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  1. File has vanished, sadly. Could you re-upload please? (And yes, I already bought your fabulous iTOS)
  2. I don't know this HAMA device but did some experiments with different other whatever2HDMI converters. In general most of these devices are working more or less ok, even the cheaper ones. But one thing I've found is that converting PAL (50Hz) to HDMI is a very bad thing, as HDMI is specified to 60Hz normally. As a result this is giving you a heavy jerky screen with horizontal movements of the picture.
  3. Happened to me too accidentaly with one of my Incognitos, but luckily having the right equipment this was solved easily but cloning the flash Prom. So offering ths service to folks from Germany and around countrys. Costs are return postage only.
  4. Build one for yourself: jakadapter Very simple to solder, very cheap parts.
  5. I've found a similar object at thingiverse. Maybe that fit your needs...
  6. I'm maintaining a place mentioned here, containing all ROMs know to me in CAR format. Just updated.
  7. Great, that version just works with ATARI800 emulator and MiST in either mode!
  8. Works in XL/XE mode now, but nothing with OS-A/OS-B...black screen of death. Tested with ATARI800 emulator and MiST.
  9. I've built a set of all three interfaces. SIO2MIDI (connected to a Roland SC88 Pro) and MIDI XEL are working great and I'm having great fun with them. The MIDI XEL II is working fine the S2 on board but is giving me no MIDI out when switching the S2 to off. I've checked all traces and parts of main and interface pcb but couldn't find any issue. What I'm missing here?
  10. Damn, they're indeed! Fascinating...never realised that fact until this Ubermodule 😇
  11. Got my Dragonfly today. Serial number "006", equipped with a Pokey Max and a YM2151. Did some quick tests to ensure that everything is working - it is. Ballblazer is working like the original cartridge (the latter carries an additional Pokey chip). The YM2151 demos are very nice, never thought that this would be possible on the 7800. Dragonfly's shell is a 3D printed one. Nothing special here, but it feels very solid, fits perfectly in 7800's slot and nothing wobbles nor shakes. It's menu is simple and easy to understand...would be nice if could display long filenames. Maybe in a later firmware update. So I'm very happy with this module. The only thing is that only hell knows, and this the only Con so far, why this nice Dragonfly sticker is glued at the backside of the module
  12. Can confirm this. He did this to me this morning and I paid within the next minutes.
  13. Just found out why all my carts weren't working...the cartridges without shell had oxidized contacts, which I've cleaned now and they're working at last. The other carts can't work as the heads of the screws which are holding the slot tunnel are some molecules too high, so it feels like the cartridge fits in, but it doesn't. Small things, big problems :) But all is good and working.
  14. Thanks for clarifying, @flashjazzcat, that's what I thought and had in mind. My XEL is working phantastic - apart from the cartridges; VBXE, stereo pokey's and CF3 are doing a very well job. We will see. I have come so far now so I will not be stopped now
  15. I'm assuming that despite of it's title that it's possible to use bigger cartridges, i.e. Chop Suey (64kb), Commando (128kb) or a sic!cart!? But my XEL keeps black and hangs when using the mentioned (8kb) cartridges. Keyboard initializes 2 times as normal then nothing. No Bios, no loader, no cartridge. Will check connector and clean it's contacts the next weeks when installing P-Covox.
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