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  1. TRON is the same of HYPERSPACE. Just for the JAP market.
  2. maybe this can help to understand: https://www.xe.com/it/currencyconverter/convert/?Amount=50&From=EUR&To=GBP anyway you can send money with paypal directly in Euro. Paypal will convert automatically
  3. If this can help you, we are selling these. we are collecting orders for the next batch.
  4. also liked the TI99 emulator on old android smarthphones http://www.ti99iuc.it/web/index.php?pagina=articoli&artid=146
  5. I Liked a lot the one done by @tmop69 and published here: http://www.ti99iuc.it/web/index.php?pageid=homepage&artid=203
  6. Hello Adam @ballyalley it was 2011 when I had the idea to start a complete Database on TI99iuc website. (maybe it is closer to your idea for the Atarimania DB like) I also tried to explain how it is working now: My target on it is to preserve all the files of the stuff i have already and also asked around to support my project. I have some rules to preserve all the stuff and also i do not want easily just upload stuff already present in other website. For example all the stuff at the moment on my website is completely re-scanned and cleaned in hi-res and really low compressed. An Example is the 99'er Home Computer Magazines I am finish to clean, I have all re-scanned them already (just missing first issues). Sadly, no much people support this project and help, i'm still alone in doing most of the work and so it will need very much time. I would be happy, if you like, to receive support and help. If you are be able to clean documents with minimal loss I can explain the rules I use for all the documents. We could write in DM and i can create a user on the TI99iuc's Database. I really have already scanned lot of documents ti publish. Also about software I am dumping hundreds of programs from floppies and they will need to catalog, and also for the software I have basically rules to follow. this is an example Republic Software I published on the DB. I will be also glad to consider any your ideas or if you have some suggestions too anyway people that will want to help in my project will be always welcome! (On the left column on the TI99iuc website you can find a "translator button", it can help) ah, and in 2015 some other enthusiasts also started another one project, a bit different compared to my idea but it exist also @hloberg lately, started to create a database on his website, with still another different approach and style.
  7. my starting project was to replace completely the mylar with the board using microswitches. About buttons yes, the same of your idea.
  8. I also had the idea to to replace the board of these Joysticks because I had lot of them not working, the project has started months ago but the Covid time makes all slowly. If you have the possibility to try it I will be also curious to see what solutions you can find. I thought something like these:
  9. All emails has been sent. If still someone haven't received any confirm message yet (please check also the SPAM folder), send again the registration using this link: CONTACT US I will provide to include you into the pre-order, still some carts available.
  10. wow, it is interesting to know that compressed MP3 works the same. I always thought that uncompressed .wav was the only safe format- thanks for sharing these
  11. If it can help I scanned and restored in hires lot of the 99'er Magazines that has advertisements and artworks, all in high quality, best i was be able to do. Still finishing to work on the remaining ones but you can already find a lot of good stuff among the magazines pages you can find PDFs at the bottom of the page or the direct link for download the PDF file into the Browse-online window http://www.ti99iuc.it/web/index.php?pageid=database_cerca&archivioid=283
  12. I really like the subforum structure suggested, but my two cents on the Geneve 9640, I would like to have e separated section for it too. It is ok that will need a PEB to work but is also true that it is a complete different computer not a TI-99/4A, and it require dedicated settings and software. all the other choices are perfect to my eyes.
  13. TIMELINE-END UPDATED to 15th October 2020 Hello Guys, because the problem with the not working link for the contact in the main post (the right one is this: CONTACT US) we decided to extend a bit the pre-order date. The people that already subscribed to the preorder will receive a message in the next 10 days to confirm interest, If you will not receive any message please just contact me. for the others interested additional people, please, send a message or subscribe to the Contact US link. COSTS: for Europe the cost of the cartridge will be approximately € 40.00 (it will include the cartridge, the manual, 2 different labels) The shipping costs will vary depending on the country: - Italy € 9.00 (fast shipping with tracking) - in EU € 15.00-25.00 (it depends on the country) - extra EU € (ask please). Remaining a limited number of availability. thanks
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