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  1. This is a really underrated handheld with some great titles.. Let me know if you ever decide to split up as I have a need for Metal Slug. Good luck with your sale..
  2. I checked with the folks at Neo-geo but did not see any for sale. If anyone here has one or knows of where I could find one it would be much appreciated. Thanks..
  3. Hi.. I never received the CX80. I've sent a few PM's on it. May I have an update or tracking #. Thanks.
  4. Here's a free bump for a fellow New Jersian.. I'm up by Union City.. Good luck with the sale..
  5. Nice stuff.. I wish I would have seen it earlier.. PM sent on the CX80.
  6. Looking to purchase one outright. Let me know if you have one of these you'd like to get rid of.. Thanks.
  7. OK.. So I got the list.. I would like you to quote me on the following.. 1) Blitz (Vectrex) 2) Qix (5200) 3) Centipede (5200) 4) Space Invaders (5200) 5) Dig Dug (5200) Quote me a price.. Hopefully, we can come to an agreement.. Take care.. Alex
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