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  1. I've removed the post with the ROM. Don't post unreleased ROM's without the approval of the author.
  2. I get that. After switching from the VCS to the 400 back in the day, I became a bit of a graphics whore. I would put Defender in on demo when not playing, just to have it's amazing graphics on display. Regarding Centipede, I was mostly bothered by the lack of smooth centipede animation but actual gameplay was fine.
  3. I don't know why someone would want to port the 8-bit Centipede to the 5200 which has the far superior version. 8-bit Centipede was one of my bigger disappointments back in the day. I was always jealous of the 5200 version.
  4. Sorry to tell you this, but that is not going to happen. If I could have made it fit a 128K format, I would have done that to start with. You would be better off getting one of the newer carts like Concerto and Dragonfly.
  5. The early Mateos carts didn't support the S9P format, 144k game with pokey. You might have an early version. Try contacting Juan to see if he can help you.
  6. I’m an NTSC user Not having loading issues. I tried it anyway and cart is still working well but does indeed load faster with Maria off.
  7. This isn't the first time in this thread someone has argued to release the ROM. It's just not going to happen so lets just leave it at that.
  8. batari's last update was on April 19th. I would assume new orders are still closed until he posts a new update.
  9. Definitely too soon to start whining. I've found the people on Atariage to be extremely helpful. Here are a few links that might have some answers for you. You can also try asking in the SDrive2 issues/questions thread which I found with minimal searching. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0oI0ZOdIpWw https://github.com/fintros/SDrive-ARM/blob/master/docs/Orig_SDrive_en.pdf https://atariage.com/forums/topic/266882-sdrive-arm-sdrive2-issuesquestions/
  10. I just asked her today about making a 5200 cover with 1200XL embroidery and she told me she was getting a 1200XL case to make a pattern! A quick search led me to this thread. I'll definitely be purchasing the 1200XL cover when they are ready. I already have her covers for 400 and 800. @ ColleenLover - THANK YOU!
  11. I've been playing around with RAM in the Versiboard for the last several days. Your symptoms sound similar to what I experience with RAM errors. I'm running a RAM test in a loop and displaying any read errors that show up. I'm finding that the RAM will mostly work except for some specific areas of memory. But those errors will gradually go away as the console warms up. Does the CCII run the binaries out of RAM? I don't know what the cause of the problem is but I've found that the speed of the RAM and the temperature of the console are factors. Edit: one other thing is that dirty cart slot connectors aggravate the problem. One of my consoles has some corrosion in the cart slot. I have to periodically reinsert carts to get them to work. I've found that adjusting the position of the my test cart in the slot can help with the RAM errors.
  12. I’m really looking forward to getting my copy. I placed my order the first day of the pre-order. 😊
  13. I received a few game related puzzles for my birthday. The Donkey Kong is vintage. I'm thinking they would make good artwork on the walls of the game room.
  14. How does someone who regularly produces YouTube content not understand exposure compensation?
  15. Just to expand on this suggestion, doing indexed addressing across page boundries also adds a cycle, so try to position frequently accessed tables so they don't cross pages.
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