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  1. It is working. I was using Altirra 4.00-test 39 which seems to be the problem. I updated to 4.10-test 7 and it works completely fine.
  2. How much is supposed to be working? It loads the title screen, I press the trigger, it loads the option screen and freezes up there, no keys or joystick response. I'm running on Altirra set to 800XL 64K PAL, Atari XL OS 3, BAISC turned off, all acceleration turned off. I've tried all different OS's, ram configurations, putting it on ATRs with different DOS's, NTSC/PAL, BASIC on/off, always the same result.
  3. archon800


  4. Has anyone ever found a copy of this?
  5. Yes, I know. I want to be able to do this on real hardware though.
  6. Hey, it works. Thanks! Would I be better off using another monitor? One of the OS replacements like Omnimon?
  7. I'm working on a program that reads paddle A and displays the value as a decimal number. It's a little buggy. Sometimes it displays a ":" instead of a digit. So I'm trying to figure it out with Synassembler's built in monitor (Zynapse monitor). When tracing or stepping through, it locks up the system - black screen, unresponsive - at line 280 (it's a DEX). I'm using Altirra and I've tried a couple different OS ROMs, switching PAL/NTSC, different RAM configuration, different Synassembler executables, and different versions of Altirra. Is Synapse's monitor just buggy and can't do it? What's going on? Paddle to decimal.atr
  8. I have 5 different versions of SYNASM.XEX and I'm not sure which is which. Can someone help identify them? Here are all the md5's SYNASM-1.XEX - d34950b1aa12afa01fdde2b9c168569f SYNASM-2.XEX - 3e0cde527b2f972db0b9ccaab53cdc8d SYNASM-3.XEX - f3fad581725973386b7f13d7a9485062 SYNASM-4.XEX - d8f5226dfdb159e3ece33abf0910ef7b SYNASM-5.XEX - 3eb747c811a16b938ae61cd95429738d SYNASM-1.XEX SYNASM-2.XEX SYNASM-3.XEX SYNASM-4.XEX SYNASM-5.XEX
  9. I would recommend Kulor's tunes here http://2a03.free.fr/...r&sort=type_asc analmux's Instrumentarium (can be found in ASMA) Sal Esquivel - Trans Atlantic (also in ASMA) Sven Tegetoff has some nice digi tunes. (ASMA) And there's Poison's recently released album, Cyber City. http://www.atarimusi...n/64-cyber-city
  10. Not Found The requested URL /Gauntletak.pdf was not found on this server. :? :? Here is a working link. http://www.digitpress.com/library/manuals/atari8bit/gauntletak.pdf
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