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  1. Beamrider is all I've been playing lately. It's got to be my favorite, although Dragonfire and Mario Bros. give it a good run for its money. You just can't beat Beamrider. I've yet to be able to get past sector 17, and I usually die around 10 or 11, sadly...I don't really pay attention to the points, I just try to get as far as I can.
  2. For some reason the difficulty switch always dies on my systems. Now the switch on my Vader stopped working..I'm just relieved it's not expert it's stuck on, as I'm not good enough for that and would almost always play on the regular setting.
  3. Today when I was playing Dragonfire (still can't get past that tenth dragon!) I hit the reset switch on my Vader and the picture went black and white and to almost all entirely snow, lots of static buzzing. I had to take the cart in and out to fix it. A few minutes later it happened again, same fix. I bought this one along with a broken six switcher from a flea market last year. It was a gamble, the systems were initially filthy and no games included, but I was glad to have the Vader, and now it's having a problem. Boo!
  4. Huh, the photo's showing up for me...Sadly it's not a heavy sixer, I checked immediately. Nothing like a girl who can spot a heavy sixer "woody" to give a guy a woody, right? Just a little Atari humor. But I'm glad to hear I didn't pay TOO much. I'm still going to use my 7800 as my main console, since it's the one we had in our house when I was a wee 'un. Nostalgia and all that. But I always wanted a Vader, so at least that works. The guy selling them was pretty clueless about them, he thought the "one with all the switches" was the newer system.
  5. Picked up this lot at the flea market today: 20 bucks. Did I make out okay? The only games are Pac-man and Combat. It sounded pretty decent to me since everything Atari that I ever see is so outrageously overpriced and I never find stuff in the wild. They were absolutely filthy but I cleaned them up the best I could. The Vader works nicely but I can't get the six switch to fire up-just a gray/black screen. The guy said someone dug them out of their attic and they "both worked the last time he tried them". Oh well, that's the risk you take I guess. From what I've read on here, I gather that a dark screen likely indicates a dead TIA chip? I would have no clue how to fix the thing.
  6. Yeah, from time to time. My favorites are Dragonfire, Mario Bros., Ms. Pacman, Frogger, Centipede, Missile Command, Q*Bert, Dolphin, Space Invaders, Beamrider, Jr. Pacman, and Breakout. I play on a 7800 though, and it's a pain in the ass to get games to work in it, particularly Activision and Imagic games. Other carts like Atari, Parker Bros., and M Network usually work on the first try, though. But trying to get those Activision games to fire up is like pulling teeth. I like the 7800 because it's what we had when I was really little and what we always played on. But Jawbreaker is one game I'd really like to have, but I want a copy that's going to fit in the 7800.
  7. The boxes were a surprise, the auction I won showed only the carts and didn't mention anything about boxes, but he sent them along. I thought it was cool how they have KB Toys stickers marked down from 29.99 to like 2.99. Nice little look into the big crash.
  8. I could never compete with you guys and all your R9s and pristine carts (R6 is my rarest and as you can see, there are some pretty rough labels pictured), but it's an okay little collection, especially for a 24 year old girl, haha. Up to 147 Atari 2600 games, and there's a handful of 7800 games pictured too. 2600 Ms. Pacman got left out of the photo because it was still in my 7800 console and I forgot it. Excuse my camera being stupid and blurry.
  9. Well, apparently this is just me being completely and utterly ignorant of the game. But that is strange that they programmed him to come out immediately, since his whole purpose is to reverse your work and he shows up before you even have time to start.
  10. Sorry, I know this topic is a couple years old, but I came across this again and thought maybe I should send it to someone to be dumped just for the heck of it, as it might be interesting to see what's going on. Anyway, I first tried that "broken" cart, and then after seeing that it's still doing the same thing, I popped in my good, replacement Q*Bert cart that I had been playing just last night. It started doing the same thing, with Sam appearing next to Q*Bert and descending straight down the pyramid at the very start of the game, before even making a move. Now, I'm not ignorant enough to seriously believe that my cart has "caught" what was wrong with the other cart, but I am really befuddled. Because now it happens every single time on my good cart as well. Remember, I'm not playing on that old 2600 I "fried" (that's long gone), I'm using a 7800. Is this something that happens to anyone else? Do you ever see Sam appear first thing at the start of the game, always on the right cube below the top? Shit, I didn't think it was doing that last night, but maybe I didn't notice. But I keep re-inserting the game, resetting, and it just keeps doing that same thing. Also, is the single beep that sounds after solving a pyramid supposed to signal an extra life earned? That's what I always thought, but my carts are doing this all the time, even when no extra lives have appeared. End of first level and second. Maybe I'm just losing my mind.
  11. Weird question, but was that at a Play-n-trade in Grand Rapids? That it was .
  12. So the game store I went to yesterday had a small handful of 2600 carts. I brought a few of them to the counter and as the girl was ringing me up she pointed out a price sticker on Spiderdroid that I somehow had failed to notice. "Did you know this one is 15 dollars?" Shocked, I quickly put it back. "Yeah," she said, "apparently it's really, really rare or something." I didn't even bother to say anything, but I was thinking "jeez, it's only like a rarity 4, isn't it?" But now I see that it's actually a rarity 3. Yeah, I have a feeling that cart's going to be sitting there for a loooong time. They also had Tax Avoiders for 15 dollars, which does seem a little more in line with its value, doesn't it? But I wasn't positive how much it goes for, and I didn't feel like spending that much for one cart.
  13. Cosmic Creeps (honestly, I never really figured out what was going on here) Coconuts Most of the US games such as M.A.D. Fire Fighter Bridge Casino Roc 'N Rope Indy 500 (don't have a driving controller) Most sports games
  14. Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I got to play Atari with my brother's ten year old step-daughter, who unfortunately, I only get to see once a year due to them living on the other side of the country. Anyway, she really enjoyed it. We played Jr. Pacman (I finally managed to beat the first level a few times), Ms. Pac-man, Tapper, Breakout, Centipede, etc. She said "Atari? What's that? What?? I'm only ten, I don't know!" I was also amused when she lost while playing Tapper and said "I was just about to get to you guys, if you had just chilled like manly men!" and everytime a guy would send the glass back, she'd yell that he's "ungrateful". While playing Summer Games, she was convinced that the swimmer was in fact a bird and wouldn't hear otherwise. Which is funny, because I'm pretty sure I thought the same thing when I was a toddler and my brother would play. She thought Q*Bert stunk because she couldn't get used to the controls (it does take awhile), and my joystick needing to be replaced didn't help matters. When Q*Bert "swore" she said, "what's that question mark? Is he questioning my skills?!" Anyway, from what I've seen, a kid can have just as much fun with an Atari as they can with a PS3. On another note, I was dissapointed that my brother claimed that he'd never seen Midnight Magic in his life, when I feel almost certain that it was one of the games he owned when I was two, three years old. Maybe I'm crazy.
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