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    Atari 2600 & 7800 games, 60's/70's/80's music recorded on my CD/cassette tape/pendrive, record my gameplay videos with my smartphone (Android device or similar), and listen to Ouro Verde FM Easy, my top favorite station in Curitiba.

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  1. Favorites: Pac-Man 4K and Thunderground Surprises: Spitfire Attack and Canyon Bomber Worst: G.I. Joe Cobra Strike and Frankenstein's Monster
  2. TO ADD - Atari 2600 - Moon Patrol - 10 minutes EVIDENCE OF THE WEEK: My Moon Patrol gameplay footage, skill Easy and 3 moving speeds
  3. ATARI 2600: Fantastic Voyage (for HSC) - 25 minutes Moon Patrol - 25 minutes ATARI 7800: Pac-Man Collection - 20 minutes
  4. Emulation in general is ALLOWED. The use of real consoles is preferable.
  5. Twin Galaxies TOP 3 for Fantastic Voyage (NTSC console, Game 1, UNDISPUTED status), just to give frames of reference 482,797 (Garrett C. Holland) 473,648 (John P McAllister) 409,139 (Paul Zimmerman)
  6. And now, my Stella version is 6.0.2 - I decided to migrate to newer version. Fantastic Voyage 335,599
  7. My greatest suggestions: Bentley Bear's Crystal Quest Meteor Shower Rip-Off Serpentine Space Invaders Super Circus AtariAge Wasp Worm
  8. I'm using Stella mostly to play Atari 2600/VCS games for High Score Club, on NTSC color format. My current version is 6.0. On Stella sessions, I ALWAYS USE keyboard for joystick games, and mouse for paddle games. My current computer which I'm using is a DELL Inspiron 5420 laptop, with Intel Inside Core i5 CPU @2.5 GHz, 4 GB RAM memory and Windows 7 Home Basic SP1 64-bit Operational System.
  9. ATARI 2600: Fantastic Voyage (for HSC) - 25 minutes Jr. Pac-Man - 110 minutes ATARI 7800: Baby Pac-Man (homebrew by Bob Decrescenzo) - 10 minutes Pac-Man Collection - 132 minutes
  10. ATARI 2600: Canyon Bomber (for HSC) - 70 minutes Donkey Kong (for HSC) - 25 minutes Draconian - 115 minutes Squish 'Em - 34 minutes ATARI 7800: Commando - 87 minutes Pac-Man Collection - 78 minutes This week, I spent more time playing these games because I'm on 15-day vacation, which started last Monday, and will end on Feb 3th. EVIDENCES OF THE WEEK: 1) My Pac-Man Collection gameplay footage - new record attempt on Ms. Pac-Attack (Plus OFF, Fast ON, Apple and 3 lives) - Score: 142,120 2) My Draconian score over 1 million / 100 sectors (Quadrant Gamma, Sector 1 and KIDS difficulty) 3) My Squish 'Em gameplay footage - new record attempt via console - 55,390 points on Game 1 B/B
  11. Hey, Vocelli I'm listed TWICE on both Game 1 and Game 7 Bonus Leaderboards in this round. To all participants: Check out your current leaderboards on Paddle Week, please.
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