfm Claims this comes after much response to gamers wanting a bigger game screen...? Hasnt that been the goal eversince gamegear kicked gameboys butt?
  14. I often use the tabs...I like the buy it now and then I go to the drop down on the right to select newly listed...or lowest first...just to make sure I do not buy it now something that is also listed as a buy it now at a cheaper price... Good luck..ebay can be tricky
  15. Today is not the day to purchase any new system...THis is October where I live and when November comes to an end every manufacturer of any system will be bundling what they have to offer with goodies...maybe a free controller amybe a free game...the pspgo? You will probaly get like 5 free games because it costs nothing more than air to mail those freebies (they are only cards) either way...if the story is true...good job holding out...if you didnt buy anything yet, give it a month before you make any console buying decisions.... good luck
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