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  1. Oh. Huh, weird, especially since you don't live in nowhere. We used to miss mail deliveries all the time out at my parent's house when I lived there, but we were about 30 miles away from the nearest town, which had around 500 people, so it was understandable.

  2. Actually I think this is what led her over the edge. From that moment on she refused to have absolutely anything to do with video games ever again. She used to 'shush' us immediately when we started talking about them.


    She was probably praying for her mortal soul from the very moment she spoke those words or something, for all I know could still be :ponder:


    Either way it's probably in the top 5 favorite childhood memories.


    I should also say that since both my sister and I became adults and left the house (which has been 10 years for her and 8 for me) my mom has lightened up a LOT. I think most of it was just that "raising kids need to be uptight" vibe some of the Gen X-ers got. We never really got along when I was growing up but we have a great relationship now that I'm an adult ;)

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