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  1. I hear ya, prices can change in months. Regardless, I still think the 7800 is one of the most undervalued systems in the "retro" market.
  2. Yeah its been about that for a while
  3. Hmm only 12 years ago? Hard to believe he hard a hard time getting rid of it for that price back then....oh how things have changed.
  4. That price seems within reason, working CD's are not cheap. GL with the sale!
  5. Just curious, did you do that because of lag or glitching? In reply to Gummy Bear- Other than line mode and scan lines I haven't messed with anything on the ossc. I did also try another jag console and it made no difference.
  6. I had a composite modded 7800 that I got from ebay and it was really poorly done. I wanted to upgrade so Jesse s-video modded my 7800 and wow what a difference! He truly does go above and beyond what I had expected. I will not hesitate to have Jesse mod more of my consoles in the future. The time, patience, and passion he puts into everything truly is refreshing and I cant speak highly enough of the entire experience.
  7. Ok cool, that is great news. Man I wish I found it in the wild. No I paid up for it and was told it was legit, and to me, it seemed legit after doing some quick research. I didnt think much of it after that. Shortly after buying it, I bought some more games from the same seller. 1 of them was a reproduction and he didnt tell me it was. So then I wondered if Battlesphere was a reproduction too and I missed something. I knew I was still covered by paypal but not for much longer so I was looking for some quick opinions on it. So I really do appreciate the fast help from everyone. But Im very relieved it is real and happy to have it. Thanks again guys!
  8. Guys, Id like to firstly say thank you for the quick input, Really I am truly grateful. I tried to match the pictures of the pins to compare to yours above: And also here is another pic of the label if it helps : Let me know if any other pics would help, thanks again
  9. Hey guys, I'm in need of others input if this is a legit/original copy of Battlesphere. I did some research and couldn't come up with a whole bunch on how to tell if Batllesphere is original or not other than how does the label look and does the cart have gold pins. The cart does have gold pins, but Id like someones more experienced opinion. Heres some pics: Thanks for any input!
  10. Plays fine on a CRT...I dont get it, does the OSSC have a jaguar problem? Just for shits and grins to see if the ossc is shitting the bed, I played galactic attack on saturn for like a hour thru the same ossc with zero issue. Strange.
  11. Well, sorry about the video, I took it with my iphone and attached it to the message so I have no idea what format that is by default I will try it with out the ossc and post back
  12. Just thru a ossc, which has never given me any problems on anything I have ever thrown at it. Zero problems with any other jaguar games on the same system, neo geo, snes, genesis, 3do, saturn, etc..
  13. Here is a terrible video I took real quick with my phone resting on my chair, the glitching will get a lot worse but I was trying to keep the video as short as possible and it does do it towards the end, enough to give a idea of what is going on 65A672EC-40E4-4E47-8E1A-CE1B15BB6BEB.MOV
  14. I finally got a copy of Atari Karts, but while playing 2 player split screen with my GF, there is some terrible lag like while we were both turning or there is alot of action. Im not sure if lag is the best way to describe it but there is some graphical glitches going on and major losses of detail everything just got blurry kind of. Like unplayable. Im assuming this isnt normal? I tried to find some youtube videos of 2 player footage and I only found one video, but in that video I didnt see any laggy / slowdown/blur at all and it was on a genuine system. Otherwise my jaguar hasn't had a problem playing anything at all, including some 2 player rebooteroids and burnout just a couple days ago. Just wondering, anyone else experience this, or is this game messed up? I will add that the box and manual appear to have gotten wet as some point, so not sure if the cart did too? I'd appreciate any input, thanks!
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