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  1. Found this blast from the past today:



  2. I'd like to get one to put next to the Earthworld one if anyone has one available!
  3. DDCecil


  4. The RF cord is starting to split, so I thought I should probably do this soon. I also need one of my hard-wired controllers looked at, and it is responsive only half the time. Let me know a price if you can help or know someone who can. Thanks!
  5. What is the official name of the part of the controller the blue arrow is pointing at? https://i.imgur.com/CJNnEjr.jpg

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    2. Rick Dangerous
    3. RamrodHare


      It's the samoflange.

    4. TheTIGuy


      Surface-Mount resistor. Can't tell the specs from that pic though, and my six-button controllers are long-gone.

  6. Finally got them out and replaced them. Thanks!
  7. I can get the buttons out almost halfway releasing the tabs from below, but the button just stops, and I'm not sure if it has to do with the spring inside or what. EDIT: I tried the non-working system, and they came out just fine! I'm not sure why I'm having such a hard time with the other shell!
  8. Is there an easy way to do it? I'm trying to remove 2 buttons where the white plastic underneath has been misshapen and replace them with buttons from a non-working console. If someone could give me step by step instructions (so I don't screw up), I'd appreciate it!
  9. Bought an Atari 7800 package and it came fast and was packed great! Thanks again!
  10. Yes. The official disk won't work in my Saturn anymore (it used to, my laser going bad?), but the disk works fine in an emulator.
  11. AVAILABLE: NES: Battle of Olympus (European version, works fine in NTSC toploader, music is sped up) Defender II Robocop Tiny Toon Adventures Touchdown Fever SNES: Aero the Acrobat Jurassic Park Wayne's World N64: Command and Conquer GB: Casino Fun Pak Mystic Quest (German Final Fantasy Adventure) Nemesis NFL Star Trek: Next Generation Tecmo Bowl Tennis Wave Race GBC: NFL Blitz Tom and Jerry Mouse Attacks GBA: 007 Everything or Nothing Final Fantasy V w/ box - Quicksave no longer works, normal save does Golden Nugget Casino Iridion 3D w/ manual Shrek Saturn: Jikkyou Oshaberi Parodius - Won't work in my system (laser problem?), but works fine on an emulator. PSP: Chessmaster Dissidia Final Fantasy DJ Max Fever Hot Shots Golf Open Tee Rock Band Unplugged DS: Drawn to Life the Next Chapter (Complete) Super Scribblenauts (Complete) Wii: Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Transer (Complete and Mint) Manuals: Final Fantasy IV DS Ys VI PS2 SNES flyers x5 of each WANTED: Atari 2600: Adventures of Tron Air Raiders Air-Sea Battle Backgammon Barnstorming BASIC Programming Bermuda Triangle Blackjack Bowling Boxing Brain Games Breakout Codebreaker Crossbow Dark Chambers Decathalon (The Activision) Desert Falcon Dig Dug Dodge 'Em Dolphin Double Dunk Encounter at L-5 Enduro Fire Fighter Fishing Derby Flag Capture Freeway Gopher Gorf Grand Prix Gravitar Human Cannonball Hunt & Score Mario Bros. Math Gran Prix Megamania Moonsweeper Othello Phoenix Pole Position Popeye Raiders of the Lost Ark RealSports Boxing " Football " Soccer " Tennis River Raid Slot Racers Smurf Space Cavern Spider-Man Sprintmaster Star Ship Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back Super Baseball Super Football Swordquest: Fireworld Tron: Deadly Disks Video Chess Anything else not listed here: http://backloggery.com/games.php?user=DDCecil&console=2600 Atari 5200: Berserk Anything else not listed here: http://backloggery.com/games.php?user=DDCecil&console=5200 Commodore 64 Carts: Anything except Centipede and Sea Wolf NES: Battletoads Legend of the Ghostlion The Immortal Maniac Mansion Ultima: Exodus Ultima: Quest of the Avatar Wizards and Warriors III SNES: Alien 3 Bart's Nightmare Hook Home Alone 2 Joe and Mac Krusty's Fun House Mortal Kombat II Secret of Evermore Ys III GB: Batman Final Fantasy Legend 3 Genesis: Battletoads Batman Landstalker Alien 3 Disney's Aladdin The Immortal The Haunting Sonic 1 Sonic 3 Bart vs Space Mutants Ys III N64: Duke Nukem 64 3D0: Dragon Lore Wii: Ultimate Shooting Collection PS3 or Xbox 360: Batman: Arkham City Catherine Doom 3 BFG Edition Family Guy: Multiverse GTA IV Lollipop Chainsaw Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe Saints Row 2 Soul Calibur V Tekken 6 Systems: 7800 (System + AC only) Game Gear
  12. I finally made it to Stage 4 and saw it for about 15 seconds! Wow!
  13. Okay, I can now make it to the 2nd Reindeer on Stage 3, but I can't reach him! Any tips?
  14. Not yet! I did finish the first one and still can only get to Level 3 on Reindeer Rescue. BTW, how many levels are there on RR?
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