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  1. I had a few homebrew's arrive. Going to spend a lot of time on the Atari's this weekend. 😄
  2. Just thought I would post this link for you new owners, in case you missed it. It's a hacked version of Warpspeed DOS XL that supports 1 or 2 ramdrives with this board.
  3. Let's hope Atari has the money to build those backer units. That's not always the case with these crowd funded projects.
  4. I've been told I'm quite skilled at soldering.
  5. I’ve built about 250 carts in that time. You probably build that many in a week.
  6. I’ve been using the wes51 for 10 years and it’s worked like a champ. I haven’t had any issues with the connector yet.
  7. I’ve been playing the latest build on my XM using the Devcart and it looks and sounds 😀 great on my crt’s. Haven’t found any bugs yet but have not gone into all the variations yet. Just sticking to Pac-man and Ms Pac-man so far. I really like the additional screen area visible with the score and fruit lines moved and no more bounding boxes.
  8. I did eventually use the Dysan disk and it worked well. The cats eye pattern fluctuates a lot, making it kind of difficult to determine if it's adjusted correctly, but I got it done. One of my drives that I thought was misaligned actually had a loose setscrew on the wheel to the stepper motor. Once I figured that out, I got it aligned.
  9. Bob posted it in our PM yesterday.
  10. Thanks so much Bob! And thank you for letting me contribute to your latest masterpiece!
  11. There are probably a few devices, like my Sdrive2 that use the SIO power, but it's probably not something many people will do. They can always wire the power pin if they want to.
  12. Here's a data point. I work for a large corporation that manufactures and sells products in China. Most of our China facilities reopened with functioning supply chains back on Feb 10th.
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