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  1. Development update: I had hoped to finish fill this past weekend. I had it working except in the last, most complicated case, which doesn’t do much unique but combines steps from a bunch of other situations. As I was doing that I realized that something I thought was clever is actually not. So, I am now in the process of undoing my not-so-cleverness, then I’ll fix that last case. The new code will do most of the same fundamental things, just in a different order and with different parameters. I am pleased with the fill performance. The current code has some major inefficiencies but is already in the ballpark of the 5200 version, and much faster than the 400/800 version. I’ll eventually make it faster but this is fast enough for an alpha release. I am still avoiding any schedule promises but getting closer to having something to share.
  2. Keep it up! This sprite is terrific. The solid color seems more appropriate for the subject and the animation is excellent. Maybe try making the downward-pointing arm a pixel or two longer? I love the cross bobbing up and down, it’s very evocative.
  3. Thanks for the explanation, batari. For now my game is ROM only with no bankswitching. I do expect to eventually use cart RAM for graphics bitmap data, but not for DLL or DLs, if that matters. So I guess I am non-committal on Concertino but definitely in for a high-compatibility flashcart, whether that be Concerto or something else. I will release a ROM at some point so hopefully somebody can try it out.
  4. As a consumer, definitely wait for higher compatibility. As a developer who is currently working on a game without any way to test on actual hardware, I want to know what specifically Concertino can’t do. Concertino seems like the right name for what you described.
  5. I was mostly just curious. At first, my muscle memory expected a bit of inertia when stopping (like Mario games or Defender where you release the control slightly before you want to stop, but not to the extent of having to reverse-thrust like Asteroids). On the other hand the immediate acceleration is definitely nice here, and maybe it wouldn’t make sense to combine inertial deceleration with immediate acceleration. If difficulty is the only issue then it could be an interesting use for the difficulty switch. I do think this is a flat-out masterpiece as it is, I can see how changing the control might make it too much of a different game, I have already somewhat adapted to the immediacy, and I will continue to adapt as I play it more. I am super-impressed that you did this with ROM only.
  6. Sorry for the mild necrobump. Is this game pure ROM or does it use extra hardware? Have you considered using inertia? I haven’t completed it but I already think it is one of the very, very best 2600 games. The lightning effect just blows me away.
  7. More comparisons: Pac-Man arcade: Ms. Pac-Man arcade: Official 7800 Ms. Pac-Man: Pac-Man Collection POKEY:
  8. Here’s a comparison for those who aren’t in the FB group.
  9. Which one are you listening to? Some of the videos posted are TIA but the recent ones used YM. The TIA ones are astonishing for TIA but may still be identifiable depending on how sensitive your ears are (Pac-Man with its accidentals more than Ms. Pac-Man).
  10. Thanks everybody for the encouragement (and patience). I found more flaws in my fill algorithms but hopefully have addressed them now. I’m hopefully ready to begin that phase of coding.
  11. Thanks! I knew there were more than 192 non-VBLANK lines but didn’t know — and had wondered — what real CRTs would show. I may use that after I declare extra RAM. I like the idea of allowing players to choose. In my case it may even be feasible to let them choose an exact number (within some range) of lines. For christo930, I don’t think this stuff fundamentally affects the answers to your questions about cartridge RAM.
  12. To be clear, the 7800’s display resolution is either 160x192 or 320x192. This game stores the walls and fills in RAM, and 95x149 (or something like 111x127 which would look very oblong) is the most I can fit in onboard RAM. You can see all the unused space in the screenshots. Extra RAM will not increase the 7800’s display resolution but hopefully will allow this particular game to use more screen space. A few 7800 carts have extra RAM. According to the bankswitching guide, the officially released ones are: Impossible Mission, Jinks, Summer Games, and Winter Games. I haven’t made much progress this week due to mundane real-world obligations. I think I have figured out a fill algorithm and hope to resume coding this weekend.
  13. Very cool project. I love your list of priorities from post #688. Also love the thinkbars, especially knowing that they are a visual representation of the algorithm state.
  14. MoveRT subroutine lda #0 beq .move ; always branch MoveLT lda #$20 .move cmp direction sta direction beq .repeat lda #1 sta steps rts .repeat inc steps rts I haven’t tested it but believe this will do the same thing, in fewer bytes and worst-case cycles. (You could also change the #1 to #0 and remove the first rts, trading a few cycles for a byte.)
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