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  1. ...this is the same converted for Microsoft word InternalPageTemplate.docx
  2. I just used your shared file and deleted all using a PDF editor program, I do not undestand if you needed jsut this or askinf for something other. You can use a PDF editor to write the manual using this pages. InternalPageTemplate.pdf
  3. Yes, SDD99, I think it is the best choice now
  4. @eebuckeye this was the original thread. I never saw a download for it never finished I think.
  5. I am not sure, but maybe this could be an example?
  6. very nice game! I really like, thansk for sharing
  7. I Like and voted FinalPEB (but also Flash could be good) so also to have a Flash/FinalGROM99 reference always made by you. I wouldn't use any other strange names. At the limit, I would leave SDD99 that many have already learned it and it doesn't confuse anything.
  8. Hello MrGonker! I am also discovered that it is almost impossible to load some programs if not in BASIC console without expansion. Sometime I can solve with CALL FILES (1), NEW and then load the game as also Greg suggested, but for the most I can just use emulator like Classic99 and CALL FILES (0). If you can create also the .WAV file, you could also load it in MESS/MAME Emulator in a BASIC emulation without expansions mounted, I discovered that if you will save a new WAV file from MESS it can be loaded successfully into CLASSIC99 using CALL FILES (0) option and then you can save it digitally as FIAD file. I am using this method lately for some of the tapes. The saved MESS/MAME .WAV file is perfectly compatible with the Classic99 emulator. But I still haven't found how to load on the real TI99 from floppy disk or with disk connected. Another method to convert long programs into digital format, I use to load the program on a TI99 in stock configuration and the recorder connected. Once loaded the game I am deleting some of the first lines (20 lines at least) and save the game into a new empty cassette tape as PART1. Then I load again the original program and once loaded deleting the final 20 lines of the program and save it into a new empty cassette tape as Part2. Once done, I load the Part1 and the Part2 with Disk controller connected and save them as FIAD. On the PC Using TIDIR I will merge the listing of the two parts into one only to have the complete game again. 😛 a bit crazy but works 😛 Maybe some features of the @RXB also could help on the real hardware, Rich?
  9. @jdavis6809 this is an original doc by Texas Instruments if it can clarify or confirm infos.
  10. I have these two kind of TI Font, the same I use for my website too TI99Basic.ttf ti994a.ttf
  11. Jim, it could be nice to have all the scans of the CSI games and dump if you have the possibility. I just have pictures of the boxes saved from ebay auctions :p I do not know also if they have an official manual sheet.
  12. I really like how you thought of the simple search engine, I would have thought of it the same way for my DB 10 years ago 😛 very nice
  13. About you, instead, I remember the twitter message I replied in the November 7, 2019, the one where you sympathetically called us 'mentally ill who still use TI99'... a few days later I saw you land here in this forum on twitter you told me that your TI-99/4A had disappeared during a move, but then, now, you found it again? is it the lost one? I'm pleased! 😀 at least it wasn't really lost, thank goodness! In the 80's I also hated the TI-99/4A at a certain point, I would have wanted at least a Commodore like the rest of my friends, in Italy you could not find anything to expand it or as programs and games, there was little or nothing in the stores and that little was not really cheap. But as I grew up I appreciated all that this computer gave me also in terms of emotions, and still today it can give me satisfaction and revenge, also thanks to all the great people I found around the world who are as passionate as me, starting from the 99ers of this forum
  14. Thank you for offering to clean up TI USER issues 5 and 6.

    I attach a TIF with samples from each issue, scanned at 300dpi
    and saved as uncompressed full colour TIF images. No cleanup work has been done.

    At this size I could upload about 4 pages per week via AA DM for you but try out these samples first and say if you want me to start DMing you more pages.  My uploading is limited by my broadband contract.  England has a slower broadband than most of Europe and where I live it is slower than the Enlish average- not very fast.




    1. ti99iuc


      many thanks for the nice TIF example.
      the most big problem is your band limit I think, maybe it could be better if you will try to scan them at 600dpi but in Grey not color? could it be better about Mb per file?
      otherwise, maybe also to scan all them and send me into a DVD could be a better solution for you ?

      the crossed out issue is minimal for me, i can clean it easily



      for the other two the solution is to rewrite at least the parts too light and also the parts too dark.
      I already restored using this solution for some other magazine pages. Find the same font (or a very similar one) and re-write all the parts.
      Important is that the text is still readable or at least we can understand which word could be under the dark or the too light parts.

      This is an hard work, I know, but I thing that it could be the way to preserve these issues. I never seen a 5 and 6 around internet, I think they are very rare too... 
      Know you how much issues of TI USER newsletter have been published?


    2. ti99iuc


      example for restored text when it is too light


    3. blackbox



      Thanks for your response.  Nice clean up.


      Moving up to 600dpi even going to grayscale still leaves us at 17MB per page.  If compression is used this drops to 9MB per page.  Samples of each are attached for examination.

      I would put the magazines in the mail but if they were lost in the mail  they would no longer be available...

      A data DVD sounds like an idea to go for. I think the two magazines would fit onto a single DVD+R.    It would take a little while to scan and burn and I would need your address to send them to.

      Now that the UK is no longer in the EU I would need to stick a customs declaration on- I don't know Italian law in such matters but if I sent a DVD  as a  Gift with a value of £1 that might avoid you having to pay duty/sales tax.

      I have the customs label here but would have to go to our post office to get the stamp which is slightly hazardous due to the unventilated tiny nature of the place but I have now had both vaccinations and time inside should be short. 
       If the compressed image is one you could work with we are looking at downloading at about 10 pages per week via AA IM for four weeks - safer than going to the post office. See what you think of the result of the compressed imaged attached. I have various compression forms available, this TIF image has been produced using LZW compression which is much better than the better known jpg compression. The image can be viewed with your usual TIF viewer.
      Magazines disappeared with no notice and little fanfare- I have not heard of these two issues apart from the copies I have, so I would classify them as extremely rare. I cannot recall where I got them from.
       best wishes    stephen
       Best wishes

      600dpigraynocompsample.tif 600dpigraywithcompsample.tif

  15. It is great! thanks, I only have published the first 4 issues. If you want, I can try to restoring the graphical pages of the 5 and 6, I just need the pages scanned in color and in a non-compressed TIF format. I can primise to do my best to recover and restore the pages. Interesting infos thanks. about the ANDROMEDA SOFTWARE I have 4 titles and one, the soccer manager, is already available online, scans and game. I really hope to have success to dump the others.
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