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    Classical/Flamenco Guitar;Violin;
    Performing (mostly just studying) magic;
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  1. Wow! I took a huge breath after reading this..........minimal use of commas.......awesome!
  2. What is the status of these items??
  3. So....what is the status on this item?
  4. buddpaul


  5. Any Ludum Dare fans here?? I drift into and out of there often......... Aurora is the title of a promising game from a (fairly) recent Game Jam.
  6. This is quite ancient and the above link if severely dead. Any new info??
  7. buddpaul


    http://www.jedit.com I need to download that tool!!
  8. buddpaul


    Don't have anything to put up this second......but I discovered the game creation tool, 'Bitsy' a while back at itch.io It is SO SWEET!!! Loads of images to follow soon!!
  9. ......and XBox 360 and a few games for it.
  10. Daddy loves him some FreeBASIC!!
  11. Hmmmmmm, I might not have 'a hundred' for swap......but I've got a bunch. Let's start with this: What are your duplicates? Let me sweeten it from my end: I have a certain double-ender you might not have.......??
  12. Just staring at my Flashback 4!

    1. Flojomojo


      Is that the one with infrared controllers?

    2. Kiwi


      *Flashback 4 stares back* ~Play with me~

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