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  1. Oh yes, you're right! http://www.mainbyte.com/ti99/32K16/32k16.html
  2. @Tursi many thanks for the detail I really completely forgot about the 50hz setting. @senior_falcon I published an article for the italian 99ers so to show also your updated results on this Sprites in TI-BASIC possibility. I also added videos of your demos and the ones from @notwhoyouthink, including files to download. https://www.ti99iuc.it/web/index.php?pageid=homepage&artid=208 Also a Morphy page added with the 'Fastinit' loader update https://www.ti99iuc.it/web/index.php?pageid=database_cerca&archivioid=343 Many thanks guys Ciro
  3. @Hans23 I have found these two images if them helps:
  4. @Ksarul I am scanning lot of them, someone is already published on the ti99iuc DB others I need to clean and publish, just need lot of time after scans- Anyway I decided to scan only the TI99 releated pages and including the Front/Back cover and index of the magazine at least. for the moment I am covering these: https://www.ti99iuc.it/web/index.php?testo=&pageid=database_cerca&db_categoria=documents&db_tipologia=magazines&db_costruttore=*&db_linguaggio=*&db_lingua=*&db_anno=*&db_sviluppatore=*&db_editore=*&db_sistema=*&db_formato=*&db_submit=Esegui+ricerca... But also working on all Home Computer Weekly with the help of David J. Smith, almost completed all issues only missing about 10.
  5. @Omega-TI I haven't one for it still
  6. @Asmusr ohh yes, I find very useful if you ask, it make orientation easier for me. thanks!
  7. so, she is Lucie among other men Probably she is on Facebook too:
  8. Thanks @Toucan for all the story explained. I always really like to read these details of how things happen. Very interesting all! So cool!
  9. @Asmusr I played a bit with the game too and it is really playable and I really like. The result is Impressive, I just have to admit that textures sometime camouflage objects from my sight 😛 I would want to ask also if it could be possible to replace the dot used for the position with a directional arrow indicating always the right direction you are looking in the 3D view Something like this for example: I would find it very useful to orientate well in the map thinking to the 3D view what you think?
  10. I think that the only safe thing is not use internet and the net, nothing on internet is very safe 😛 I do not believe that chatting on IIRC IRC using a TI99 could give some problems ;)
  11. Yes I agree, IRC/mIRC could be very nice to have. There are a lot of IRC servers still active too. http://www.mircmania.it/irc-network-irc.asp?fbclid=IwAR34iJWjuvQTSD96ClcgLb8ANlCAxOBc40IHGJQ8bmDBM2D87MKtK9Y2ZJ0 So... Back to 1991 reality 🤣
  12. Ok, I do not know why but was my modified Classic.ini file that create problems with this MISSILE program, now I installed the standard one and it works 😛 I really didn't thought about the INI files problem also because all other examples worked good, just with this I had the problem. anyway thanks 😛 important is that I can try it now
  13. here TICTACTOE-32K-8.bin and the RPK version TICTACTOE-32K-8.rpk thanks always for your fun games, Retrospect
  14. Thanks @senior_falcon for the update. And I am sorry to say that I still need to make your life difficult a bit 😛 this is why I feel so dumb that I can't be able to understand why the MISSILE/UFO code still not perfectly works for me. I had to try to fix that truncated lines adding " , 8 ) " but I have had the same bad result compared to the .GIF video you posted as demo to show. this is my result: 2021-02-05_10-28-54.mp4
  15. I wrote a dedicated a page in my DB for this nice game soon the TMOP's compiled version will be updated also! https://www.ti99iuc.it/web/index.php?pageid=database_cerca&archivioid=339
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