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  1. Howie, I think that's a PGRAM
  2. Welcome. For me the TI is nostalgic... as I grew up with one. But there are some great games and current homebrew developers. You can write games on this system without knowing assembly language, and the community is super active and helpful. Some of the coolest people I've met in my life are members of this community. Plus it's a weird computer with a bunch of weird crap going on. 😂 Can't beat that.
  3. Give it a try. By going slower than the Dramites, you trick them into stuttering their vertical ascent, meaning they will always fire BELOW your ship as long as you are rising in elevation. The downside is, if you reach the top of the screen, you don't have the speed to drop down if the Dramite is still alive. So, kill it on the "rise" or lose a ship.
  4. That's a really interesting idea! Lots of gaming categories available to us with all these great games we have for our system!!
  5. Okay. Here's the first official submission.
  6. Love it! 😊 I'm decidedly poor at that game... so I look forward to seeing what you guys can do with it! 😊
  7. A ha!!!!!! LIFT 2 on saucers. 😀 okay. This just got real. I'm gonna do a video here in a bit
  8. There would need to be a cutoff point... with no "end" it is impossible to speed run a game. That's why I picked the Killer Satellites as the cutoff for Parsec. Usually speed run games are platformers, RPGs, racing games, etc... as far as I know, TI Invaders doesn't have an ending. Pitfall would be a fantastic game to speed run. So would "Markus of Marinus" (cough cough... plug). 😂 Alpiner too... to get to the summit of Everest, however the RNG is so wacky and unpredictable, it would be extremely difficult to make sure everyone was on the same playing field.... since the field itself changes every time you turn on the console.
  9. Interesting! I use LIFT2 on Asteroid belts and Level 3 Dramites, but I've not tried it on Swoopers of LTF. Those are usually no problem for me. The big issues I end up having are the saucers and dramites....
  10. Today I got on a great run... I was 20 seconds ahead of my 8:14, on pace for sub 8... 3rd level, I got killed by 2 Dramites, and then I got busted up halfway through the saucer wave costing me 10 more seconds. Had a clean Bynite wave and made it through the asteroids without losing a life. Unfortunately due to my difficulties on the saucers and Dramites, I ended up with an 8:14. Here's one bit of good news... if you take all my best segment times from each of my runs and add them up, you can see that a low 7 is possible.
  11. Okay, I came up with a checkpoint split list for this run. I did a couple runs but didn't make it through to the satellites. I died on the Dramites on level 3. For an example, here are the times I got during my last run. At this pace, had I finished the run, I would have hit the Killer Satellites at roughly 7:45. Swooper(1) :00 Urbite(1) :15 LTF(1) :35 Dramite(1) :48 Saucer(1) 1:05 Bynite(1) 1:30 Asteroid Belt(1) 1:45 Swooper(2) 2:06 Urbite(2) 2:41 LTF(2) 3:02 Dramite(2) 3:25 Saucer(2) 3:50 Bynite(2) 4:16 Asteroid Belt(2) 4:43 Swooper(3) 5:06 Urbite(3) 5:23 LTF(3) 5:46 Dramite(3) 6:14 Saucer(3) xx Bynite(3) xx Asteroid Belt(3) xx Killer Satellite(End) xx
  12. Tbh, @mizapf is the one I believe will own this speed run.... IIRC, he can play until he passes out without losing a ship. 😂
  13. Here's a 10:17 run from a YouTuber who wasn't going for a speed run... the player has some skill. You can see the issue with the random saucers in this video. In addition, you can see how much time is wasted doing refuels. If you watch carefully, the player switches up his strategy on the Dramites at the end of the Dramite wave in Level 1 and he uses the same strat on levels 2 and 3. The strat he switches into is the one I use exclusively on Dramites. It is the most effective strat for Dramites on the first 3 levels.
  14. Love that Alpiner video @pixelpedant!!! ❤️
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