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  1. Is it not just a complete test for the disk controller and floppy drives only?
  2. I have tested them and I must say that they are useful a lot! Overall test.dsk is really close to the one I would like to have. Better was if in Cartridge format but it is a start. Also Test2 is really interesting for the Video and Sound but overall for the third choice: I just have an error with the 7th option but I will try on the real thing. thanks again for sharing these.
  3. @Toucan I researched into Charles in 2016 and found the daughter, but it has been the sadly news
  4. @Ksarul yep, also the old CorComp, right... but I was just hoping for something more comprehensive and maybe current diagnostics (not just for memory) for the basic TI99. I already use the nice JediMatt's memory tester for the expansions indeed. I just miss a good diag tester of the MB chips, something Like an: Ultimate Diagnostic 20xx that include all and maybe can tell the exact chip (or more) of VDP broken or sound chip and what other... an automatic full diagnostic. anyway if you don't mentioned, it is not recognized
  5. For my computers I still using the standard and old cartridge from Texas Instruments - Diagnostic (1979) I do not know if I lost something somewhere but, Is there an alternative updated recent diagnostic software solution to test the internal components on the motherboard of our TI99s?
  6. I have the original, I can dump it if missing, no prob.
  7. Absolutely yes, I can confirm that All Star Baseball II cassette tape contains just the game named All Star Basball (not mentioned the II), same happens for Sam Defence II.
  8. I am sure I have the floppy disk version of this game adventure, will take a look among my dumped disks.
  9. Yes, Parsec, Munchman and Wumpus are the historical best native games only for our computer, all others are just nice games But -Parsec- is Magic
  10. Thank you for your time @Ksarul I will try to work a bit on these scans to get out the best.
  11. Thanks for the additional infos on the brochure. At least now I know how to rebuild the cropped page as it was in origin. You should power off all the auto/self settings so to have always the entire page also if it is present some empty space. At least the original layout of the page will not lost. As the resolution 300dpi could be also better yes. The remaining problem could be anyway the high compression saving the pdf. Probably saving single pages in TIF and not the pdf could help to have better quality if you can. Thanks Jim 😊
  12. Thanks Jim! Absolutely yes! I was looking at least a Scan of it, many thanks I seen that this pdf is really a much compressed, maybe have you the single pages files maybe with a minor compression? Also in the PDF the last page (4 - 5 in the picture below) is cropped compared to the others (it has a different measures) I understand that the brochure has 8 folding sides (that ones cropped, we can obtain 8 single pages), can you help me to understand how the pages appears in the order, please? I just tried to guess the page number order but if you can confirm or correct please 😛 It is a bit hard for me to understand this without have the brochure in my hands. I would like to create a dedicated page like this: https://www.ti99iuc.it/web/index.php?pageid=database_cerca&archivioid=324#.YT3O7J0zaUk thanks for your time and help
  13. The Thorn Emi Games was considered as unreleased games but they exists in a disk format, here you can also find the manual and some additional info if it can help. https://www.ti99iuc.it/web/index.php?pageid=database_cerca&archivioid=275#.YTcu7Z0zaUk At least I have also seen original Thorn-Emi cartridges for TI99 of the Submarine Commander and River Rescue but I consider them as prototype and very rare, maybe the only one copy I ever seen around internet. Them was also a kind of sidecar cartridges (connecting in the expansion port of the TI99 and not in the standard cartridge slot). there is also this additional thread in AA you can read: Additional Infos you can find in the nice webiste of Stephen @blackbox Shaw http://shawweb.myzen.co.uk/stephen/timram05.htm#thorn
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