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  1. I'd say Battletoads was mine. I've done a lot of other challenging games on the system, but I think that one took the most effort to learn. Funny enough, it's one of the easier runs for me now. But it's just grueling to learn. 12 stages, each with their own mechanics and insta-death gimmicks. Only three continues, so you'd often have to repeat the whole thing again just to try the later parts of the game. You can warp, but then you're missing out on the 1-ups. Ugh. I love it.
  2. Not gonna lie, this is the ideal "work from home" game. Offices are still locked down for us because of COVID, so I've been rolling through a few circuits here and there when I have downtime. Reminds me of about a year ago when Mario 35 hit and I was doing the exact same thing. Cruis'n Blast is perfect for that: Short bursts of satisfying fun.
  3. I've pretty much finished the core game (Gold medals on all circuits, Extreme included, and all keys for both the circuit and arcade tracks). Searching for the keys was a fun diversion but few were truly tricky to find. I was generally just able to jump into Time Trial mode and take my time looking for them (that newly added brake functionality came in handy there!). I thought Extreme mode was going to be just that, but it's pretty comparable to Hard. As long as you are drifting constantly, hitting all the boost pads, doing tricks off jumps and saving your boosts for the end stretch. Like, it does absolutely require you to play well, but after having already gone through three difficulty levels worth of circuits, it wasn't hard to do that. I also found you can get 2 golds and 2 silvers in a circuit and still come out with the gold cup at the end, so a little flexibility is allowed even on Extreme. Being able to reset the course after finishing or partway through was a major help too and made it a relatively low-stress affair. I do wish there was some real fanfare when finishing Extreme. There was pretty much nothing. I don't think I even got the $100,000 you normally do for finishing the other circuit difficulty levels (I did turn away from the screen so I may have missed it, but I don't think it happened). A proper ending sequence at the very least would have been greatly appreciated. The initial longevity of this one is going to be short-lived for a lot of folks, but at the end of the day it is just a lot of fun to jump into and play a few races (I am about to do just that after submitting this post). The unlockables and leveling up are certainly a way to add replayability, but at its core the game excels the most when you're trying to play as intended and go as fast as you possibly can, which means boosting, drifting, dodging traffic and staying off the walls. That is where it's the most fun and thrilling. Still curious to see if this does well and if they will add more content down the road.
  4. Yeah, Sega Rally is probably my most-played title on the console in recent times. It's pretty much mandatory playing when I fire up my console. It takes about five minutes to go through the entire arcade mode, so I can knock out several runs in one go while having it be both satisfying and light on the time commitment. I love that it's constantly challenging and it really requires me to be on-point if I want to see the bonus course (let alone win it!).
  5. I managed to grab a physical locally yesterday. A bit of a pain (most places got their shipments late, so I ended up having to drive all over the place to get one earlier in the day). That said, I clocked about five hours on it on stream yesterday and, uh.. had a blast! Overall I had a ton of fun. It's fast and responsive and can look pretty decent at times. It is light on unique race tracks, but the way they change the theme on each one is a clever way of mixing things up without creating entirely new content. For instance, in one circuit you'll race a course with natural disasters occurring; on another circuit, you'll race the same course again but in a different time of day and UFOs will be all over the place. It is definitely designed to be "maximum FUN", so you rarely ever find yourself stopped to a complete halt. You can even try to fall into pits and it just pushes you forward on invisible ground, haha. That said, even on Normal there was still a learning curve. It really required me to get an understanding on how the wheelie and backflips work (carried forward from past Cruis'n games). I would often have to use these near the end of a track where the AI gangs up on me. Also, doing tricks off jumps (to get extra speed and cash) is important as well, and learning how to power slide consistently is absolutely crucial. After about an hour I started getting golds on the Normal tracks, then proceeded to finish that difficulty completely and go back and pound out the Easy ones (since they are all required to unlock the higher difficulties). I managed to finish two circuits on Hard, but most races came down to the wire. Really looking forward to unlock Expert and see what that's all about. For fans of late '90s Western developed arcade racers, it's hard to beat this. It shares so much DNA from those games but is even faster and more responsive. It does get repetitious, but the speed keeps it fun and the collect-a-thon aspect (getting money, experience points, upgrading your vehicles, and tracking down all the keys) adds to the replay value. Some of the unlockable vehicles are hilarious to see in action too, like the Unicorn or Triceratops. I really hope there is a Cruis'n arcade trilogy. Day one purchase for me if that happens! Yeah, I am not a fan at all of the color changing mechanic in the FAST games. If they ditched that concept entirely I would have enjoyed the game much, much more. Also not a fan of unnecessary visual effects that make seeing things harder, like rain water on the camera, or the camera pulling back when you boost. Shin'en, the developer, has always had a tendency of going for style over substance in their games, and it shows in the FAST titles, IMO. Yes.
  6. I had a similar journey with the Souls games, playing Demon's Souls last. Playing the PS3 version, especially after 60fps Dark Souls Remastererd and DS2: SotFS (Xbox One, PS4), was a tough pill to swallow. I eventually warmed up to it, but I can understand it not "clicking" after experiencing the other Souls titles first. The PS5 version fixes all the performance issues and looks stunning in the process. There are still some things that haven't held up well (like checkpoints being few and far between), but for the most part they knocked it out of the park with the PS5 one. Much easier to get into and appreciate, in my opinion.
  7. Yeah, all games have to be suspended or closed, otherwise downloads are heavily throttled. I found that out this weekend as well when downloading stuff to my Series S. I was getting 20mbps or less while games were running, then when closing them it jumped up to the 200mbps I was supposed to be getting.
  8. Well, it's been a while.. But how about a full playthrough/walkthrough of Super Pitfall for the NES? Yes? Sure... I guess. Here you go!
  9. Agreed, for the time I think CF looks fine. It's just the performance and [lack of] control.
  10. A friend offered to loan me his PS5 and so I checked out Demon's Souls for that. Rolled through it over a couple of days and finished it last night. It's a pretty great remaster. 60fps, beautiful visuals, some nice quality of life improvements (fast loading!), and it's extremely faithful overall. That said, despite the amazing job Bluepoint did with this, at the end of the day it's still just Demon's Souls. That can be a good or a bad thing depending on how much a fan you were of the original.
  11. I had always begrudgingly ignored sealed game shenanigans. As someone that wasn't familiar with the comic, card and coin booms and busts, this video was extremely eye-opening.
  12. Yep, I am one of those that prefers playing Saturn OutRun at 30fps because it feels faster/has a greater sense of speed.
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