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  1. I just acquired a Portfolio and I have some general questions. Is there a sub forum for the Portfolio anywhere? I couldn't seem to find one. Thanks,
  2. Thanks for the help. I got it mostly sorted out. The issue isn't PLATOTerm. It is the *&^%@ Lantronix that I bought a couple of years ago and stuck in a box for "later". It appears I purchased a model (mss1-t) that doesn't support modem emulation. I can use a terminal program from the Atari, connect to the Lantronix, and then use it to telnet out onto the internet. That is kind of cool, but too many steps for practical use. I need to find a wifimodem232 it appears to make this work correctly. Thanks for the help, and sorry for the bother. At least I got to spend some quality time on the Atari. That is always fun. Darren
  3. I didn't it realize it when I posted the above picture, but I don't get the c prompt like what is displayed in your video. Would that be that the program isn't seeing the 850? When the system initially boots, I hear the R: handler being loaded at the end of the sequence. I can still configure the program and such when loaded, so it isn't locked up. I made sure the interface is set to serial, the baud is set at 9600, I didn't do anything with the XON/OFF settings. Thanks again, sorry I am struggling with this. Darren
  4. Disabling the turbo function seemed to do the trick. I am at this screen now.
  5. I'll try that when I get home this evening. Thanks again. Darren
  6. I did, when that happens, it boots DOS, doesn't seem to boot the R: handler, and since Basic is disabled, it just freezes at the end of the startup. Not sure what I am doing wrong here. IMG_3920.MOV
  7. Yes, I just verified, I can hear the R: handler loading at the end of the boot.
  8. Ok, this is probably something simple and I am just not getting it, but I can't seem to get Plato Term to run on my stock 130xe. It gives me a "not enough memory" error when I try to binary load it from the DOS menu. I am using an SIO2SD interface with the ATR downloaded from the platoterm website. I tried pressing option when the ATR booted, but doesn't seem to make a difference. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks Darren IMG_3910.MOV
  9. Not depressed. More embarrassed for basically spamming AtariAge with this. Maybe it will turn into something, but it sounds like the guy behind it has done some shady stuff in the past. I am mainly a looker and not a poster, so when I do make a post, I don't want it to be junk. I just felt like I owed an apology. There are so many cool things going on with this forum, I don't want to lower the sound to noise ratio :/
  10. I just wanted to apologize for starting this thread. I was overly excited about something that isnt realistic. Based on the little info about it, and the people who are designing it. Most likely it will be an overpriced raspberry pi. I was being nostalgic about what the product could be. My apologies again.
  11. Looking to start a new retro computer club/group in the Wichita KS area. Anyone interested?
  12. I had a similar story. I graduated high school in 1987. Used my Atari 800XL along with Compute's Speedscript most of the way thru college. I used an Epson L-1000 printer I got on clearance from Walmart and a MPP printer interface. Still kicking myself for selling everything in the mid nineties when I was "upgrading" to a PC
  13. To have the opportunity to buy a new Atari product for the 1st time since I was in high school. I'm all in. Probably going to be a Christmas release by the vague sounds of it.
  14. Saw this on Ataribox Facebook page last night. Info is slowly dribbling out.
  15. Article on Forbes. I feel similarly to author. Irrational excitability about a product that may be nothing, but could be a lot more. https://www.forbes.com/sites/mitchwallace/2017/06/19/why-ataris-new-console-could-be-just-what-the-gaming-industry-needs/#4fc0ecc1167b
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