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  1. Is this the third time that Kotaku article has been linked and again leads to politics? Maybe we should ban the next person to post that link? I'm kidding, but seriously, stop posting it.
  2. This is very sad news. He was truly a pioneer in the Atari homebrew community.
  3. Funny to see this topic get bumped, as I just pulled my 1050 SA/bitwriter out of storage to play around with. I think it's time to purchase another 1050 and give it a Happy mod.
  4. Sure! I have just edited the first post to say I am now offering the A78 file for sale. PM me to make a purchase.
  5. rcamp48. I don't believe your last two posts fall into the scope of the topic, which is for preserving original commercial floppy's. Please keep these to your's or other relevant topics.
  6. I just successfully copied a file from D3: on the SDRIVE to my 810 set as D2: I found the following with a search on Atariage. Do this and your DOS2.0 atr will now work with drives 1-4. "Atari DOS 2 by default is only configured with buffers for D1: and D2: to save RAM. For 4 drives, go to BASIC and enter: POKE 1802,15 Then go back to DOS, and choose to 'Write DOS files' to make it the default. Then reboot for the change to take effect."
  7. I've copied complete disks from SDRIVE to floppy using sector copiers in the past. I'll try using DOS tonight and let you know if I get it working.
  8. I did the Clearpic 2002 on my 1200XL. The first three pics are composite on a cheap 13" TV and the s-video pic is my 24" Sony.
  9. Your trying to copy files from SDRIVE to physical drive using DOS file commands? Which DOS are you using? Which drive number do you have the physical drive set too?
  10. Another option is to slow down the cycling to be more gradual.
  11. We have had 14 reports on this topic and its done.
  12. PM ndary. He produced the cart and box.
  13. I have edited the first post. I also flipped the switch to allow you to make your own edits. I can't for the life of me get the .png links to update. Maybe you will have better luck.
  14. I bought this too. I love the use of the original cartridge shells and label style. It's a great game.
  15. We are starting to get a lot of reports from the insults that are being hurled. Please stop the nonsense.
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