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  1. i offer my help to manage shipments from Italy also if Greg need
  2. I have this stuff catalogated into my hard drive about Sam Moore If something of them still missing i can share here. I have not checked the stuff already shared 😛
  3. yes indeed, this is the method i used until now because never found an alternative. for example i used in Robopod i dumped from the tape the original TI BASIC list, but also in other bunch of others. yes, do this steps is a #painintheass every time 😛 for this i always hope to find another easier way to do this, still about 400+ tapes to dump.
  4. yes, well... talking for the real hardware, would really useful to have something of the CALL FILES (0) to convert some tapes to disk. There are some programs that will load on classic99 using CALL FILES (0) otherwise, without use it, after RUN we can have a MEMORY FULL error. in Classic99 i think it simulate like if no controller or floppy disks are connected but instead we can use to save a program. On real hardware instead i done some trials using CALL LOAD() codes some months ago without success, i will try again but i doubt it will work as i need... because i need to use the controller to save the program once it is loaded in memory. BTW i am curious to discover if i have some XB version here with the CALL FILES (0) possibility as blackbox described.
  5. i know only Classic99 can use CALL FILES (0), it is an interesting news instead! who knows which one of the XB permit also to use CALL FILES (0) on real hardware please?
  6. absolutely agree with you. When it happens with object where i bid i always doing a bid retraction me too and use to bid again in a late moment with a different value
  7. i have these in my collection
  8. in true i didn't understood that your post with video was for decide about developing a your future game, sorry. I just posted my general reply so for partecipate to the thread and put my two cents on my preferred games that i played with Atari2600 when i was a child 😛
  9. of all the once in the video i really love Enduro Race, was very funny to play with it whan i was a child i remember how was funny and hard also to drive the car on the snow section of the game. i also remember another nice game named Grand Prix but it is not in the video. nice sound for the engine too
  10. well, really funny game PeteE nice job for me it willn be my preferred car race game togheter with Road Hunter from Rasmus I think i will want a manual for this game too 😛 working already on it damn... what games for our TI99! thanks coders!
  11. ahah, Fabrice, fantastic images you are creating! lovely!
  12. As most of you knows, i like to create labels for the games that i think I'll burn on cartridge with the approval of PeteE I am pleased to share the label for the cartridge that I've created for this nice game. Hope you like
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