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    Hi I'm hoping a UK ti-99 user reads thing. I'm assuming there is a way to display on a normal PAL tv without the use of the modulator (as the one I have with this one is apparently faulty) ? it has the same pin outs as a mega drive for a scart cable? so if I bought a mk 1 megadrive one it would be ok? http://www.stageselect.com/N174-make-a-composite-video-cable-genesis-ti994a.aspx is that correct pinout, could someone confirm it. I just bought it but need to confirm the machine works or doesn't.. it looks great cosmetically but there isn't much point if it just looks the part. I would make the cable, but alas my soldering stuff isn't local.. is there anywhere I could buy the cable in the uk? http://pinouts.ru/Multimedia/video_ti_99_4a_pinout.shtml is another one I found, is that correct? thanks in advance for any help
  2. wasn't sure where to post this , but thought it might be of interest 5 games I'm selling.. Red Max (codemasters) / Gun Law (mastertronic) / Diamond Mine (blue Ribbon) / Scooter (americana) /zone x (gremlin graphics) in a bundle. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=270502151873 I will post outside the UK, BUT .. if you win do not pay for it until I find out postage.. I don't have a clue about the postage outside the UK.. but I will charge what I get charged and not more.. so if you have more of an idea how much that would cost or are cool with that, then bid. anyways , thought it might be of interest to someone here.
  3. is there an issue with this ? I mean without the tape deck plugged in there is not an issue, as soon as you plug in.. it makes a racket.. like it's magnetic or just an earth loop. (this is on a pal machine) and I notice it only carries the live + neautral on the atari.. is that the issue? also I noticed I had to move it around till I get a decent "none noisy" signal.. I didn't have this problem years ago with my 1010 .. maybe because it was externally powered? is the schematic for the xc12 turbo load about also? or perhaps something to deal with the shielding? is it the tape deck or the SIO port being the issue? I mean I have 2 800 xl's and notice the noise with both.. and I can't recall ever having to hit a key after start + option to get the tape to load / play.. or is my old memory bad? anyways thanks for reading.. hope it made sense..
  4. I got my 2nd 800xl yesterday (works 100% this time) I'd forgotten how massive the tapes were to load. I notice from spectrum there is a way to REALLY speed up loading, maybe it's been looked into for atari? perhaps mod an atari tape deck to support it also? (e.g. add a phono port ?!) just a thought.. since obviously the data signal is higher bandwidth / cleaner than normal tape. I guess I will get a my-ide cart , but just wondered if others had looked into mp3 fast loading http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-BAHjRsnNWA is an example http://personal.auna.com/casariche/k7zx4/k7zx4.htm maybe something of interest to others.. I guess I will go with the disk mode of doing things, but the tape loading was one of the main things that made me switch to c64 back in the day.
  5. it originally was "read the FURNISHED (included) manual" http://mail.lipsia.de/~enigma/neu/pics/ews64xl_back.jpg a sound card that had it..I should have sent them an email WTFD... write the f**** drivers
  6. go have a look at atarimania website, it might save you some bother / time if its your own data, then you could use something like an SIO PC cable.. you can hook things up to a pc ... there are a few solutions like myide card , that I was looking at.. and more.. I'm trying to get an ebay'd 800xl working at the mo.. seller didn't say there was issues with it the ****** was bought in dixons in 86.
  7. I did post already here, maybe someone has an idea.. the RF modulator is knackered perhaps. the first time I switch on it seems ok, but if I reset etc.. it detunes itself and the machine makes a hum like lack of shielding etc. there is a load humming noise also, I notice it also increase when I have the cassette deck plugged in. years ago, I remember the same thing when I originally owned an 800xl .. you would start it, and it'd make a noise (like clicking), much like you had your finger down on a key and it was repeating.. maybe the keyboard buffer fills up? although the silver start / option buttons it won't allow me to boot a game off tape. I'm sure the last bit is a common thing, because years ago I had to get my machine sent off for repair to fix that. I did get the sams book, as already mentioned but due to remembering the same thing from years ago maybe it's the same fault? also if I build a scart cable and use that, then it shouldn't matter so much about the RF modulator? thanks for reading.
  8. it's a nice read, thanks Hias.. I just wondered why it amplified the buzz noise when a tape deck was in.. the keyboard ribbon cable.. I notice one of the silver bits wasn't right at the end.. wonder if that would cause the start / option (on boot) to load games problem.. I mean I can get to the basic problem, but can't boot a game..hhmm I guess I will have to TOTALLY take it apart thanks anyway.
  9. I was looking for a service manual for the 800 xl also.. duno where to post.. I bought an 800xl off ebay, the RF is humming.. and it won't do the start / option thing to load tapes.. and the tape deck an xc12 doesn't work.. it hums when you hit play on the tape.. it'll go into the diagnostics, but hhmm dunno where to start.. just not happy with this ebay *cough* , I hate misleading sellers.
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