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  1. Hi guys, I sort of...forgot about this stuff. I literally only come to Atari Age for this thread so I sometimes get side tracked. I should be able to do something in August. This weekend is vintage racing at Waterford.
  2. Tempest and I have gone to that show for the two or three years. Its not that awesome in itself so maybe making a group event out of it would be a good idea. I can't stay out late that night since I have to be at the race track the next morning, but usually we're back from Cleveland before dark anyway. If we want to do something on another weekend I can hold the event at my house as I have in the past. Usually in that event we meet at Pinball Pete's in Ann Arbor. Harry: I apologize for the problem last time. Tempest and I met that day and didn't go to Pete's because not a single person confirmed they were coming, including you. As far as we knew it was just him and me, and we decided to do something else...I don't even remember what it was. We probably just did stuff at my place. I'd love to have you over again...at least so you can show me how to use that GBA flash cart I got from you. I'm the dumb!
  3. Sorry! As far as I knew nobody was coming so Tempest and my girlfriend and I just went to dinner. You have to let us know if you are coming to these things!
  4. Ok, so how about we meet at Pinball Pete's at 3:00 on Saturday, the 14th of July? Unless we are wanting to go some place else. Afterwards we go to my place and play video games. I should have three monitors set up, at least. Sometimes trading/buying/selling also happens.
  5. So are we doing this at Tempest's place or mine? I recently got (another) Laserdisc player, for those that care, and this one is a total friggn' mind blower.
  6. There is definitely something happening in July 14, although I don't know exactly what yet.
  7. Basically we meet someplace like Pinball Pete's and anyone who doesn't seem too psychotic or larcenous is invited over for more console stuff, etc at someone's house. Our standards aren't too high though since we even let Chris come over and he doesn't believe in dinosaurs.
  8. It looks like Jboy and wife will be visiting my place on the weekend of the 13-15 of July so it might work if we combine this with a meet-up. My house is huge, but my game room is tiny. I can expand into other rooms though since there are plenty of TVs.
  9. Some of us are going to the Cleveland game show next weekend. We haven't been up to much lately. People are too lame/busy/spread-out to make things happen easily/often.
  10. Well, its not really "at" the university. Its in a shopping plaza, although the school pretty much runs the town so its all a matter of perception, I guess.
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