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  1. Haven't been here in a while, and I don't opt to advertise my auctions here. (I actually figured that all the page views for that auction were coming from here. Thought I'd have a look )
  2. It's probably PAL. It worked fine on my TV setup, though.
  3. Wow, sold in under a half an hour! http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=180195963612
  4. I just need the $80 I paid for it to break even. The warranty sticker in drying up and loosening.
  5. Bump, updated list. Thanks, everybody.
  6. You got a PM for 5200 games from me. (not for this one though, I need commons). I don't have extra commons for sale.
  7. 2600 Battlezone (Version 144) $125 5200 Track and Field (5-7) $150 Bump with prices, shipping is free.
  8. Selling my Meteorites with manual First $100 takes it, shipping is free. I have a list of other stuff for sale in my sig.
  9. Atari Loaner carts for sale, need to buy hot rod parts. Send me your offers, lowball offers will be ignored, all questions answered. All are in cases with loaner labels. 2600 Battlezone (Version 144) 5200 Choplifter (02-29-84) SOLD!! Jungle Hunt (4-7) SOLD!! Pengo (8-8-83) SOLD!! Track and Field (5-7)
  10. This has been sold. Thanks!
  11. Don't care much about homebrews and conversions. I have a big 400/800/XL collection, too. (I do have BBSB for that system.) I'll get the homebrews that I like. I have a boxed numbered Koffi: Yellow Kopter around here somewhere.
  12. That is my super ultra toggle switchable Diagnostic/Pete's Test Cartridge, that a certain AtariAge member made for me.
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