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  1. Transformer is handled and I have refurbed my power board. All is good. Thank you for your willingness to help. 👍
  2. Okay, I fixed my power board and finally tested the Retrotink 2x Pro and I am pleased to report that it works.
  3. Yes, I will do that. I just found out that I have some repair work to do on my Intv though, so it may be a little bit.
  4. My Sears Super Video Arcade's transformer seems to be bad. I don't trust the one I found on ebay. Does anyone here have a known good transformer they would sell me or a recommendation for using off-the-shelf parts. I imagine it's unlikely there is an exact replacement being manufactured but maybe 2 transformers to get all the voltages?
  5. Okay, The sound jacks are done and the mod board is wired to the MB. I am waiting on the Retrotink 2x Pro and should finish wiring the component jacks tomorrow. I have the jumper set for component. I don't need the sync or 5v from the output - just R, G, B, and Gnd, right? Any resistor changes recommended? I'm just using a standard 3 plug component wire.
  6. I'm just planning on running this through a Retrotink 2x Pro using RCA component cables. Do I need to make any modifications? I think sync on green, right?
  7. Thank you for the quick reply, good sir.
  8. Is that £12 for a single controller’s Mylar set or for a pair of controllers?
  9. Thanks! I got your files onto my MiSTer and the TI started up perfectly.
  10. Hello, I just got my MiSTer together and am struggling to get the TI core running. I guess there's a command to get the system roms combined into a single rom to use as the boot rom. I don't understand if this is a Windows DOS prompt or Linux or what. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Yeah, that's what I've been pestering him to do but he's leery of the ATX psu mod.
  12. I can absolutely take a picture for you but it wasn't a pretty job. Inside the plastic casing was this cellophane-type wrapping and I could not see the fuse through it. I got nervous about slicing that open and I saw a darker spot showing through the casing a little higher up so I thought maybe the fuse was in a different spot on this transformer. When that didn't pan out, I went back down to the bottom and started going further left until I finally could see part of it through the cellophane. Long story short, I ended up removing more of the plastic casing than I would have liked. Any suggestions for patching up that layer of cellophane wrapping and the case? My first thought for the casing was some epoxy clay but I don't like to mess around with stuff that takes wall current until I check it out with the experts.
  13. Took 90 minutes or so but I'm there. The fuse is off to the left and the wire lead on that side is buried in resin as it comes to the bend of the plastic casing. It looks blown alright - there's a blackened spot on the glass.
  14. Okay, I'll try to be extra careful. Sort of shave away left/right from the bottom up.
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