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  1. I swear I know how to spell “two”.
  2. That would be doing too full games and take twice as long. I have other games I want to work on. But thanks for the suggestion.
  3. I should also add that Synthpopalooza has offered to update the sounds. I'm looking forward to seeing what he can do with it.
  4. I just got the ok to do DK Remix.
  5. I'm thinking of switching from D2K to Donkey Kong Remix. I'm just finding D2K to be too difficult to play and not very fun. Only problem is I'm having trouble getting in touch with the programmer to ask for his approval. Your graphics will of course still be used and very much appreciated.
  6. I got you beat by 3 months. I'm happy to have grown up in the era I did though. I got to experience Pong, the VCS and learn programming on the early 8-bit Atari's. Also got to be a "free range" kid without any worries of all the danger's out there.
  7. The sign of an excellent design and designer.
  8. I've built hundreds of copies and everyone has worked 1st try. None have been returned or have notified me of a failure. I always have my trusty Hakko if needed.
  9. He of course has every right to charge whatever he wants. $40 would seem fair if he is hand soldering in small batches. If it was me, I wouldn't have jumped right in with high volume Chinese production either. I would want to get them into as many hands as possible to make sure every bug was squashed. I might also want to expand capabilities so would want all features implemented before pulling the trigger.
  10. I didn't socket my game because I know that no one would every want to rip it open.
  11. I haven't priced them, but I would be shocked if the board plus DIP-40 header assembled is more than $5. I don't know this guys cost and profit, so can't guess how much cost reduction opportunity there is. I just don't think the board is the big driver.
  12. That small board isn't very expensive, so putting all the parts directly on a cart won't save much. The key to reducing cost is sourcing and volume. Source the parts/assembly in China or some other low cost country and build in volumes high enough to move down the curve.
  13. They were $40 last time I checked. When did they drop to $20. That changes things.
  14. Welcome to the XM thread Sean39. I would happy to hear any Atari stories you may have heard from your Dad. I doubt that Peteym5 was making multiple accounts back in 2008.
  15. I just ripped the guts out of a shrink wrapped Ballblazer last week. Anyone need a clean box and manual? I don't see that changing until the BB inflate to a higher price than the PokeyOne, or the PokeyOne price comes down to something reasonable.
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