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  1. I contacted Barb on Etsy and had a response. Sounds like there may be more available in a few months. I purchased an 800 cover from her back in 2018. "Hi Perry! Thank you for your email and sorry I was slow to respond. We live in a suburb of Dallas and we have been having ice, snow, sleet, now power, etc.! My embroidery machine needed repair, took it in on December 17th, it needs a part which is on back order and I won't be getting it back until the beginning of March at his point! I do not make the 1200XL but I do make the 400, check my listings on eBay around the middle of March, I hope to have my inventory stocked well again! Take care! Barb"
  2. tep392

    Popeye 7800

    The new title screen graphic looks great!
  3. tep392

    Popeye 7800

    Darryl, Just a note on Popeye/banner, Marco takes care of the scaling. The mockups Marco shows are scaled as they would appear on the display, but he will give you a "square pixel" skinny version that you use directly to generate the font. It will be properly proportioned when displayed with the actual rectangular pixels.
  4. I have been sending the ROM to cartridge customers by request. I'll contact you by PM. Regards, Perry
  5. tep392

    Popeye 7800

    Congrats Darryl! I have to admit that I had not played this game before. It's been a privilege to learn the game on such a fine port.
  6. I would like to reserve $20,$15 for Donkey Kong Remix. Thanks.
  7. My A1 is not exactly representative either. I removed the timing circuit that got removed on later revisions as well as modifying the clock circuit to match the A3 version.
  8. Alien Brigade is hit or miss for me. It runs on my A1 with expansion model but doesn't on my A3.
  9. Ok. I guess I didn't understand how the Sdrive worked. I didn't know I had to run sdrive.xex everytime I booted. I had saved the config for the two ATR's I had set for D1 and D2. I was assuming they would be visible when powered up. Running sdrive.xex and reseting works. Thank you.
  10. I'm struggling a bit to get the U1MB running SDX working with my Sdrive2. I have the Sdrive2 setup with ATR in drives 1 and 2. I set my U1MB to boot to SDX. When I boot the computer, SDX starts up. The Sdrive2 flashes it lights, I hear a few beeps for drive activity, then the four lights turn on. A directory of D1: shows sdrive.xex and sdrive.cfg. If I try to select one of the drives using the Sdrive2 arrows, I get an error 138 trying to access them.
  11. I ended up doing the Clearpic 2002 on my 1200XL. I'm saving the UAV for my 7800, which needs it badly. The clearpic s-video does look very good now on my 24" Sony Trinitron.
  12. I need to load this on my Concerto. It's been a very long time since I played it.
  13. Speaking of Galaga, it would seem to be the next logical progression. Hint Hint
  14. Here's a start at some stats for Bob. These are 7800 only. He has done work for other systems as well, but I'm not familiar with them. Games completed - originals, ports or substantial hacks since 2005: 32 Games in active development: 2 Games WIP: 9 Games available in store: 21 !!!! Carts sold: Maybe Al can share how many PMP games have sold - should be in the thousands Notable for: - Coding highest quality Atari homebrews since 2005 - 2 per year average over 16 years! - Shares source code with community to encourage game development - Shares full game ROM's - Just an all around nice guy. edit: Please let me know if I'm substantially off on any of the numbers. Thanks.
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