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  1. AVGN is a character. He's not meant to be taken seriously. Sometimes he makes decent points, but the purpose is to crap over everything. That's the shtick of the show. I'm not sure why we're in 2021 and this still needs to be explained.
  2. The Sega CD *does* have extra hardware in it: Another 68000 processor, a custom graphics processor that allows scaling and rotation, a new sound processor allowing high quality sound samples and more sound channels, and it has added RAM. It wasn't just a CD drive tacked on like some have been led to believe. There are probably a few things that could have been done differently, but overall it was still a notable step up from stock Genesis hardware considering the timeframe it was released (late '91 release in Japan, '92 release in the USA). CD drives were *not cheap* then and I doubt the added custom hardware helped matters much there either. Also, the new features it brought to the table are demoed the second you boot up the system (see below; scaling and rotation is in full effect, and all of the percussive samples are done with the new sound processor):
  3. Yeah, I concur with just looking at the Nintendo Power official strategy guide for the game. It's an excellent tool. So many of us used it while playing the game growing up.
  4. Haven't had any issues with my Wii U laser. I really hope this isn't a huge problem like it was for fat PS2 systems. *knocks on wood*
  5. Austin

    I-War RULES!

    Yeeeahhhh I can't rationalize the slowdown in this game, but I do enjoy it. Wish the game was shorter though as it's tough to complete in one sitting. Some of those late game bonus stages are a pain as well since you can barely see what you are doing (so much random trash flowing through the tube). The game has a good bit of a learning curve as well and the type of tank you pick makes a big difference in difficulty. That said, once you get into a groove with it, it is pretty fun for the kind of game it is.
  6. Awesome! Glad to hear it worked. I'm going to do the same with mine. Already have had the caps done on mine and the laser is apparently fine, so I'm crossing my fingers the motor is the culprit. Will report back when I do this.
  7. I played it for the first time recently and loved it (PC version). Ended up finishing it multiple times within one week, I enjoyed it that much. It is very much a remake as opposed to a port. It follows the same story along with a fully interconnected world, except now all the familiar locations are on a much more grand scale. It's also more akin to PC FPS games from the era with fast gameplay if you want it to be. The engine feels a lot like the Build engine (Duke 3D, Blood, Powerslave, etc), but apparently it is a brand new engine built from the ground up for this version of the game. Pretty impressive. Be warned, it does have some control quirks and you have to adapt to them. The modern ports may also exhibit extra control quirks depending on your system (when I ran the GOG game on my main PC, my mouse would randomly do a 180 on me; this never happened when I played the same version on other PCs). There are some gameplay progression differences too, like it being required to have everything to finish it (in the 3DO version, at least on Easy and Normal, you do not need everything to beat the game). I mapped out all the locked doors and vessel locations I came across on my first playthrough which helped a ton. I recommend something similar, or having a walkthrough up, if you don't want to be running around in circles forever. Fortunately the world has a fairly logical layout (pay attention for instance to the dirt paths in the forest, they generally take you where you need to go).
  8. All I'll say is, if Sony ever gets around to a Bloodborne release on PC at 60fps.... day one purchase for me. 👍
  9. Because it was never released in the West and is mostly a niche, luxury item today.
  10. Yeah if the Xbox One X version isn't fixed, I'll probably wait a while for a Steam sale and grab the PC version. I'd rather play it on a console on my TV, but it is what it is. It's just disappointing.
  11. Yeah I don't know.. I've never had an issue with pressing up in this game accidentally. As in, it never happens for me. Ever. So I'm going to be the snarky one and say, "get gud!". I like the idea of just masking off the contact on the controller itself. Though an issue with getting rid of "up" all together is climbing will be a pain, and if you ever want to navigate the option menu, that might be more cumbersome too.
  12. Yes, so was mine. But that was a couple of years after the system was released. Another case of too little, too late, but it was still a great deal. I loved all those games that came with it (Virtua Cop, Virtua Fighter 2 and Daytona). And you still got a Nights demo and the Bootleg Sampler 2.
  13. Yeah it's possible. I have a theory that the One X version is being treated like the Series X version, which may account for its performance problems. But as someone that's not looking to double dip on this and backed the Xbox version on Kickstarter with the [reasonable, I think?] assumption it would run great on a One X, it's very disappointing.
  14. Note for the two Xbox One X (not Series X) users here: Avoid. Runs like crap on the system. Gameplay constantly jumps between 20 and 60fps. Instead of opting for slowdown like in Final 1, they went with frame skipping and the constant fluctuation is extremely jarring. The introduction sequence before you even take off probably runs at 15. It's baaaaaad (and honestly, there's no excuse for this kind of performance when the base PS4 runs it almost flawlessly). That said, the game seems fun otherwise. There are some things that seem lazy compared to Final 1 and Delta, but the gameplay itself is decent.
  15. Bandai/Namco never released a One X patch for the Xbox version of the game, unfortunately. The only update you might see in the future is via the FPS Boost program Microsoft is currently focusing on. A new batch of FPS Boost updates rolled out recently, but Dark Souls III is not on the list. Hopefully it will be added one day. This is a title where the framerate boost makes a huge difference to the enjoyment of the game.
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