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  1. Meanwhile I found the source of my and other books: Atari Computer Books at archive.org
  2. Maybe it's not scanned 'til now. I have a bunch of Atari 8-bit books and there is a list dated 2017, but this book isn't mentioned. Books.zip
  3. Pretty sure, sadly. But you did it anyway and that's great - leaving glory and honor. Nothing you can buy something from, but for me you will remain the one who did it. Thanks a lot!
  4. Great! When is it available? What price? Still interested in one, maybe two, shipping to Germany. No Facebook account? Me neither, so no matter :)
  5. Thanks for the information. Works. Great! Will rework the pcb a very lil' bit and publish the gerber files. Piję za twoje zdrowie! EDIT: Gerbers enclosed. No witchcraft, but nice and proper Atari7800-Autostart.zip
  6. I've made a small PCB of this to keep this Mod shiny If anything goes well I'll publish this here. But a small question: I've never programmed an ATTiny, Prommer is on it's way. The software I'll use (AVR Burn-O-Mat and/or Fuseeditor) are offering two options of files, Flash and EEPROM, but your ZIP contains only one HEX file. Which option shall I use?
  7. File has vanished, sadly. Could you re-upload please? (And yes, I already bought your fabulous iTOS)
  8. I don't know this HAMA device but did some experiments with different other whatever2HDMI converters. In general most of these devices are working more or less ok, even the cheaper ones. But one thing I've found is that converting PAL (50Hz) to HDMI is a very bad thing, as HDMI is specified to 60Hz normally. As a result this is giving you a heavy jerky screen with horizontal movements of the picture.
  9. Happened to me too accidentaly with one of my Incognitos, but luckily having the right equipment this was solved easily but cloning the flash Prom. So offering ths service to folks from Germany and around countrys. Costs are return postage only.
  10. Build one for yourself: jakadapter Very simple to solder, very cheap parts.
  11. I've found a similar object at thingiverse. Maybe that fit your needs...
  12. I'm maintaining a place mentioned here, containing all ROMs know to me in CAR format. Just updated.
  13. Great, that version just works with ATARI800 emulator and MiST in either mode!
  14. Works in XL/XE mode now, but nothing with OS-A/OS-B...black screen of death. Tested with ATARI800 emulator and MiST.
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