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  1. Thanks for posting these, I did actually have them on the disk jackets but they fell off after 20+ years! Time to dig the 822 out and reprint them!
  2. Excellent news, count me in for one please Panos! Thanks, Dom
  3. Count me in for a boxed cartridge release please! 😊
  4. The 400 was my first ever computer, I wanted something more powerful than the 2600 and the 800 was waaay out of financial reach for my parents but I was lucky enough to receive a 400 in June 1983 for my tenth birthday! (my uncle had an 800 since October 1982 so had planted the seed!) It was my stepping stone into the world of Atari and I am forever grateful to that little 16k bundle of joy (and my parents!) for hours of gaming, BASIC programming, etc etc. Regarding the 410 models, I also find the earlier Japanese carry-handle model far superior to the 410P Honk Kong variants. Superior build quality, easier to service and most of all, more reliable!
  5. beamer320i


  6. Hi Jon, Great to know you're 'back on the scene' , was a BIG Multi-boot user in the 80's (and still am today, 1050's in daily use here!) Also, slightly mind-boggling to be playing a new game from you in 2019, loving it!! I, for one, would love a special/anniversary Multi-boot edition in any guise - Although I had many different menu makers such as Rob.C, always came back to Multi-boot for ease of use and flexibility. Anyway, I fear we may be straying off topic here but before we get back OT I'm furiously checking my disks now, my master disks from 2001 is showing a 'high score' of 105 so far!!
  7. I've been using these on my 810, 1050 and 1200XL without any issues :-) https://www.psuexpress.co.uk/products/alesis-dm10-drum-module-power-supply-psu-replacement-adapter-uk-9v-ac
  8. Big shout out to Slor and his good lady from me...Have been buying her dust covers for some years now, always the same top quality and service :-) Even custom made dust covers for my XC11 and SIO2SD are a great fit, cannot recommend them highly enough!
  9. Hi all, Up for sale is my ABBUC SIO2USB for Atari 8-bits, in full working order and boxed complete with instructions... In very good condition and still 'factory sealed'! :-) Selling for £55.00 GBP - I'm in the UK but will ship anywhere with tracking and insurance - Postage to Europe is £13.00 GBP and postage to the USA is £18.00 GBP, payment via Paypal Firends & Family. If you have any questions or want more pics, please ask, thanks for looking! Dom
  10. Brilliant! An ingenious workaround, thank you for this information!
  11. Hi, Are there any plans to re-manufacture the single layer XE Mitsumi mylars? I could do with at least 5! Regards
  12. Hello Larek! Laura has arrived in England - Christmas has come early for Atari fans! Big thanks go out to you and everyone else involved in this project whose efforts are greatly appreciated! Thanks again!
  13. Hi all, Bit of a long shot but is anyone willing to sell their SDrive Nuxx? I'm in the UK :-) Thanks, Dom
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