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  1. Jeez, people keep thinking I am you... >=(

  2. This just keeps getting better and better.
  3. All he did was cut and paste some things around to make a level intro screen for mario bros. The Motos Screenshot looks like it's from the X68000 version with some minor color changes. ALRIGHT!!!!! All I need is the 7800 pallette. What will Motos and Mario Bros. Arcade really will look like on a 7800? iSUCK
  4. Asteroids arcade Pong Arcade Do you wish these were real hacks? | | \/ Super Breakout arcade Tempest arcade Battlezone arcade Gravitar arcade Crystal Castles arcade
  5. Do you think this is a good cart design?
  6. Also on my FB2+, There is no shield when you push the joystick down! You just change direction!
  7. Updated the graphics slightly. Oh, and heres what I believe the Cart would look like: Space Duel.BIN
  8. Hey everyone. I thought I would give you something exciting. But I don't know how to give it everything the arcade version has. I need an expert. All I did was hack Asteroids. Here it is. Space Duel.BIN
  9. About this thread: I'm sorry about the trouble I caused. I only started this thread so I can know how to get 5200 proto's. I just don't know how to get some awesome 2600 prototypes like Tempest or Xevious. I don't have a 5200, but I may in the future. And is the two player model smaller than the original? Where can we buy the two player model? How can we get the controllers to work? The Trak-Ball is HUGE!!!!! And that doesn't work? All I want is to know where to get the 2600 versions of Tempest and Xevious! THATS ALL!!!!!
  10. I noticed that Asteroids Deluxe on the FB2 looks how it will actually be on the 2600. I have a FB2+, and the game sure is pretty good! I have a copy of Asteroids Deluxe for the 7800 which seems to be better. Would you like to get a FB2+ someday and play this version? Would you like it to be a real 2600 game cart someday? The only flaw I found in the FB2 version of Asteroids Deluxe is the CRAPPY MULTIPLAYER MODE!!!!! So whoever wants to make it a real 2600 game should make the multiplayer mode just like the original 2600 Asteroids. Thank you!
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