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  1. I'm helping my brother look for a unit but many sellers are asking $60 for untested machines (which is code for broken in my book). I would feel better spending less on one that is confirmed broken but is fixable rather than roll the dice on "untested". It sounds like there is a chance the CS errors might not be problems with the machines themselves but if the seller knows enough to even test those then they might really be problems with the machines. All this retro-tech is getting pricey.
  2. There are 2 units on ebay from the same seller. I'm wondering how difficult these might be to fix. Anyone know what these problems might be from or point me to a troubleshooting guide? TI-99/4A BEIGE HOME COMPUTER TESTED FOUND A DEFECT TRYING TO WRITE TO CS2 https://www.ebay.com/itm/TI-99-4A-BEIGE-HOME-COMPUTER-TESTED-FOUND-A-DEFECT-TRYING-TO-WRITE-TO-CS2/264722818076?hash=item3da2b5a41c:g:xBsAAOSwHiBest0g TI-99/4A BEIGE HOME COMPUTER TESTED FOUND A DEFECT TRYING TO READ CS1 https://www.ebay.com/itm/TI-99-4A-BEIGE-HOME-COMPUTER-TESTED-FOUND-A-DEFECT-TRYING-TO-READ-CS1/392790613758?hash=item5b74251efe:g:2rIAAOSwQGpetC-3
  3. Thanks, guys! I found a couple of cold joints and one solder bridge that I somehow missed the first time. Now it's running perfectly.
  4. I have completed the 2 chip internal 32k RAM upgrade on a beige TI-99/4A. http://www.harmlesslion.com/text/TI 32k Mod.pdf Unfortunately, problems started immediately. It began crashing any time between power on and a few seconds later. Sometimes the TI screen would show up and sometimes it would power up to a blank blue screen with a characteristically TI-sounding drone, and sometimes I just got a garbage screen. I went back through all the steps checking with a magnifier to look for solder bridges and the like. I had accidentally wired pin 21 of the CY7C199 to pin 10 of the 74LS00 instead of pin 11. I corrected this but it only made the problem marginally better. I am able to get to the program selection menu about 10-20% of the time and can occasionally boot a game from one of my multicarts. Extended Basic does not start after I select option 2. It just goes to a blank blue screen. Any idea of I fried something besides the CY7C199 chip? Any ideas on how I can track down the problem if that isn't it? Should I remove the mod and see if the TI still works normally without it?
  5. I wanted to try to re-wire a 3rd party SNES controller to use withe the C-64, Sega Master System, and 7800 The plan was to wire the Shoulder buttons for the 7800 (pins 5 and 9 wired through resistors to 8 with pin 6 on the other side of the switch) Y would be the standard fire button X would be wired to 'up' for C-64 games that use up to jump B would be wired as the 2nd Amiga button pins 9 (pot x) and 7 (VCC+5) A would be wired like a Sega Master System Button (pin 9) In the past, I've used switches to move things around but I'm wondering if I could simplify my life. Can I wire this up straight? Should I use diodes to prevent backflow on some of the wires? Should I scrap the idea and just go back to slide switches? Left Shoulder Right Shoulder Up X Left Right Y A Down B http://retro-bit.com/super-retro-wired-controller.html
  6. RF (or preferably composite) would minimize the number of extra things I would have to plug in and hook up every time I haul out the ST. I can use my GBS 8200 to run the ST on my flat screen and that works but the setup is bulky and I have even less room left oon the surge protector to plug in my external Gotek drive.
  7. I have a fairly early NTSC 520; there is no modulator and no hole in the case for one but the board appears to have a space for one and through holes for R, G, B, H-sync, V-sync, etc. So, does anyone know if a modulator can be successfully to one of these ST's?
  8. Yes, it's mostly working now. Occasionally, it goes unstable and freezes for some reason. Even so, I love it! I've always been a fan of this game.
  9. I can't seem to get this to work on my FlashROM99. I tried switching my RAM expansion from slow to fast but no difference. I just get a blue screen and the startup tone just keeps going.
  10. Hello. I have a 520 ST and I would like to build a composite circuit for this but my level of skill with electronics is only enough to follow cookbook-like directions. I found this zip but the schematic is in scd format and although I believe I found the site mentioned, setting up sdecode appears to involve some rather extensive downloads and updates. Does anyone have a regular image file of a composite cicuit or know how to more easily unpack a scd file? Note: I have a GBS8220 but I am looking to get this on to a regular TV and composite out will work for that AND give me a composite sync signal to use if I ever successfully a mod a CRT to accept analog RGB in. Thanks in advance. rgb2comp.zip
  11. Thank so much, vattari, the XOR did it! So ends 2 weeks of frustration! Time to get my floppy emulator warmed up.
  12. I can't for the life of me get the picture to stop rolling and show up reliably using the GBS 8220. Just linking H-sync and V-sync did not work. Using only H-sync did not work. There's no modulator so no C-sync over pin 2. I've read about AND, OR, and XOR gates as possibilities. Has anyone here gotten an earlier production 520ST working with the 8220? If so, what did you do? Did you use a logic gate of some kind? Thank you in advance.
  13. I got a full setup from my uncle a few years ago but never tried to hook it up until tonight. I got it from a white screen with rainbow blocks to a white screen with 19 bombs to GEMS within an hour. A little Deoxit and chip re-seating can go a long way apparently. 520 ST Rev B with TOS 1.04 and stock RAM Atari mouse Atari SC 1221 monitor with cable Atari disk drive Laser 3.5" floppy drive modified for the ST (I disassembled this to get the interface for use with my HXC) I understand Exxos sells a 1.5 booster and a 4mb RAM upgrade which will work even with this ST. I plan on gaming so should I move these up in my purchasing priority or will they not make too much of a difference? I will get them eventually even if they won't change game play a lot.
  14. Cookie Eaters https://csdb.dk/release/?id=22161
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