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  1. Damnit.... I'm in for one assembled and one bare board. :D This is the best TI news in a long time, Sir Jim. :) I am glad to see it has progressed this far!!!
  2. Opry99er


  3. Once again I missed the cut. Last week's times: N64: Mario Kart 64 (120) Not much, as I was out of town and had access only to my cousin's N64.
  4. I will change it tonight when I get home. . Apologies for the delay
  5. A grail of mine.... would love to see some pix!
  6. Another would be the Activision Action Pack for the Classic Mac-- although a couple years ago we determined that it was different enough (or perhaps somewhat inaccurate due to sound effects, etc) from the original to consider those games non-Emulation.
  7. I'm pretty close: 1) Interface 2) 32k 3) RAMDisk 4) RS232 5) SidMaster 6) CC TripleTech 7) **Empty** CC FDC I still have one slot open. I could put my IEEE card in there, but I have no need for it.
  8. On Atarisoft games, I've only got one boxed game available, and that's Donkey Kong. I do have a few spares lying around, so I'll take a look at what I've got. By the way, I'll be keeping the top post updated with current inventory.
  9. More pix coming. That's all I could get tonight.
  10. Henhouse complete in box
  11. GK, comes with the manual and the one software disk. TI Artist package, comes with original TI Artist and all 13 Companion packages. All in original packaging.
  12. The RS232 is a standard PEB card, but it is sold. I'm taking offers for the GRAM Kracker via PM. Thanks for your interest!
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