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  1. You can look at it. You can fondle it. You can put it on a shelf. You can do lots of things with it.
  2. Yeah, a lot of this stuff is shooting up in value. Collectors + things that didn't sell all that well (N-Gage, Zodiac, etc) aren't usually a good combination when it comes to price. At least it took a while for the N-Gage though. Most games could be acquired cheap for the longest time.
  3. Android Assault/Bari Arm is indeed very good.
  4. Lords of Thunder is the best shmup on Sega CD. Rockin' soundtrack, great gameplay, least amount of downtime (there are very few spots with dead air), great visuals, and it's not too long. 👍 For Megadrive shmups, may as well make a new thread for that.
  5. I haven't minded most of the dashboards, but I don't particularly enjoy change either. I get used to something and I want it to remain the same. With this new dashboard update, I've had to re-learn a lot of things and that has been pretty annoying.
  6. I feel you on the 32GB limit, but at least there is an external solution. It'll just be one of those things that's something that comes with the territory (always having an external hard drive hooked up).
  7. There are a lot of fun Sega CD games, I definitely recommend diving into the library. Buying boxed games however can get pricey, at least for a lot of the best titles on the platform. If you want to dabble (try before you buy), then it reads CDr discs just fine. There have been many threads here over the years with game recommendations. Some of the more recent ones: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/302386-list-of-non-usa-exclusive-mega-cd-games-that-sega-cd-usa-players-can-still-play-or-are-just-cool-to-load-up/?tab=comments#comment-4466480 https://atariage.com/forums/topic/292594-sega-cd-best-games/?tab=comments#comment-4298567
  8. A simple $50 Everdrive will do the trick. All you have to do is load up a different BIOS via the flash cart and you're good to go. Not that there are a *ton* of worthwhile imports, anyway, but that's the best way to go about it if one is dead set on playing some of them.
  9. Hey folks, there might be a couple of you interested here (if some of the thoughts posted in the "Games Beaten in.." threads are anything to go by). I am opening up my web site to outside contributors. Read more here: https://twitter.com/GameplayAndTalk/status/1237280911995084800
  10. Just a thought, but it's clear Nintendo was going for simple, generic topic names for a lot of their early titles. That could be a reason why it was shortened to just "Kung Fu".
  11. I wouldn't call Streets of Rage 1 mediocre. It's easy to get that impression at first due to its lower framerate, slightly more archaic visuals (compared to Parts 2 and 3), and more simplistic gameplay, but there's a lot of strategy to the game if you plan on getting a single credit clear. I used to think it was a sloppy game, but after putting some serious time into it a few months ago, I think it's an excellent game on its own. Also agreed with others that the soundtrack is great--I was surprised how well that held up.
  12. Yep, that's the era I am thinking of. With a decent enough GPU he will be able to run those games fine. Something like a Radeon 6970 (2GB) or Nvidia equivalent would be enough to get his current PC running those games quite well. Even a 1GB card from then would be a welcome change, and it won't cost much either. And actually, come to think of it, I might even have my old 1GB card from 2009 (Radeon 4000 series? I don't remember) that I could consider getting rid of if Magma is interested. Will have to dig around for it.
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