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  1. I'm not sure why he and video61 have so much paranoia, like it's still the 80's. Were all grown up now with disposable income and a desire to buy physical games. The guys who are putting out demo's or even full versions during development are producing high quality games thanks to the feedback, plus getting sales as a result. Everyone wins.
  2. I offered to help them beta test once but was told I needed to sign an NDA. Screw them if they think that little of us.
  3. The auction has ended and I was able to sell it for $237.50. Not too bad! Donation has been made to Curt's family. 😀
  4. I would love to buy one once they're ready. 😀
  5. I never played xevious long enough to notice any problems. As soon as I discovered the 4way limit I just play the Pac games and rallyx which work great
  6. I gave money to Curt's family gofundme, but really wanted to do more. I decided to sell some of my stuff that is just collecting dust on a shelf and donate the proceeds to his family. If your interested in this new in box copy of Princess Rescue, please bid. All money goes to Madison's college fund.
  7. I did it! I put mine up for sale on Ebay. The full sales price will go to Curts family's gofundme. https://www.ebay.com/itm/324314065031?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  8. What is the story on the controllers? I don't see any in the photo's. Boxed seperately?
  9. The same seller is selling another one. But this one doesn't have a bug in it. 🤢 I'm actually considering selling mine and donating the money to the GoFundMe for Curt Vendels daughter. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Princess-Rescue-Mario-Homebrew-NEW-SEALED-in-box-Atari-2600-Extremely-rare/233718827000?hash=item366aba47f8:g:vG4AAOSwEUJfZmJm
  10. That is clever the way they integrated the rotary control.
  11. That's nice. This is the one I have which uses a 4-way gate. I've thought about disassembling it and modifying to work as an 8-way.
  12. Does that version have a 4-way or 8-way joystick? I have another version of the Jakks Pacific with the same games but Bosconian isn't really playable with the 4-way it uses.
  13. OT but speaking of machine language monitors reminds me of a trick one of my coworkers played on me. Years ago we had a Macintosh II computer in our cube. It was a shared computer but I was using quite a bit at the time. My coworker thought it would be funny to change the password to lock me out of it. This computer had a button on it that could be pressed to enter a machine language monitor. I spent a little time tracing the boot code until I found the password routine and bypassed it to get in. He was a little baffled when he walked in and saw me using the computer. Good times.
  14. I've put some thought into what it is going to take to finish this and it will be a challenge, even with the design finalized. I've sent a brief note to Marty and will reach out to him again when the time is right. I'm sure his plate is full right now.
  15. I agree with locking this thread. If/when we are ready to talk about the XM's future, a new thread can be started.
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