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  1. Topic says it all, people. It's 2019, and I would really like to as many devices as possible on my network. Are there any Ethernet and/or wifi options available for the Atari 2600? (it would be nice if you could, for instance, download ROM images to the console over your local network)
  2. +1! Any chance to sign up for pre-orders? Really don't want to miss this! 😮
  3. Looking good! Obviously it the cartridge slot will accept Colecovision games, but what about Atari 2600 carts?
  4. Thanks for the advice. I know of Mister, but there's a reason I haven't bought one - as far as I know, it lacks a VCS 2600 cartridge part. The FGPA I'm looking for has to have one - not being able to use physical cartridges is a dealbreaker, so to speak. That's why I'm crossing my fingers for the Atariman to come into fruition - I would buy it in a second!
  5. I'd buy one on the double, if available! Kickstarter, anyone?
  6. That's a great idea, although (and to be perfectly honest) I would love to not only have a physical cartridge, but a proper box and a manual too (and perhaps also a sticker? ^_^ ). Please take it under consideration and keep up the great work!
  7. Then let's get Andrew back - Boulder Dash 2 for the Atari 2600 is an awesome idea! Is he on AtariAge, Twitter or any of the other popular social networks/fora?
  8. Awesome - and Questor the Elf is so cute! Any chance your take on Gauntlet for the 2600 will end up on a physical cartridge? I would so get one!
  9. So do I! If any developers of Boulder Dash for the 2600 monitor this thread, here's hoping you can work out a (new?) deal with First Star. Perhaps gauging interest in a new thread or a poll would be a good start?
  10. Well, to be honest I havn't really looked into the anatomy of Atari 2600 boxes that well just yet. From what you are saying though, I just might regret my words . Do you mind showing us any replacement boxes with original art that you have assembled?
  11. Well, I suppose that most doors swing open when enough dough is put into the equation . I'll keep the option in mind, though (you never know when channels like these come in handy). By the way (and if you don't mind me asking) - "better off buying original replacements"? Are you suggesting that there is a market for <i>boxes</i>? If not - and what you are saying is that I should look for new and boxes copies of games I already have - then I would still wind up with having unboxed games. What I need is boxes, not more games .
  12. That is exactly the tutorial I was looking for! Thank you so much! I'll absolutely look into it .
  13. Those look really snazzy (and professional). Although I'm tempted to ask you if you ship to the EU, I am in fact looking for the tutorial to make replacement boxes. A few weeks ago, I picked up a few Atari 2600 games at Retrogathering in Stockholm, but unfortunatly all of them came unboxed. For reasons I don't think I have to explain to anyone here, I would like to have them boxed again, along with original boxart . I do appreciate your reply, though .
  14. Hi everyone, I've been trying to get hold of the tutorial that shows you how to make your own Atari 2600 replacement paper boxes. Unfortunatly, googling for it has come up with nothing at all. Can someone please provide me and anyone else who wonders where to find it with a link? Thank you in advance!
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