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  1. Similar phenomen here... Bought two Incognito for an 800-U (UK) and an 800-P (GER). Any LED on the P6 header works with the 800-U, whereas any LED at the 800-P lits only once for a very short time at first access to SIO. P6 gives me 4.6V at the 800-P. Exchanged the Incognito, but nothing changed. Very strange.
  2. Ah, I see... Thanks for the enlightenment. This is not bothering me as I'm using @tf_hh's fantastic SCCC (Super Color CPU Card) in both of my 800's (and in my 400, too).
  3. ...and my second one. What the meaning of the "U" in the Model No? The is a small sticker glued to the right cartridge slot reading "UK". Well, might be meaning that's a machine for the UK market - but where'll be a technical difference? We both are using using the PAL system and there were no other keyboard layout than the QWERTY if I'm not wrong...
  4. Have a look at @tf_hh 's SCCC (Super Color CPU Card), available here. I have some of these devices in my 400 and 800's and they're giving me a nice and crispy picture I've never seen before on these old babys.
  5. Maybe this attached one? Space_Shuttle.zip EDIT: Nope, it's the same as in
  6. My PAL baby. Small label is lost and I found no stamped Code.
  7. Missile Command? Like in the real life with bombs: There is NO winner at all.
  8. Great, thanks for completing this information!
  9. Nice idea! I assume, accodring to the photo above, the direction of the diode/kathode has to be towards the SIO port?
  10. Dunno if this is working but maybe it's worth a try: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2777082
  11. And you can play or convert RMT (or SAP and others) files with your favorite OS using http://asap.sourceforge.net/ With *nix for example one can play a file via terminal by entering asapconv --output=-.WAV INPUTFILE | PLAYERPRG - or convert the music title to XEX very hand by asapconv --output=OUTPUTNAME.xex INPUTFILE
  12. The sdrive-max is the successor of Raster's sdrive-ng, so all documentation should be valid for the latter too. Please take a look at the attachments. SDrive_en.pdf SDrive_siocommands.pdf
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