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    Collecting video games of all types. Motor cross racing and electronics repair. auto and gun repair. I love building jtag xbox360's and doing other mods.
  1. they are both in the 2600 guide http://www.atariage....areLabelID=1627
  2. http://theisozone.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=1944 Wow in my pm you said you live in texas. glad you cancled the paypal cash request.
  3. Do you have the side car or 213watt power brick? Also is it banned from pnet? Also you got any pics of it working?
  4. most of it extracted okay. I got a few extraction errors though on some of the titles.
  5. i think it was a good deal for a modded one. heres an inexpencive possibility to make it look better eBay Auction -- Item Number: 260914370459 If you replace the screen you might want one of these to its a protector and cheap to. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 330666687952
  6. very nice I been wanting to build one but that one is sweet and a good price. Hope I get paid before its gone. I wish it wasnt a flashback console though does anyone know if the harmony cart can be used in this?
  7. I dropped the price to $200 plus shipping. would make someone a great christmas present. I ship priority and ship out fast.
  8. I have a jtagged xbox360 for sale with 1 wireless controller, 20gig hard drive, power brick, av cable, hdmi cable everything you need to hook it up and use it. The dash version is 13604 and xex menu is installed. It is an hdmi console(Zephyr motherboard version). The dvd drive is flashed with LT-2.0. everything works great. Boots backups, region unlocked, you can run home brew and run games off the hard drive or a usb hard drive(usb hard drive not included) It does have freestyle dash installed I never set up the launch.ini so you have to go into xex menu and click the default xex to boot freestyle dash. Im selling this because I have 3 jtags and many jtagables and I only need 1. My asking price is $300 shipped priority mail and will ship within an 24 hours of cleared payment and I will give you tracking info I will also include original nand dumps, current updated flash, and cpu = dvd key on a cd. R6T3 resistor is bridged to prevent accidental update which would ruin a jtag. Feel free to ask questions. Thank you for looking. I do accept paypal. edit: Oh I forgot to mention this has an extra fan on a second gen gpu heat sink and a 12volt fan mod. I will go $200 plus shipping. Most of the jtags I've seen on line are just the console.
  9. how dumb can a guy get. yes im drunk but i know hes smart eBay Auction -- Item Number: 190583034471 funny how people think they got gold. only worth 300 all set to go jtaged which this is not. maybe 350 jtaged w controllers and everything ready to go on line with hdmi if its got the right hard drive https://xboxiz.com/index.php/cPath/30?osCsid=58c3ee166dcd43de5e1840d581443d3b this is for a laugh guys. If someone needs one totally ready to go Ill hook em up for a reasonable price im not greedy or if someone wants to learn how themselves i got respect for that and I'll walk you through it for free if you pm me just make sure you are good at soldering. love to help people and return the favor that was done for me. if you are jtaging for the first time xenon is the easiest to do.
  10. oh the other thing is theres a seller fee based on the final sale price so if its not legit its gonna hurt the seller a bit lol
  11. I would hope not for the sake of who ever is bidding. Ive been offered like 600 for a ready to go jtag with everything but I couldnt rip someone off like that. Its suprising that some will pay anything for a jtag to do what ever the 10th prestige thing is I just like the fact that I can play any game from any region without having to mess around and I dont need my disk after I install my games. Ive only ever had a silver account but when I get a non jtag Im gonna get a gold account. I would now but think its wrong to go on line with unfair advantages.
  12. Id say a few people on ebay are nuts to bid that high. I get these all the time for 75$ and they work for that price to. I dont get even half that for a jtaged with hard drive, controller, power brick, video cable and xexmenu installed and mine arn't banned to bad ebay wont let me list already jtaged ones Id be rich in a month. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 300604253492
  13. Well microsoft has put a stop to hackability if you've been on line with the 360 since 6-1-09 then your 360 has burned the efuse in the cpu making it non exploitable and no linger jtagable which means you can no linger install linex or other awesome jtag features/ home brew. Jtag hackable consoles are getting more rare then some of the rare atari stuff. and most jtagables are only still jtagable due to the fact that there rrod consoles which you have to fix yourself because microsoft will burn your efuse on purpose so it disables the ability to hack the nand. I have never played on xbox live but do have a 360 and that's why I don't go on line. plus why buy a game that's multi player and on line only when you know that 10yrs down the road you may want to take a trip down memory lane and the game you so want to play no longer exists. I will say that xbox 360 still rules over the competition and in my experience has less reliability issues than the ps3. I only had one die and it was a rrod when I got it but I keep getting different problems with my ps3 and that console has been replaced countless times now by Sony. There is a way to play on line with friends without xbox live I read about on a forum but I believe it only works if your jtaged and run linex. I'll see if I can find it again. I wasn't that interested where I don't play on line.
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