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  1. 4 hours ago, 1980gamer said:

    If you are here just to troll or be an obtuse jackass, go away.  Is your life that bad?  I feel bad for you.

    You literally just did exactly what I pointed out.


    Also funny you're calling me the "jackass" when you're the one swearing in all caps over a plastic kids' toy.


    Not even that, but full on all caps F bombs about the fact that people are saying mean things . . . about a plastic kids' toy.


    I would say if you're genuinely getting that worked up about said plastic kids' toy, you might want to turn the monitor off, go outside for a while, get some Vitamin D, and enjoy the end of summer rather than yelling at people who disagree with you. But I'm not your therapist so you do you, man.


    You can feel bad for me all you want, I don't know you from Adam so if that's some sort of jab from pride, okay, good for you, enjoy being better than me, I hope it gives you some sort of comfort. I'm cool with whatever you want to think in that regard, world keeps on spinning, I still go to work tomorrow,  so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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  2. I think in this forum (Amico) moreso than any other have I seen the oft-repeated "If you disagree with us THEN JUST GO AWAY" in so many words. "IF YOU DON'T AGREE WITH US 100% WHY ARE YOU EVEN HERE," "WHY ARE YOU DISCUSSING THINGS WITH A CRITICAL EYE, GO DO THAT SOMEWHERE ELSE," etc. etc.


    Really seems like a couch cushion fort with "AmIkO KlUb, No GiRlZ AlOuD" written in Crayon (heh, Crayola even!) on a cardboard sign or something.


    Not everyone has to constantly fart unicorns and rainbows, guys. Screeching that someone doesn't like what you like doesn't convince anyone of anything.

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  3. I don't know if you guys realize this, but I have the inside track on some secret info that MAY change your minds about Soulja Boy.


    It turns out he was last seen with a man carrying a Crayola clay object - that APPEARED to be a controller but the details are fuzzy - walking into Kinko's. The word "fisticuffs" was overheard.


    Its Happening Ron Paul GIF

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  4. Playmobil Knight and Playmobil Pirates were fun little games for the DS. I'd like to see more like that for sure.


    A Playmobil City type game with various jobs could be cool, be a cop and chase the robber, put out fires, build buildings, etc.

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  5. 1 minute ago, IMBerzerk said:

    Playmobile games in the Lego style would be a lot of fun.  But that's a long shot as they're not doing any 3d style games.  I wish they would.  The Lego series of games are off the chart hilarious for all ages.

    The Playmobil DS games were pretty cool and I'm sure the Amico could handle those and do something similar. But agreed - something similar to the LEGO games but with Playmobil would be super. I loved all the LEGO games.

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  6. I could have sworn it was brought up a long time ago in some of the initial threads. I remember early on commenting that I could see some cool graphics and games using Playmobil characters.


    My memory may be false, though. Either way some Playmobil games would be cool 😎

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  7. I'm just a chimp using the internet, so I mean what would I know anyway?


    Though I will have you know that I've been pre-approved for a WIDE VARIETY of credit cards, which clearly shows that I have the utmost taste, sophistication, and intellect. A WIDE VARIETY. VISA. MASTERCARD. DISCOVER. You name it, I'm PRE-APPROVED.


    black and white smoking GIF


    Also, not gonna lie, this thread needed locked like 2 pages ago (and I'm including my own contribution in that as well).


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  8. You know, this talk of Big Lots made me realize, part of me wants it to be popular just so we can see what goofball Taiwanese and Chinese knock-offs would come out. I'd be all in on a Xingyang DCS 900+, the FunBoy ZCS, or the Wangying Furniture Co. Atari Fun Having Cube Object with such amazing games as Pit Tumbler: Reimagined, Hurricane 2000, and Heavenly Dog Good Time Feed.


    Of course they'd all just be NES hacks.

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  9. True. He could be red-faced and furiously cramming Crayons in his maw while shuddering in rage as we type this!


    I do enjoy the posting on a web forum to angrily ask others "DON'T YOU HAVE ANYTHING BETTER TO DO THAN POST ON A WEB FORUM," that definitely shows a Jeopardy-winner level I.Q.



    IDK, Why does a grown man need a Pink Hello Kitty Bicycle or a Crack Pipe?

    The Hello Kitty bike is a creepy fetish, but the crack pipe, I totally get that one...

    dave chappelle tyrone biggums GIF

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  10. 11 hours ago, jgkspsx said:

    So is this what people meant when they talked about the Jaguar forums being crazy? Yeesh.



    I don't come in these Jag forums often, but even I can say this is beyond even the usual plastic smokers.

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  11. 1 hour ago, toiletunes said:

    I went to Big Lots yesterday, they sent me a $5 coupon. It was nice to see Halloween stuff out.


    Internet reaction: "OMG toiletunes endorses Big Lots [email protected]@K ! ! !"

    Dude! I love Big Lots! If the internet wants to go ZOMG CEBUS GAVE A RINGING ENDORSEMENT OF BIG LOTS I'd just go....


    "Yer damn right I did."


    slow clap GIF

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  12. Hmm, that's true, and I hadn't really thought of that from a financial perspective.



    and I'll get started as soon as the others decide to give a shit and send anything 

    I also think this is a great perspective to have. As many "issues" as there may be with it, at least they gave something for free. I've had quite a few things delayed with both but a "HAW HAW WE TOOK YOUR MONEY TO THE BANK" attitude, so that's at least something.

  13. I'm going to do something a little jaw-dropping. And this is coming from someone who finds the fellow to be quite a grating personality (though I'm one to talk!).


    If Tommy was involved in the making of the music, I'll actually defend this decision as something other than "ego stroking" - it's possible that because he was involved he had some of the rights to it, etc. and could therefore get it at a good deal, this giving a freebie at a low cost to IE and thus keeping what I imagine to be a shrinking budget (due to unintentional delays or intentional missteps, etc.) a little steady.


    If IE is having money problems (and there's no reason to think they ARE, though I suspect that's the case, just "if"), splurging on a free t-shirt or something for fans who are already growing weary is likely a sunk cost.


    Gift horse, mouth, all that. Just like any swag or freebies, some will like it, some won't. And I may be completely wrong and it IS just ego stroking (I mean that would be in line with every other action taken, IMO), but at least I can see the rationale behind this one, which is usually infrequent or non-existent when it comes to Amico et. al.

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