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  1. This file hasn't to be copied to the sd card, i.e. by just putting/copying the file onto the existing filesystem of the sd card. The file is an image of an existing card. Therefore you'll have to copy that file/image back to your sd card by using an "image creation" tool. Under Linux you can achieve that by using dd: First unpack the archive then dd if=1000GamesT02.img of=/dev/sdX bs=4M sdX is the name of the block device you're using for your sd card. Have a look at your desktop to detect which name is used for that. Caution: There's no follow-up question when using dd. Choosing the wrong block device for writing back the image will wipe out any data of it, i.e. your harddisk/ssd where your OS is running from.
  2. I'd be in for an ACE80XL and an ACE80 (right cartridge), maybe two ACE80, depending on price...
  3. I too would love to have this feature as I'm going to spend my two A800's w/ Incognito a Pokeymax v2 stereo+flux compression. So I'm the 3rd in question.
  4. Hmm, you're right. Interesting. I'm doing all my tests with the atari800 emulator as I'm on Linux... The binary loads and shows the initial screen with both, 800 and XL/XE, but only when setting is 800 the game is working correctly and hangs on XL/XE. Tried the atari++ emulator and there XL/XE runs the binary but hangs at start and crashes with crashed at $a003 illegal opcode $02 when set as 800. Weired. Seems that something's borked with this cartridge or dump.
  5. Great, glad to hear. I'll ask @tf_hh if he need some too... Will PM you tomorrow/weekend to clarify the ordering details.
  6. Just to clarify: Is Pokeymax v2 a now finished product (=mature) and ready to run as a replacement for the 8 bit Atari's? As mentioned at the beginning of this thread I'd be highly interested in at least 5 (Stereo, maybe + Covox - 2x for Atari 800, 3x as a spare for XL/XE). Has anyone already successfully installed it into an A800?
  7. There is an already working version I linked earlier. Try this one... Pool 400.zip
  8. Definitly farest away and would take some weeks do deliver, but no or less shipping costs at aliexpress
  9. Slow yes, but relatively fast in these times. One of my last orders from chinese suppliers needed ~4 weeks to arrive in Germany and ~10 weeks to be processed by Frankfurt's customs. I'm very sure that they're still using index cards and faxes 😱
  10. Depending on the price I'd be in for at least one, if not two. A2600 banking would be a groovy, but I'm owning an USB-Blaster already, so updating later isn't a problem for me.
  11. I've found and rescued a Junior console from trash. The console is working but has some pins borked on it's cartridge socket/connector, so I want to renew the complete socket. Does anybody has a source and part no. of this socket?
  12. Personally I'd go with the Gotek drive. Here it would be of interest what software and version runs on the Gotek: The Gotek one, HxC or FlashFloppy? My Gotek's are running the latter, you should visit FlashFloppy's site and reflash your drive according to wiki's instructions there. You'll get a flexible and easy to use "disk drive" then.
  13. I can definitely confirm this from my personal experience with @tf_hh
  14. I've made a bunch of these and they're all working great.
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