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  1. This is an epic TI-99 posting. Wish I were closer to Alabama.
  2. I bought a Version 1.1 64NIC+ Commodore 64 network adapter cartridge a few years back with the thought of hosting a website on an SX64. I never used it, and it has just sat gathering dust. They are currently selling for $54 over at Retro Innovations. Asking $25 + shipping
  3. Bummer, all I have are these.
  4. I only have Pac-Man and Flight Simulator II if you want any spares.
  5. These are the only tapes I could dig up that I had doubles of. I've been out of the loop for too many years and don't know the going prices are nowadays so just make a fair offer if you are interested. I also found one of the two programming books published for the Aquarius if you are interested. It is in french but the type in programs inside aren't.
  6. I do happen to have quite a few cassettes and possibly one package of printer paper rolls. Let me dig into my closet and I'll get back to you by tomorrow.
  7. I've been liquidating my collection and concentrating on my writing, and since I sold most of the items on GeekVintage I thought it best to abandon the website. I totally forgot about the Aquarius and Vextrex databases until it was too late.
  8. Been a while Thought I'd drop in to see how the world is progressing.
  9. I don't have any of the listed cartridges I'm willing to part with but I was wondering if there were any other Aquarius items you were looking for. I've got a sealed Modem, a couple 16k memory cartridges and some common cartridges I'm looking to sell.
  10. the-topdog


  11. He bought a crapload of Microvision stuff from me. great buyer to deal with.
  12. I'm going to start pulling things off this list to put on eBay, especially things that have been on the list for weeks. I'll still be adding new things here first for a few days before moving them to eBay.
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