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  1. No particular order, but: MUSHA, Lightening Force (Thunder Force IV), Twin Cobra. Would probably replace the later with Fire Shark but that one's a bit on the easy side.
  2. Best Buy's website still has them listed at $19.99 as of typing this: https://www.bestbuy.com/site/sony-playstation-classic-console/6301601.p?skuId=6301601
  3. Just wanted to give some of you a heads up in advance that I will be streaming my SD2300 this upcoming Thursday on YouTube. Stream goes live at 9PM (ET). I plan on dabbling with the seven games released in North America. If you're around, stop in and say hello! Link: https://www.youtube.com/c/gameplayandtalk/live.
  4. Well... The "XL" in this case is the original version.
  5. Looks like it's official now. No docking functionality.
  6. Three out of five, that's it? It doesn't look like you really need much help.
  7. Assuming the game is already installed, you can try running the game from the Steamapps folder. You will need to locate the folder on the hard drive where Steam is installed (say, C:\Program Files\Steam). Somewhere in there is the "Steamapps" folder. This usually houses the games you have downloaded. Look for the folder of your game (it may be under another sub-folder here called "Common"). Try to run your game from there. Many require Steam to run, but some will actually work fine, particularly old DOSbox-based stuff. It's not really recommended you use XP as a primary OS these days though. The security holes alone in that one and all its unsupported software is crazy, I bet. Then you run into things like this where you can't access your Steam library. Curious to know if you get it resolved though.
  8. We have no idea what platforms you own and so it's a little difficult to make suggestions. If you want to do some leg work on your own (honestly, this is part of the fun), sort by Price + Shipping -> Lowest to Highest. If you see games you are unfamiliar with, punch the titles into Google, look up screenshots, reviews or videos to get more information on them.
  9. Certainly can't call myself an aficionado, but I do have both the B&W and Color units. Always wanted the Crystal just to see how well it works in person but never got around to it. I've heard the screen is much better. There are some interesting titles on the system but a lot of the desirable English-friendly titles aren't particularly cheap. If there's a SD-based flash cart, I might consider investing into it to dive deeper into the library. Or maybe I should just mess with emulation, I wonder how far that has come? It would be a lot easier on the eyes at the very least.
  10. I'd say dual booting can be worth the trouble, absolutely, if the system is strong enough to handle the XP era of games well. In this case I'd probably pass on it. With a 1.5ghz P4 most if not all of those games that won't function in Windows '98 aren't going to run well on this system anyway, so dual booting isn't worth the trouble. (Doom 3 is one of those games that won't play on Windows 98, but it needs a much heftier setup to be worth the hassle).
  11. Something to keep in mind is how these retail stores work. Big box retailers in particular often have more inventory than what you see on the sales floor. When the sales floor inventory is sold, units from the back are brought out to replenish stock. If a store is selling through inventory constantly and there are more units available at their warehouse, further units are more likely to be shipped to the store. This is the phenomenon you are seeing. Clearly they are selling if they have to keep restocking them. At $25 a pop, it doesn't surprise me that they would be moving. I passed on picking up a spare unit locally because no one had dropped them below $50, so I bought my second unit from Amazon at $30 about a month ago.
  12. I'm asking if a firm release date and time will be communicated in advance once known (like giving a heads up via his mailing list and in this forum thread). I work graveyard shift and want to make sure I'm awake when orders go live on his site, like I sometimes have to do when there's something I want from Limited Run.
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