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  2. Has anyone ever found a copy of this?
  3. Yes, I know. I want to be able to do this on real hardware though.
  4. Hey, it works. Thanks! Would I be better off using another monitor? One of the OS replacements like Omnimon?
  5. I'm working on a program that reads paddle A and displays the value as a decimal number. It's a little buggy. Sometimes it displays a ":" instead of a digit. So I'm trying to figure it out with Synassembler's built in monitor (Zynapse monitor). When tracing or stepping through, it locks up the system - black screen, unresponsive - at line 280 (it's a DEX). I'm using Altirra and I've tried a couple different OS ROMs, switching PAL/NTSC, different RAM configuration, different Synassembler executables, and different versions of Altirra. Is Synapse's monitor just buggy and can't do it? What's going on? Paddle to decimal.atr
  6. I have 5 different versions of SYNASM.XEX and I'm not sure which is which. Can someone help identify them? Here are all the md5's SYNASM-1.XEX - d34950b1aa12afa01fdde2b9c168569f SYNASM-2.XEX - 3e0cde527b2f972db0b9ccaab53cdc8d SYNASM-3.XEX - f3fad581725973386b7f13d7a9485062 SYNASM-4.XEX - d8f5226dfdb159e3ece33abf0910ef7b SYNASM-5.XEX - 3eb747c811a16b938ae61cd95429738d SYNASM-1.XEX SYNASM-2.XEX SYNASM-3.XEX SYNASM-4.XEX SYNASM-5.XEX
  7. I would recommend Kulor's tunes here http://2a03.free.fr/...r&sort=type_asc analmux's Instrumentarium (can be found in ASMA) Sal Esquivel - Trans Atlantic (also in ASMA) Sven Tegetoff has some nice digi tunes. (ASMA) And there's Poison's recently released album, Cyber City. http://www.atarimusi...n/64-cyber-city
  8. Not Found The requested URL /Gauntletak.pdf was not found on this server. :? :? Here is a working link. http://www.digitpress.com/library/manuals/atari8bit/gauntletak.pdf
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