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  1. Hi Mate, I’m pleased we were able to find a solution to enable you to keep the car for longer as I know how important it was and what isolation can do to mental health. It was also great to see the Atari community rally round to help you. I didn’t know Mr Vendel sadly, but from what I have read he seems the kind of person who would be proud of everyone for coming together like this, so hopefully he is looking down and nodding with approval.
  2. I’ve just ordered one but no idea when it will get here in the U.K. Gotta be better than the basic composite video cable I have at the moment. I have a S-Video socket on my telly so should be interesting to se how my XE looks with this.
  3. I would like to put my name down for 1 please.
  4. Sounds like the keyboard Mylar is starting to fail. Either source a new replacement one or try and repair the damaged tracks with some conductive paint. You will need to determine if it is a single or double layer Mylar in your keyboard. If you have springs under your keys it should be a single layer Mylar. You can buy brand new reproduction parts for that one, not sure about the double layer.
  5. Are there any of the Single/Dual POKEY boards available or is there a wait list for them?
  6. Hi Could you add me to the wait list please for one, thanks. Shipping to the U.K.
  7. Blitter, Blitter chicken dinner

    1. Skippy B. Coyote

      Skippy B. Coyote

      Blitter, blitter, sweet corn fritter!

  8. Looks a very interesting project. Great stuff.
  9. There is now only one available as one has sold on eBay UK
  10. Hi I live in the UK and I built three of these as part of building some TK II Stereo Boards ( PIC chips for the Transkey II element ). The PCB's came in a min qty of 3 and I only need one for myself for now and going forward so i finished the other two and they are here for sale. I am asking £10 each inc UK Post ( exc Highlands & Islands ) and for the EU an extra €5 i'm afraid. This would be too expensive to ship anywhere else other than the UK and EU.The software and details are on Mytek's website ataribits.weebly.com/joy2pic.html Anyone interested drop me a PM please.
  11. Vyper68


    I rarely get involved in stuff like this but i just want to push back on some of your points because tmp has worked very hard on this so far and I want to publicly acknowledge that.It's great that you were excited and off your back looked for a new shell for people who are somehow dissatisfied with the current shell. I am a bit bemused by that to be frank, for me the function of the product comes first, the shell is to protect it. To me all the stuff about the new shells is white noise/static that was hampering the progress of the firmware. Not everyone will agree with that view and if you don't,that is fine, we should be able to voice our opinion without getting flamed we are all adults here, I hope. There is a separate thread for the next 30. If you didn't get one then you will need to wait for the next pre-order thread to start. This thread was about announcing the AVG and gauging interest to start with the morphed into what it is now. It's a shame you are frustrated and feel the need to post but indicating that you feel a new shell somehow gets brownie points, threatening to buy a Side3 or Ultimate is going to be counter-productive and won't work. Good luck with your search for alternative products in the future.
  12. Vyper68


    I have to agree with Level42 here I'm afraid jumping up and down like a five year old and posting your ire on this thread will not get you one any faster. You will need to pre-order one and wait your turn like the others. Trying to circumvent the process because you live locally and have cash is not the way to go.
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