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  1. Bummer, thanks. I've got a box of Commodore games I still have to go through but I'm pretty sure they are all cartridges. Crossing my fingers I have at least one disk game. I'll probably just wind up listing it as an "as-is" drive then for parts if I don't.
  2. I just shipped all the pending games except for IANOID's, if you haven't got a tracking number from me yet, message me. There is one outstanding payment I received but I don't know who paid or for what since their PayPal simply said it was a payment for "games".
  3. I have a Commodore 64 floppy drive but no floppies to test it with, how would one go about testing a drive without floppies or is it impossible? I just need to know if it works before I sell it in the Marketplace threads.
  4. I have a promotional Bonk sticker that was included in the special Holiday Edition of the TurboGrafx-16. Asking $20 shipped.
  5. I have a tn of Milton Bradley Microvision games to sell. This is the first batch of complete in box and new in box factory sealed cartridges. New Sealed In Box... Connect Four - $10 Pending Star Trek Phaser Strike (Backing board bent - see pictures) - $20 All prices are OBO, discounts for multiple purchases, buyer pays shipping. Complete in box... Pinball - $5 Pending Cosmic Hunter - $10 SOLD! Alien Raider - $10 SOLD! New Sealed In Box... Vegas Slots - $15 SOLD! Alien Raiders - $20 SOLD! Pinball - $10 SOLD! Baseball (No backing board - see pictures) - $10 SOLD! Connect Four - $10 SOLD! Star Trek Phaser Strike (Shrink wrap has small tears - see picture) - $25 SOLD! Star Trek Phaser Strike (Backing board bent over severely - see pictures) - $15 SOLD! CIB cartridges (Not pictured yet) Vegas Slots - $5 SOLD! Sea Duel - $10 SOLD! Sea Duel - $10 SOLD! Mind Buster - $8 SOLD! Mind Buster - $8 SOLD! Pinball (In box with all paperwork but no styrofoam inserts) - $5 SOLD!
  6. I have a new, factory sealed, Frogger cassette for the Timex Sinclair 1000 for sale. Asking $10 + $3 shipping.
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