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  1. On 5/1/2022 at 7:14 PM, dudeguy said:

    What do you get if you get all the letters?

    I get the following message by spelling PITFALL completely:



    It's the only thing which I can answer your question.

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  2. Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure - Sega Genesis (Default Difficulty - Normal)


    The main objective of this exciting game is to rescue his father (Pitfall Harry), who was captured by the evil Mayan warrior spirit named Zakelua. To complete this mission, there are 11 stages to solve on this port:

    • Ceiba Jungle (ends with a boss named Jaguar)
    • Xibalba Falls
    • Tazamul Mines
    • Lost City of Copan (2 Jaguars to defeat at the ending of this stage)
    • Copan Temple
    • Lakamul Rain Forest
    • Yaxchilin Lagoon
    • Runaway Minecar
    • Tikal Ruins (1 Jaguar at the ending of this stage, this time more difficult to defeat)
    • Temple of Tikal
    • Warrior Spirit (in this stage, Pitfall Harry Jr. must defeat the Final Boss)

    Along of this adventure, there are many itens to collect:

    • Treasures: gold coin, silver bar, gold bar and diamond ring.
    • Power Ups: heart (increases health bar), Gold Pitfall (extra life up to a maximum of 9 Harry Jr. in reserve), Time Keeper (freeze all enemies temporarily) and pepper (temporary increase in running and jumping abilities)
    • Weapons: sling stones, boomerang and exploding stone of Pacal.

    I beat this game with one restriction - I forgot to collect the letter T on Copan Temple stage, but I remembered the strategies to reach the main objective.





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  3. Congrats to @kermit73 on winning the 2600 NEW HSC Season 12!!


    Now, it's my time to choose the favorites, most surprising and worst games of this Season:


    Favorites: Missile Command and Frostbite (I love playing these games).


    Most Surprising: Fatal Run and Aardvark

    Quickly I learnt the mechanics of Fatal Run for 2600 and how to play and solve 32 levels to reach the final objective: drive to the rocket launch site in order to save the world, which has been contaminated by the radiation. The average time to complete this mission is approximately 75 minutes.

    And I enjoyed playing this exciting game, which also has the following message after the ending sequence: "WINNERS DON'T USE DRUGS".


    Worst: Gravitar and Fast Food.

    Gravitar is one of the 2600 games which I hate playing (requires much more coordination).

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  4. ATARI 2600:

    Jr. Pac-Man - 46 minutes

    Reactor (for HSC) - 45 minutes

    Smurf: Rescue in Gargamel's Castle (for HSC) - 35 minutes


    ATARI 7800:

    Midnight Mutants - 90 minutes



    Tetris - 25 minutes



    Al Unser Jr. Turbo Racing - 23 minutes


    SEGA SG-1000:

    H.E.R.O. - 40 minutes

    Q*Bert - 6 minutes

    Sega-Galaga - 5 minutes



    Ms. Pac-Man - 25 minutes

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  5. 7800 Midnight Mutants Fastest Completion (the times below refer to YouTube timer in the video footage below)

    Starting Time: 0:24 mark (the moment I took control of Jimmy to start the mission)

    Ending Time: 21:07 mark (the moment Grampa is rescued by Jimmy)

    Fastest Time to complete this mission: 21:07 - 0:24 = 20 minutes and 43 seconds



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