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  1. I have everything typed out here https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1bUfwKPzMgiUzSMaMQS4xslV4ajNkgSU3GHfDt2Lyivg/edit?usp=sharing or is there something specific your looking for/at?
  2. I actually had one, its a sweet cab, I love the gun ones ie. T2... but its a big boy and I kinda ran out of room. Where are you located? I'll pm you Just trying to trade for now Thank you! I have a nice box and manual only, so thats why I was on the look out for the cart only Its a toy slide projector from like the mid 90's, if you search ebay sold listings there is one there
  3. Super weird or not Nintendo is cool...wouldn't hurt to PM me what you have
  4. Anyone up for some trades? After getting some good reply's to my earlier post about trading, I finally finished up my lists. Not really looking to sell now, primarily looking to trade. For Trade List: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1bUfwKPzMgiUzSMaMQS4xslV4ajNkgSU3GHfDt2Lyivg/edit?usp=sharing (make sure to scroll down and also scroll the menu bar on the bottom to the left and right to see all the clickable tabs) Want List: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1c760-0FYeaYx6x281Lp2LEPDUMuzEty2DCXKMUNLs44/edit?usp=sharing (make sure to scroll down to see the whole list) While I dont have a ton of posts here, I've been here since 2009 and do have good feedback. I used to have alot of feedback on nintendoage but thats gone . I also have 100% feedback on over 700 transactions on ebay. If you would like my info to vet me, just let me know. I live not too far from Buffalo NY so if anything "big" is worked out I do have a truck and trailer to move stuff or there is always other avenues we could use. I'm pretty open to what I am looking for as you can see from my "want" list. Games, consoles, boxes, manuals, signs, displays, cabinets, kiosks, etc... Take a look at my lists and let me know what you have. And if I dont have anything you want, I'm not opposed to buying depending on price and what it is. Thanks!
  5. Sorry about that, I actually posted this in off topic first and then it got moved to the BST forum where it picked up some steam. I knew this was going to take a bit so thats why I was putting it out there before putting the effort into typing everything out.
  6. I think so, your name is very familiar. For trade, I have kinda alot. Still working on the lists, should be done in a couple more days hopefully
  7. Thanks guys, I was looking for some interest to motivate me to fix up my lists. This helped, I'll start working on those
  8. I honestly didn't think it was the right place to ask a question at, but yeah Im sure you are right!
  9. Thanks for replying. The lack of replies to my question doesnt have me feeling too good about it lol. I have a bunch of stuff though and would rather trade vs. sell. Hmmmm....
  10. Hey guys, I used to do trades alot on nintendo age, and a few on here at atariage too but that was years ago. Im curious, before I go re-typing out lists of stuff I have available and want lists, does anyone trade on here anymore? Just dont want to waste a bunch of time fixing my lists if its a hard no lol
  11. Hey everyone, I'm looking for a super nintendo fiber optic sign, or other fibers or signs I dont have. Also willing to hear of any other Store / Retail displays, signs, kiosks, non retail stuff, etc you may have for sale or want to trade also (does not have to be Nintendo, I'm into a bunch of stuff from Atari, Playstation, turbografx, Xbox, 3do, Sega, etc..) I have Cash, Or I have alot up for trade also. Cash or trade or any combo of the 2 is cool with me. *I'm not selling right now. Items are for trade towards items I dont have and the super nintendo fiber is top of the list. After that other fiber optic signs or superbrites, cabinets, kiosks, Gamecube or gameboy signs, Playstation 1 neon, other displays, etc... Let me know what you have! Any help finding the super nintendo sign would be awesome as well , I would make it worth your while. I've been on here since 2009 even though I dont have a ton of posts I do have good feedback. I can provide other verification from other forums / ebay etc. if anyone wants it. Also, I'm in NY but have a truck and trailer and can travel if needed or there is always other services to transport stuff. Some Items up for trade are: Nintendo Racetrack fiber optic sign, Mario Mania Banner, All Original Arcade games all working : Qbert (just got back from the shop), Contra, Nintendo Vs Freedom Force, Area 51 Site 4, Super Mario 2 display, Super Mario Bros Movie Mobile about 4 ft tall, Nintendo Nes folding table - from catalog, a number of Sega genesis and game gear game display cases, new 5ft Sonic and Knuckles Standee, Virtual Boy tabletop kiosk, 5ft mario kart standee, mario kart banner, starfox banner, ps2 neon sign, sealed dreamcast shirt, large gamestop banner, cib 3DO system and alot of cib games, a bunch of boxed systems and games, more games and systems (I have many more games and systems not shown in the pics), a bunch of original posters, etc.. Im also looking for some games, systems, boxes, etc... Here is also a list of games and boxes I'm looking for : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1c760-0FYeaYx6x281Lp2LEPDUMuzEty2DCXKMUNLs44/edit?usp=sharing And here is a slightly outdated list of systems and games I have for trade: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1bUfwKPzMgiUzSMaMQS4xslV4ajNkgSU3GHfDt2Lyivg/edit?usp=sharing ^^^please keep in mind both of these lists are a little out of date, I will be updating them as I have time.... most of this stuff is still here, but some is gone, but, I also have more to add to these as well. Let me know what you have, Thanks
  12. I love what this thread has turned into 😂
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