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  1. The scoring system is fine and I personally would not want to see it changed. It's one of the things that makes the game the unique experience that it is. For anyone that has not played it, Everyday Shooter is a twin stick shooter, but you don't get points for killing enemies as typical of the genre. Your score comes from the point items enemies drop. The ways you make point items appear is different on each level. Every level has a unique theme and progression. You can of course play by just reacting and shooting, but your scores will be low as a result. You need to not just be good at surviving, but also know how each level progresses and how to trigger the bigger point item spills. Going through the entire game doesn't fit the "10 minute" criteria (a full run is probably 45 minutes at least), but you can unlock modes where you can play single stages and that definitely fits the bill. It's probably one of my favorites, if not my favorite, twin stick shooters. It's super unique and fun to learn.
  2. I don't recall there being any deficiencies to in-game assets like textures. Pretty sure it was mainly FMV that was compressed down. I would be interested to hear what others have to say, because I used original discs for so long and only recently started using burns (I am in the opposite boat, where I had a GDEmu but it just didn't function right for me half the time, regardless of the image type I used). Burns are working fine for me now.
  3. Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved (360, PC, extra in the Wii Geometry Wars Galaxies), Bullet Candy (PC), lots of early arcade games (Time Pilot is a good example). I guess you can technically play some of them longer than 10 minutes, but most won't due to their level of difficulty. Some late '80s/early '90s arcade games can be finished in 10 - 15 minutes when you know what to do, like Strider, Contra, Super Contra, and Trojan. Same goes for the NES version of Trojan.
  4. That was the only boss I did not defeat. I was at the hundred hour mark by then and was like, "I need this to be over with, NOW."
  5. Also, for people in the DC area, I have a 25” Trinitron up for grabs. Price of free.
  6. Uh… The Necronomicon is a fictional book. I hope you weren't referring to Necrophilia. 🤮 At least this post gave me the excuse to take a photo of the game.
  7. Man it's a bummer how the latest forum software lists uploaded photos. I miss the old days when it would look more like this at the bottom of a post, rather than automatically smashing them together at full-size in the post itself - *edit - Just use the Google Drive link in the first post to see photos of everything, it looks too messy attaching the photos to the post.
  8. Hey all, needing to clean out some of my spare hardware. Everything works and is in decent shape. Looking to sell to USA people only, preferably only folks here with existing positive feedback. PayPal only (F&F please). Check out my feedback for my history selling on this forum: Use this Google Drive link here for photos: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1xdNksn2oTswZmsr76gjTvzewt0ZPqhmm?usp=sharing ___________________ SNES (Model 2) - Console, official controller, power supply and composite A/V cables. - $90 shipped. (Zelda from the test photo not included). Sega Saturn (Japanese) - Console (grey/black/blue button version), official controller, composite A/V cable and power cable included. Console currently has a working battery. - $130 shipped. Will include a CIB Necronomicon (Digital Pinball) with the system (not pictured). Radiant Silvergun from the test photo not included. XRGB-2 Plus Up Scan Converter Unit - Older Micomsoft scaler intended for use on VGA CRT monitors. Still works pretty well for that specific purpose. Includes the scaler, power cable, D-Terminal to Component adapter, manual, remote and box (insert flap is torn). The scaler takes composite, RGB (SCART, JP-21 standard), Component via the included D-Terminal adapter, S-Video, and VGA/PC inputs. Converts upwards of 1024x768, possibly higher than 1280X1024 (been a while since I checked, I use the XRGB-3 now). $100 shipped. Will be a tight fit in a large Priority Mail box but should be fine. 2002 Sony Trinitron - 25" - Price of free. Works. Composite & S-Video inputs. Has a crack in the shell on the right side. For people in the DC area only. Will need to come pick it up, but I can help carry it out. Would keep but I have two other Trinitrons and need to make room.
  9. Hm.. Probably Dr. Mario or Donkey Kong 3. Got both for Christmas one year by surprise. They weren't bad games, just not really what I was looking for at the time. Black box games in particular (like DK3) were pretty dated by the early '90s when I received it. I still played them a lot, because, well, that's what you did back then, but if I had a choice I would have gotten different games. Ironically, I enjoy both a lot more now. Funny enough, my parents were pretty good about not getting me bad games. They probably talked store clerks ears off back then looking for recommendations, haha. That or "good" games were always around the corner. Thanks to Nintendo Power I generally had a pretty good idea of what I wanted by the time Christmas or my birthday hit.
  10. Yeah, for myself, I generally stick with non-analog controllers anyway when playing PS1 titles (either on real hardware or on a MiSTer). The controller is lighter and more comfortable than a Dual Shock to me, and the majority of the library either, A) Doesn't support analog, or B) Does so in such a poor manner it's not a great experience in today's world (i.e., the non-standardized and sometimes ass-backwards control schemes of the FPS games from the time). If you're looking for a more "official" analog feel, then I would suggest using a PS3 controller or something along those lines--pretty much all the modern controllers work on the MiSTer.
  11. The PS1 Classic controllers are excellent by the way, and work great on the MiSTer, for anyone wondering.
  12. Yeah the mimic can last a long time if you have it maxed out. I honestly didn't even realize until near the end of the game that I could upgrade my ashes. 🤦‍♂️
  13. Well you're not supposed to just stand back and watch. You need to work alongside it, haha. Between the Mimic and yourself, you can keep her pinned down pretty well. The life she gets back when it takes damage will be pretty negligible in the grand scheme of things.
  14. Pretty sure by default you use one of the side "-" keys to do that. Menu is directly above the one on the left side.
  15. Generally in the Souls games I try to do everything 100% solo and with melee primarily. However, with Elden Ring, the game was so long-winded I just said "screw it" halfway through and began relying on my ash summons. Game's too damn long to treat it like a normal Souls game, IMO.
  16. I struggled with Malenia at first too, until I discovered it's super easy to keep her pinned down. Just about every attack staggers her a bit so you can interrupt her attacks easily. An ash like the Mimic Tear can help keeping her stunned. Same goes for her second form.
  17. I just bought a MegaSG and it should be arriving Tuesday, so I foresee plenty of Genesis in the near future. Fitting, as it should balance out the Super Nintendo binges I've been going on.
  18. Yes, the others had jumping, but it could only be activated during running.
  19. Dude, you've murdered Battletoads and Bump 'n Jump. Super C should be a piece of cake for you. I'd say go back to it and work on it. It's breeeeeezy.
  20. To be fair to the Car Marty, its primary use was to provide map systems and link with GPS, not play games. That later part was just a side benefit, considering it was just a Marty in a smaller form factor.
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