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  1. This game is old enough that I only sell a handful at a time, so I don't worry about collecting money up front. I just make more when people express interest in buying it. I'm working on another batch now. Just waiting for the carts to arrive.
  2. Ok, I was confused. The editor in your video didn't look like TLW, but then you opened a text file with some info on TLW and that stuck in my head.
  3. Do any of "The Last Word" releases support the XEP-80? Flashjazzcat posted a video long ago of a release candidate working in emulation with the SDX XEP80.SYS driver, but I don't know if any of the released versions support it.
  4. Congrats on the 400! That was my first computer and it learned a ton from it. Taught myself assembly with the Assembler Editor cart. Once you get a feel for the keyboard, it's actually possible to touch type on it pretty quickly.
  5. It's a game that most people will already have in their collection. I had free 8k banks available in the cart and thought it would be fun to include the original 8k 400/800 version of Pac-man.
  6. It was just a fun easter egg I threw in, but no one ever found it.
  7. I think it does. I just pulled out my 810's and it will only work on the Happy 810 in unhappy mode. After using the 1050's for a while, I forget what huge beasts those 810's are.
  8. I thought I might tack this question onto this topic since some very knowledgeable folks are here. Does Atariwriter Plus have a protection scheme that would cause it to not run from a 1050 speedy? Mine will finish loading the program then restart the boot process in an endless loop. It works fine if I boot from my 1050 archiver which is considerably slower.
  9. The first post says it was last updated with post #277. You have some work ahead of you. Thanks for the effort.
  10. Shipping to Germany will add $10 to the price, so $50 total.
  11. Well those sold quickly! I'm going to go ahead with another batch, so PM me if you are interested.
  12. Isn't being a nerd a prerequisite for joining Atariage?
  13. I have 4 carts available for sale. PM me if you want one. - $40 shipped in US. International shipping is extra. - 48k min RAM required - High score saving on cartridge - Type "PAC" at menu for bonus game
  14. I'll ask Al about this. I don't see any admin options for me to do this, but maybe he can. Another option would be to have the person taking this over to start a new topic, then merge this topic with the new one and copy the list to the first post.
  15. Excellent! I'll be ordering the board kit and hopefully a 3D printed case if available. I have a handful of programmers, so won't need the pre-programmed EPROMs, but that is a nice option to make available. Thank you!
  16. I only discovered this today. I've been looking at buying an XEP80, but this looks like a much better option. I love that it switches from standard to 80col modes. As long as there are no SMD parts, I will likely go for the kit. It looks like it would be fun to build.
  17. Is this going to be sold assembled or as a kit only?
  18. tep392


    I see two sealed Sentinel's sold here. One for $90 and one for $162 https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_nkw=atari+7800+sentinel&_sacat=0&rt=nc&LH_Sold=1&LH_Complete=1
  19. Did you try cleaning the contacts on that Intec board? I purchased my 400 on Ebay, untested, and not knowing it had a 48k Intec board inside. It was DOA but all it needed was cleaning the board contacts and it came back to life. I noticed that the Intec board is slightly thinner than a 16K Atari board. It pushed into the slot with less force. With less contact force, it would be more sensitive to contact corrosion. Just something you might try if you want to go back to 32k.
  20. THANKS Rensoup for this awesome port! I'm looking forward to putting together my boxed floppy disk copy using Fred_M's box/label/manual design.
  21. Welcome! The 800XL and 1050 drive are a great place to start. You will want to make sure you don't have one of the "ingot" power supplies, see the supply circled in first post of this thread. If that is what you have, throw it out and get one of the other designs. The ingot type power supplies are known to randomly go bad and take out the computer with it.
  22. Those little elves existed back in the 60's, long before the "Elf on a Shelf" story was ever written. We had one as a decoration that sat on top of a wall clock every year. So for me, it was actually a tradition. But there was no story about spying on kids. Just a decoration.
  23. I appreciate the tips, but I decided it was best to remove both to avoid additional derailing of the topic. TIX's response was understandably harsh considering the original offending post. There was not any point to leaving it without the context of the original post. Now I'm going to drop this discussion because it is way off topic.
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