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  1. I love eBay auctions that say "SERIOUS BIDDERS ONLY!" Guess I'll just take my giant pile of clown cash elsewhere.

    1. Giles N

      Giles N

      Perhaps they expect someone to bid in the minus?


      Like bidding - 25$ for a game, effectually having the saller send you 25$ with the game…?


      Yeah, I also sometimes what that should really mean…

    2. jd_1138


      Or Monopoly money. I think I only had one flake bidder the last 10 years out of 100 sales. Some arsehole won a new in package item for like 3/4 of its retail value, and he sent me a message saying he wasn't going to pay because he could buy the item locally for the same price. I said but dude you entered into a legally binding contract, and 30% of the money is going to the local animal rescue organization. It fell on deaf ears. So he got a non-payment strike. It's kinda simple -- only bid what you are willing to pay. I was more pissed off because he screwed over the local orphan animals.

    3. Giles N

      Giles N


      Could be good to have an overview over eBay sellers traps/pitfalls…


      … have only bought things on eBay, but consider to put out some stuff for sale… (some stuff that might be of high prize/high value)


      … would really like to know what to avoid as to not loose money, get into all sorts of back-and-forth, buy/not-but, quarrels/indecisivness-issues…


      Could really need ‘sellers guide’ to eBay…

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