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    Classical/Flamenco Guitar;Violin;
    Performing (mostly just studying) magic;
    Woodworking/wood carving;
    Electronics (Arduinos/LED's etc. etc.)
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  1. buddpaul


  2. Any Ludum Dare fans here?? I drift into and out of there often......... Aurora is the title of a promising game from a (fairly) recent Game Jam.
  3. This is quite ancient and the above link if severely dead. Any new info??
  4. buddpaul


    http://www.jedit.com I need to download that tool!!
  5. buddpaul


    Don't have anything to put up this second......but I discovered the game creation tool, 'Bitsy' a while back at itch.io It is SO SWEET!!! Loads of images to follow soon!!
  6. ......and XBox 360 and a few games for it.
  7. Daddy loves him some FreeBASIC!!
  8. Hmmmmmm, I might not have 'a hundred' for swap......but I've got a bunch. Let's start with this: What are your duplicates? Let me sweeten it from my end: I have a certain double-ender you might not have.......??
  9. Just staring at my Flashback 4!

    1. Flojomojo


      Is that the one with infrared controllers?

    2. Kiwi


      *Flashback 4 stares back* ~Play with me~

  10. 'Hard 2632'.....for us regular-type Joe's............. how do I form an opinion about this?? I pull it up in Stella......cool colors.....OK, fine - - it's a demo. But how can I learn more about the thing that was 'achieved' here??
  11. In terms of 2600, not bad at all!
  12. Yeah......I know this is kinda ancient by now........but yeah, a 5200 would be da bomb!! I've got a FB4 in the mail, heading toward me right this minute.
  13. Honestly, it just doesn't have the LARGE scale appeal. But, I would SO BUY ONE!!!! ......about 30 games on it, that'd be the bomb!!
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