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  1. I love eBay auctions that say "SERIOUS BIDDERS ONLY!" Guess I'll just take my giant pile of clown cash elsewhere.

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    2. GoldLeader


      I've def had enough flakes on eBay....I've never been like that so I can barely process that some people are so annoying/stupid/scammer-ish.  When everyone understands/obeys the rules, it's fine...It really makes me mad when all is said and done.  In the old days ya couldn't do much either. (Example)  I "sold" a brand new PSP on Launch Day.   A guy ran the price up,  I would've even made a little something.  Except he didn't pay.  I left Negative Feedback but now, like a new car driven off the lot,  my PSP is Not worth as much.  Ended up selling it to a friend for just retail and I ate the cost of tax.

    3. Razzie.P


      Well... guess that explains the sad look here



    4. jd_1138


      That clown is probably sad because he's doing the numbers for his profit/loss statement on Excel or Google Sheets and has find out he made no money, because kids are terrified of clowns and don't want them at their parties.

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