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  1. That would be a lot of postage. I'll look into it and PM you with the cost if I order the PokeyOne.
  2. The price is still $52 since buyers need to send me the chip and cart shell. Last I looked the pokeyone’s were $40
  3. I fixed that right away. I dont think many shipped with the glitch. I suppose that makes yours rare.
  4. I built one with PokeyOne and it worked fine. That is definitely an option.
  5. These two will be going to their new homes soon These poor guys are waiting for POKEYS.
  6. I edited my post to hopefully make it more clear. I'll PM you. Option 1) donor Ballblazer cart OR Option 2) POKEY chip + 7800 donor cart, needed for shell.
  7. I have parts for 20 more cartridges! And CPUWIZ was nice enough to send me the top shelf boards with gold plated contacts and beveled edge. Price is same $52 as previous batches and you need to send me a ... Option 1) donor Ballblazer cart OR Option 2) POKEY chip + 7800 donor cart, needed for shell. PM me if you want to purchase one.
  8. We need more 8-bit carts in the store. I think this version would sell.
  9. If SCAA only addresses POKEY at $4000 than I think that will be an issue. I don't believe the XM is currently setup to map POKEY to $4000. It's always been recommended to use $0450 for XM compatibility. I think it's theoretically possible to implement, but would mean adding code to the BIOS to identify the inserted cart is a SCAA, and adding a feature to the CPLD to allow the POKEY to be mapped to $4000 using one of the control registers. All possible, but we would need to discuss with Mark to confirm. Regarding Froggie, I'm pretty sure it was programmed to work with POKEY at both $0450 and $4000. I tested a pre-release version years ago on an early XM and it worked well. Also, Beefdrop has been confirmed to work with the XM POKEY.
  10. tep392


    Its all about timing. Putting the data on the bus at the right time and for the right duration. Theres a lot of ways to screw that up.
  11. tep392


    The clock spec for the YM2151 is 3.58MHz. So maybe their bus is actually too fast?
  12. I’ll be buying this on release day for sure! Already have the 5200 version.
  13. This auction is for my Donkey Kong XM dev board and proto ROM's. DKXM Proto
  14. This might be interesting to someone here. It's my auction. DK XM Proto
  15. I am out of parts but I’m in the process of ordering more. I’ll post here when they are available.
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