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  1. If it will be listed on ebay as it seems, that 'someone' will be the most rich (or Cra'z'TI) of us probably. 😛 (of course as -rich- not me for sure) 🤣
  2. I just collected this on my hard disk (Eng)-(Songs)-(Christmas_Music)-(1987)-(XB_autoload)-(by_Brad_Snyder)-(from_Leight99er_Computer_Group).zip
  3. if still available the Tronics stuff i would be interested please
  4. very interesting, have you also some pictures to share please?
  5. I think this is a problem using LCDs you should not see it using CRTs
  6. Welcome Papalapa!! I am from Italy here in Italy i seen v2.2 silver versions and instead never assembled in the italian TI factory the beige ones... in Italy only Silver TI99 were present.
  7. It is a great progress ! very good! I like
  8. Months ago i published in my website's database, lot of Intrigue Software games. Lately wrote me the original developer of Beneath the stars David J. Smith and after kindly words he wrote: "Once I saw Beneath the Stars on your web site, I downloaded it and checked out the emulators - in particular the Classic99. Reading the code brought back memories for sure, as I had never fully seen the source code in printed form. I did not have a printer back in 1984 - too expensive (as were all the TI-99 peripherals, disk drive, ROM cartridges etc..) and I was only able to "LIST" the code on my 14" portable TV screen back in 1984. To be able to review the code in "notepad" was amazing. After playing the game the first time in 34 years, I immediately saw what needed to be improved and bugs fixed. Your web site was most definitely an inspiration! Now i have completely updated Beneath the stars making the game much, much faster, easier to play and enhanced in many ways! The name is "Moonbase Alpha 2019) and can run in TI-BASIC but i also compiled in TI EXTENDED BASIC using ISABELLA. If you are old enough (like me 😉), then you will recall Gerry and Sylvia Andersons Space 1999 in the 1970's, where the moon broke away from the Earth's Gravity and Drifted off into space. Moonbase Alpha was the name of the Base Station and the Inspiration for the original title of the game. If you would like to know more or publish "Moonbase Alpha 2019" on your website, please contact me." Well, I think you can all imagine how happy this message made me. Of course, now the game is online and downloadable. Is also present a Cartridge version for FlashGrom99/FlasRom99 or burn a real cart. (an official label is included in the .zip file of the cart version). so, hope you will Enjoy the game! Moonbase Alpha 2019 page + download (scroll down the page to find all files to Downloads)
  9. I think i am in the category that like dream with Manual Covers 😛 i am agree that them are really nice graphic arts on the TI manuals. When i can and feel inspired i always try to do something for new developed games too
  10. i am sorry haven't schematics of PHA2036, but i do not believe it could be modified for RGB. At least you could modify it for have a good composite, check this link to find some tutorials for PHA2036 Composite mods : http://www.ti99iuc.it/web/index.php?pageid=119&pagina=mod_proj1&sezione=4&data=Mod_and_Tuneed
  11. everything you prefer for me is good :p But if you think to develope something like Commando or Ghost'n'Goblins please use 32k
  12. wow! nice story Tonny Brouwer! thanks! because you mentioned ZX Spectrum jumped in my mind that i have a cassette tape with this label. I Still not found how to load these but it is for TI-99/4A I still not deciphered all the meanings of the letters in the brackets on the right I am pretty sure that (B) = Basic, (BE) = Extended Basic, (SP) = Spectrum (i guess) remaining (C) and (P) that i still not sure... anyway at least with (C) should be an assembler program, maybe also an MM program often. (P) i still haven't an idea. Now, because Atic Atac is a ZX spectrum game, I have the impression that in this tape there is a sort of loader to load it but still not understand how to do it :p maybe you can have some suggestion?
  13. of course i checked in the Gamebase and in my hard disk in software directory but no way to find. It was distribuited in USA anyway so i hope that someone has it in some archive :p
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