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  1. Thanks for this post! I was following this thread and didn't know about the other payment topic.
  2. Payment sent via PayPal for 0x1D. Thanks! Glad to finally be getting carts of these games, thank you for making it happen.
  3. Thanks for running the HSC! It has been fun and it takes a lot of time to participate and keep track of everyone's scores, and we all appreciate it!
  4. I'm sure you are right that it isn't a bug, I just remember that I could never figure out why it would happen some times and not others, when I thought I was playing the same way each time. lol Either way, T2K is just great. I know I'm going out on a limb with that opinion.
  5. Ah, this game never gets old! One thing about the first type of bonus stages, why is it that you can't sometimes go high or low enough to go through a ring? I remember reading it was a bug of some sort, but it did prevent me from finishing the first bonus stage, because it wouldn't let me move any lower. No big deal. I just wish I got to see the 3rd type of bonus stage, but I screwed up too much. Anyway, my score is: 791,145. That was within my range of most of my old high scores (upper 700k to mid 800k) so hooray for consistency after all these years.
  6. I forgot about this one, just gave it a shot...hard mode is hard. I could only do the first 2 screens in time. lol Must be something I'm missing on the 3rd screen to do it faster, nonetheless my score is 2290. I still think this is a decent puzzle game, I'll just have to try it on a more forgiving difficulty.
  7. It's been too long since I've played Super Burnout, it was great to play it again! What a good game. Was as good or maybe even better than I remembered, although the Australia track was always one of my favorites. Anyway, my best lap is 0'27'69". I don't know if I will try topping this one, though there is room for improvement. My average time is poor because I had a similar reaction to Jagman after hearing "New record!" lol
  8. It's funny how you remember things as being better than they are. I had no real animosity towards this game, but playing it now, I kind of wanted to punch it in the face. Nah, it's not that bad, I'm sure I would get used to it if I kept playing. Anyway, my score is 59,668
  9. 1,354,636 Nothing to add except to reiterate what everyone else has said about this one. At a certain point you just get tired of flying backwards while only watching the radar. I could barely tell you what the graphics are like in this game because it's that very special kind of game where actually looking at the action is a bad idea.
  10. Forgot how twitchy and messy Zool 2 is...still pretty fun though! I think what bugged me most was the clutter, I found it hard to see where the enemies were sometimes. Anyway, my score is: 112,790 Screenshot has scores from a billion years ago pixelated out so the score I just got is easier to see. [EDIT: forgot to hit "Attach This File" to, you know, attach the file.]
  11. Good to play some Raiden again. This version always seemed a little sluggish to me, at least compared to Super Raiden on the PC Engine (that's the only other version I'm familiar with) but it's still a really good game. Anyway, my score is well below the awesome 3 million Austin put up (holy crap, that's a great score!) 426,550
  12. Oh, and if anyone is interested, there's a time calculator here that could be handy. I tried it and it matched the result I got by manually adding the times using my brain. http://www.unitarium...time-calculator Just remember to add in the hours, and put a decimal point for the hundredths of seconds, so an Atari Karts time of 01'15"20 would look like 00:01:15.20 when you enter it. Unless I'm misunderstanding the time format. There's an easier to use calculator here (http://www.onlinecon..._calculator.htm) but, the result I get is a little different, it's off by a little over a second. I don't know which is right. lol
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