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  1. Chris Leach

    Chris Leach

  2. ok so this list needs a major update and im working on it. have had some issues going on as of lately and i apologize if your package was shipped late. i promise all orders should have arrived by now! and thanks again to everyone for taking a part of my atari collection and making it yours! the nintendo link list is now up to date, sega genesis started and atari coming soon. please send me a message if there is anything you are looking for! I could use Kup complete if you have him?
  3. I have the following systems for sale 1 nes toaster with one contr and hookups 1 snes modded with region mod with one contr and hookups 1 n64 with one contr and hookups 1 Atari 2600 silver small box boxed 1 sega genesis boxed checkered box 1 sega master system boxed with gun variant 1 Atari 7800 no hookups or controller please pm me if u need any of these system and send me an email or cell for pics first come first served no holds
  4. Sold the track n field contr. Anyone need the trak ball controller
  5. Anyone need one of $SOLD Track ball black on black $SOLD track n field controllers message me
  6. i believe i have one new in box shipping would be from michigan
  7. I have the EPYX games sealed on me if interested
  8. Last update for 2018 These are still for sale I hope my list is pretty up-to-date
  9. I have a couple thousand of these left. Misc titles. If u have any ps2 games that need manuals or inserts please shoot me a message I am selling a ton. $1 ea manual $1 ea insert Thanks!
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