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  2. Well, I myself have two books, but are they are books 3 and 4 of a series so aren't really helpful. I'd really prefer to find something online as I'm a bit tight for money atm.
  3. It's been a long time

  4. Hello everyone, remember me? I'm back. (For the time being anyway.) Anyway, I was wondering if anyone could point me to a good tutorial for doing graphics of C64, especially things such as sprites. Thanks in advance.
  5. Yesterday my family and I went into the city (Melbourne) while there we went to Galactic Circus, basically a huge arcade, who just happen to own the Terminator Stop-Motion prop from T2 (I know right? In a glass case and all), but while walking around with my brother he started playing a game the top of the machine read "Hammer Champion" and the game was played with four large pads, similar to those on a 'Test your strenght' machine. While watching him wacking crocodiles on the head the game started to seem familiar, but when I decided to help by hitting the buttons with my hands (A bit painful mind you ) the memory was much stronger and after having two rounds on my own, along with sore arms we had to go. I later found out that I was remembering the game because it used to be at an arcade that used to be up the road at my local shopping centre. Has anybody else had similar experiences? PS: This is probably what made me want to return to Atari Age again, after 'returning' last year.
  6. I have returned! (Again)

  7. I have returned! (Again)

  9. I like the look of the keyboard on the SX-64 but other than that. Darren
  10. Well, you can't say that with certainty. Really it's just another case around it, and there may be the newer board in it, with only 2 RAM chips, or it may still have a board with 8 RAM chips. Good point. I've never seen a 64c with the old 8 chip setup but they're out there. I'm personnally using a 64c with older keyboard hooked up to a 1541 II and a 1571. I prefer the lower, more angled keyboard position of the 64c. That'll help with my programming, I always fumble with the breadbox's high keys. Darren
  11. So the keyboard feels different? What feels different about it? Im going to keep my breadbox because from what I remember there was talk of the PSU being the problem. In the future sometime, years away I plan on having a little console history museum sort of thing with a bunch of consoles set up, supposing someone will play them. (Most likely me ) Darren Edit: Has anyone bought one of those CF/IDE things off jbrain, the one that acts as a floppy drive so you can play games off of it? If so does it work well? Do the games have to be floppy games or can it ust be any .C64 rom file?
  12. Im going to leave GoG up until that countdown finishes. Good to see that its coming back up. Darren
  13. Wow from eight to two thats pretty impressive. So other than the looks nothing I'll notice while I'm using it? And JamesD no... The Breadbox is better *Jedi mind tricks* The Breadbox is better... Darren
  14. <br /><br />The only computer made by the now defunct Burger King Computer Corp.<br /><br />Anyone fancy a game of thermo nuclear war?<br /><br /><br /><br />No no no no no no no no I'm not falling for that one again. Darren
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