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  1. I have about 24 hours left on some rarer Vectrex listings(games & controller), and the Jaguar Rotary Dial Controllers end in a few days. I plan to list some Coleco Table Top Arcade units sometime tomorrow, so keep an eye out. Just click the video games category on the left in my store, and that should put you where you need to be. eBay Store: thegamesnotoveryet
  2. LOL, I was just discussing this issue on a different forum earlier today. Maybe 1 out of 20 items I order, actually come in the condition that is described, but that's across all things, not just games.
  3. A little over 12 hours left on my current set of listings, thanks for looking. Chris
  4. Yes, the starting bid of what you "offered", and now it is over what you offered, which is often the case when people make offers. I've been selling on Ebay for well over 10+ years, and I often like to give everyone a chance to bid on items, especially rare items like these. Sometimes I open auctions "high" to gauge interest and see what the going rate is, or how much interest there is. How would it be if someone made an offer before yours for $100 and I accepted it? Would that be fair to you? Then you would say I would have given you $200, and that's great, maybe someone else will pay $300, I don't know. If I made it a BIN at $200, and someone else bought it, then I think you could complain, but as it is, it's being offered to the highest bidder with an opening bid of $200, not a BIN. I may have paid more than that when I bought it years ago, should I now sale it for less to you, simply because you contacted me with an offer? I'm sorry that you don't find me selling my own items the way I want as "fair", and I'm sure anyone who buys this will be a collector as well, so why are you more entitled than some one else? I have 100% positive feedback, with 150 in the last month alone. So I think I'm more than fair to the customers I deal with. You are not a customer, as you have not bought anything, so I don't owe you anything. Please don't paint me in a negative light, simply because you feel slighted becasue I wouldn't sale an item to you for what you offered. If anyone here doesn't like what I'm selling, or thinks the price is to high, don't bid and move on. Why do people feel the need to make smart ass comments, or give advice that was never asked for in the first place. This is an auction thread, I have some auctions, so I listed them here. Nothing more, nothing less. Chris
  5. Hi guys/gals, as I state in my auction listings, I've recently been hit with some HUGE car repair cost, and due to it being the holidays, it couldn't have happened at a worse time of year. Anyways, I'm selling off some of my more rare gaming items to help get back above board, and help out with the holidays. I really hate to sell these controller sets, as they are truly great works of art, as well as being functional controllers that shows a great love and passion for these classic systems and games. Doubledown Pac-Man & Ms. Pac-Man Controller Set for the ColecoVision: eBay Auction -- Item Number: 222344396244 Pac-Man Collection Game(Yellow Cart Version) for the ColecoVision: eBay Auction -- Item Number: 222344391221 Mario Bros. Game(Red Cartridge Version) for the Colecovision: eBay Auction -- Item Number: 222344398138 Yurkie Mario Bros. Controller Set for the ColecoVision: eBay Auction -- Item Number: 322358062728 Vitual Boy Homebrew & Flashboy Game Lot: eBay Auction -- Item Number: 322358066192 Chris
  6. Thanks Phil, another excellent quality poster with packaging to match. I'm looking forward to any future releases you may offer, as your posters are "top shelf" all the way.
  7. My poster arrived today, and it's an A+++ piece. Excellent quality from top to bottom. It really does look like a promotional poster that would have been shown or displayed at trade shows, or electronic retailers back in the early 80's. This will be a nice show piece in my home for years to come. Now if only someone could actually make the unreleased tabletops on the poster as well, one can dream right? LOL If anyone here has any interest in these classic Coleco tabletops, don't miss out on this very limited poster, it really is very nice.
  8. WOW, that is absolutely terrible. How can a business take funds to produce a product and take so little "pride" in what they ship out to customers? I don't want to blow this out of proportion, but this is borderline robbery. Shame on this printing company. Chris
  9. Excellent, I look forward to hearing when that happens. Also, do they print these to order? Otherwise, even if they do get new machines, who knows what the end user may get if they have inventory sitting around. Thanks Again! Chris
  10. So will any improvements be made that will help this current volume, or will these "fixes" only be for future volumes? Like I said, I love to support projects like this, but unless some kind of improvements are made for this current issue, I doubt I would rebuy it. And with out having this first volume, I doubt I would buy the later ones. Chris
  11. I completely agree, but if they aren't doing there jobs at the printer, someone should be calling them on it and making corrections, especially for a book that cost $50. If the printer is unable or unwilling to fix these issues, they should not be used, PERIOD.
  12. I did buy a copy, and I commented at the top of page "7" and then some. It's a very good book, but my copy had some serious production issues(pics posted). I have Derek's Master System Encyclopedia, and found that to have zero issues. So to have a very similar book in regards to size and price, I can't justify getting another one until the "Major" issues my copy had are confirmed "fixed". It was a night and day difference between the two books. The matte finish of the pages was fine with me, as was the layout and content. What wasn't OK, was the terrible cropping issues in my copy, as well as some severe print problems where several pages had faded 1-2" stripes running down the length of the pages. It seems as though the fading may have been isolated to just my copy, but the cropping was not, and I found that very annoying. I buy any and all books of this nature, as I want to see more books come from established authors, as well as others who get the bug to put out something cool. I don't think any of these books are made for the money, as I don't believe there is much to be made, simply for the "niche" market of these kinds of books. So to see such "labors of love", I'm always happy to support them at any price. So I'm hoping at some point, my issues are confirmed fix, but until then, at it's current price, I can't justify buying another one.
  13. WOW Darren, your Arcade book looks killer. Sign me up like yesterday! LOL I really hope you can make it to the finish line on this project, as it looks like one of the better Arcade books I've ever seen. Keep up the good work. Chris
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