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  1. Just bought a few games from evg2000. All in great condition, came in quick and packed well. Hope to deal with again, thank you!
  2. Bought a few Jaguar games from him, great seller, excellent communication and great packing, games in great shape too. Hope to deal with again!
  3. It might, it does have a reserve. But hey if not I'd be interested in a few games if splitting
  4. I have a buying problem, so mainly vendors lol. But it's all cool I dont want to make it sound like the other attractions don't matter, just not as much. Kinda side story here but My buddy is into anime and pops and all that, he asked if I wanted to go to flower city con (which is more like a comicon) a couple years ago in rochester and we did. While the show was small and i didnt buy anything, there was a band there playing some live f-zero tracks and that was pretty awesome on it's own. So good live music isnt a must, but was a nice addition too
  5. pm sent a bit ago on a few games
  6. I agree, unfortunately there is virtually indistinguishable from the original reproductions of some of these games out there.
  7. Thanks for the input, sounds like maybe the retrogamecon is worth a shot this year
  8. I live not too far from Buffalo NY, and I would love to go to something like the Portland Gaming Expo, but it is just too far. Is there any good events in the North East Area of the USA? Something in NY, PA, OH, or even further, I don't mind driving a number of hours to get somewhere if its good/big. The closest thing we have by me is "retrocon" in Syracuse NY. I have talked to a number of people and they say it is very disappointing, expensive sellers and small. As much as I wish it was good, general consensus is that its not good. Appreciate any input!
  9. Good points for sure. It's too bad there isn't a way to prevent that. My favorite on here was the recent necrobump of a gameboy kiosk, it was from like 7 years ago and the guy was asking $250. I mean, whats the likely hood he would still be trying to sell it 7 years later. And holy wishful thinking that it would still be $250!
  10. I would be interested. Obviously Id prefer the 2600 compatibility to be there but if it wasnt, I'd still buy one. It would be nice to run it thru a OSSC.
  11. I paid up for mine on ebay a year ago. Honestly, its pretty disappointing just due to the games. But, I just had to have it for some reason lol.... one thing I noticed, sometimes non working ones pop up for pretty cheap BIN's but will sell semi fast so just keep checking on ebay if you have no luck here, good luck! BTW what systems can you mod?
  12. FWIW, Its not that hard to look at post dates....if its from 2010 and its now 2020, its safe to say it is long gone. But, if your THAT interested to the point where your brain is ignoring the passage of time in spans of years or a decade, PM that person. Why necro bump and post in the thread? That seems to be a common thing with all these new thread necromancers.
  13. I hear ya, prices can change in months. Regardless, I still think the 7800 is one of the most undervalued systems in the "retro" market.
  14. Yeah its been about that for a while
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