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  1. Thanks all for the info. I think the way forward is to simply use a SD Drive considering the digital data packs are kind of quirky from the get go.
  2. I may be getting my hands on a Macbook G4. From the MorphOS site, it looks like this will qualify (the Macbook G3's do not).
  3. I have read a few tutorials on how to create new Adam digital data packs from conventional cassette tapes but they all seem to be pretty involved. (utilizing CP/M etc..) Other than making the necessary physical holes to the conventional cassette tapes, is there not an Adam Basic program that will simply initialize and format a physically modified standard cassette tape? How did the Coleco Adam digital data pack originally get created at the factory?
  4. The biggest weakness of the Aquarius was it had no programmable graphics. Zero. It showed in most all of the ports of the Intellivision titles. Since the Aquarius used a Zilog Z80, if Radofin had simply included a graphics chip, there probably would have been some half decent ports as the Zilog Z80 was a pretty popular processor at the time.
  5. I came across a complete in box Coleco Adam system via a garage sale in my neighborhood. The owners were an older couple who said they didn't use it much back when they bought it.I just got it back to the house. I will be setting it up to do a power test sometime this weekend. My initial concern is the quality issues that the Adam had. I'm hoping this is a working unit.
  6. Was there never a VGA adapter for the Apple II or the IIGS that would convert the RGB signal to VGA and provide scan-doubling support? I have noticed that there are one or two VGA adapter cards available but requires you to find a VGA display that will will sync down to 15 Khz. I'm looking for a display adapter along the lines of the Microway FlickerFixer's that were available for the Amiga computers with a video expansion slot. The Microway FlickerFixer would convert the Amiga's RGB signal to VGA but also provide scan-doubling support at 30 Khz. This allowed you to use just about any off the shelf VGA monitor. I have just restored a nice Apple IIGS and I'm now looking to use a VGA display.
  7. I acquired an Apple IIgs today in good condition (along with the Apple RGB monitor). Looking for some assistance and/or recommendations for a SD interface card, OS and software. The IIgs has the 1mb RAM card and has a rev 1 ROM. Any recommendations and suggestions would be appreciated.
  8. I have just restored a C128 that I acquired a few months back. I will be using my SD2IEC with the C128. Is there a file browser that will work in C128 mode? Using the SD2IEC on the C64, I would simply load the FB64 file browser to load C64 disk images. Is there a FB128?
  9. The take away from this info is this is not how the proper Atari Inc has their web properties registered. You would think that if this was a proper product from Atari Inc, you would be seeing this info on their existing Web properties. Or if they decided to have their own separate web site for the AtariBox, they would still use the same registration companies that Atari Inc uses for all of their web properties.
  10. Someone should get a booth at the show and do nothing but hand out copies of all of the ridiculousness that Coleco Holding has been involved in.
  11. This sounds like something in your Startup Sequence is not loading correctly. This may be a sign that your hard disk is starting to not store data accurately. My recommendation would be to get a SCSI to IDE device and switch over to a compact flash solution. I have this on my Amiga 2000 with a GVP 030 accelerator card and it has been working with no problems.
  12. Dan Wood - Kookytech.net has a Youtube video on this very subject. He has an Amiga connected to a PC via serial port. He then has some software installed on the PC that handles the Internet connectivity aspects.
  13. The original RF adapter for my Atari 5200 finally died. No click when powering on the console. No output signal. So I ordered a replacement and while the replacement RF adapter works, it is already showing signs of age. The quality of the signal output is poor. In doing some research, this is caused by the aging capacitors and some IC components within the RF adapter. Short of sourcing all of the replaceable capacitors and IC chips, de-soldering and re-soldering all the components, is there a third party Atari 5200 RF adapter available?
  14. I just acquired a Supra 20mb external hard disk. So far I have tested to see if when powered on if the the hard disk spins and it does. Later this week, I plan on hooking it up to my Mega ST2. I'm hopeful that it will boot and it will be interesting to see what might still be on it. On the other hand, there may be issues with the disk and I may not get any read/write from it. In the event that the hard disk is not functional, would it be possible to fit a SCSI2IDE or SCSI2SD devices? This would give me an option to use the Supra external drive interface but fit either a SD card or a IDE drive to use with the Mega ST2.
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