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  1. You kept this thing alive single-handed at one point, and still produce the best images!
  2. Imagine an adventure game with Gunstar quality art back in the day on the old Atari, Commodore would have gone out of business a lot sooner!
  3. I can imagine turning up to the hotel, asking where all the games are and being told "Sir, we don't allow video games in this hotel." That would be typical Atari! 😄
  4. Atari doesn't mean anything any more, just a word to stick on any crazy idea the inept rights holders can think up.
  5. RAM


    Rasterconverter basically killed g2f, at least for casual image creation. Seeing these new pics, that's a shame!
  6. RAM


    That is incredible work!
  7. Guilty! 😄 I don't have anything left from back then though, I gave everything to my brother when I got an Amiga!
  8. Thanks, I enjoyed drawing title screens in GAD, it was more fun than our games tbh! 😄
  9. I remember using a program called Graphic Art Department (or something) to draw some title screens for Black Lamp and Tagalon etc - but used home made stuff to do in game graphics and PMs - didn't even know you could do cross platform until way too late!
  10. And I appreciate it being posted here. I'd never have known about it otherwise.
  11. You have a genuine skill for colo(u)r, are you an artist in the "real" world by any chance?
  12. There should be a feature to automatically like every picture posted in this thread! Are you sure you're not accidentally using photoshop instead of Rasterconverter, Gunstar? 😄
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