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  1. Great Seller! Just bought a Jaguar game from him, excellent communication, excellent packing, quick shipping, accurate description, everything was perfect really
  2. Bought some games from Cobra Kai, everything went great and I hope to deal with him in the future
  3. Bought a game and some boxes from Atari_Bill, everything was excellent! Hope to deal with again
  4. Im glad to hear that it went to someone who will appreciate it If anyone wants to part with a copy, let me know, willing to pay up (to an extent lol)
  5. Well, after just missing out on the copy that was just for sale here, figured maybe this is worth a shot. Im looking for a copy of Rikki & Vikki for the 7800. Willing to pay more but not looking to spend 1K on ebay. Let me know what your price is. If you'd rather trade, I have a list of games / systems too, thanks.
  6. Yeah for 1K, Im willing to pay more but not 1k... and good god I really hope some scalper didnt buy this one.
  7. Damn, any one else parting with one?
  8. Ok, Sounds like I'm beating a dead horse and didnt know that I was lol
  9. Ah, well thats disappointing. Still seems like half of the leg work would be there already though. All the artwork, all dimensions, the rom itself, if customs cart shells were made the tooling should still exist, all of the knowledge of having done it all before etc. People could pre order or pay up front, thats how other games, statues, and many other small runs are done. There are ways around things. I understand what your saying on the chips, but its not like every company is not able to produce anything anymore. I agree making something right now may bring additional complications, but that doesn't mean it will always be this way.
  10. Thats crazy 1k...I dont think you will be able to reproduce that sale, at least many times. Sure prices are bonkers, especially since covid hit. But thats really surprising. Of course scarcity helps and high price sales do happen on ebay, but also how many people out there are really willing to pay 1k for it? Most people that have been collecting for a while will be able to recall what it originally cost, not really that long ago, and refuse to pay that much for it. Any thoughts as to why the dev wont do a 2nd run? By the looks and sounds of it, they would probably sell a ton of copies. Seems like a weird business move. I know I would buy one... Im in the same boat as SearsRoeBuck, I was going to get it but kept putting it off over and over, when I went to go back and actually buy it, it was sold out . Maybe we need to get a petition going so they do another run lol.
  11. I have everything typed out here https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1bUfwKPzMgiUzSMaMQS4xslV4ajNkgSU3GHfDt2Lyivg/edit?usp=sharing or is there something specific your looking for/at?
  12. I actually had one, its a sweet cab, I love the gun ones ie. T2... but its a big boy and I kinda ran out of room. Where are you located? I'll pm you Just trying to trade for now Thank you! I have a nice box and manual only, so thats why I was on the look out for the cart only Its a toy slide projector from like the mid 90's, if you search ebay sold listings there is one there
  13. Anyone up for some trades? After getting some good reply's to my earlier post about trading, I finally finished up my lists. Not really looking to sell now, primarily looking to trade. For Trade List: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1bUfwKPzMgiUzSMaMQS4xslV4ajNkgSU3GHfDt2Lyivg/edit?usp=sharing (make sure to scroll down and also scroll the menu bar on the bottom to the left and right to see all the clickable tabs) Want List: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1c760-0FYeaYx6x281Lp2LEPDUMuzEty2DCXKMUNLs44/edit?usp=sharing (make sure to scroll down to see the whole list) While I dont have a ton of posts here, I've been here since 2009 and do have good feedback. I used to have alot of feedback on nintendoage but thats gone . I also have 100% feedback on over 700 transactions on ebay. If you would like my info to vet me, just let me know. I live not too far from Buffalo NY so if anything "big" is worked out I do have a truck and trailer to move stuff or there is always other avenues we could use. I'm pretty open to what I am looking for as you can see from my "want" list. Games, consoles, boxes, manuals, signs, displays, cabinets, kiosks, etc... Take a look at my lists and let me know what you have. And if I dont have anything you want, I'm not opposed to buying depending on price and what it is. Thanks!
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