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  1. I have a big box o' TI stuff that I want to trade. None of it is particularly rare, but it's a nice big box of stuff in good condition. I am looking for RO slot car stuff in return. For tracks, I need Tyco/Aurora/AFX compatible track, and for cars, I'm looking for working RO scale cars.... not particular on how they look or whatever--just working cars with decent tires. My box o' stuff for trade includes 8 common cartridges, 12 Micropendium magazines, 3 home computing magazines, a working set of pain sticks, a speech synth, a Navarrone cartridge expander, and some cassettes. I am not wanting to sell this stuff... just want to trade for slot car things. If anyone is remotely interested, I'll take pix of all this stuff. thanks in advance!
  2. Missed the deadline I guess-- We can add these to next week's times. TI-99/4A: Alpiner (20 minutes) Realms of Antiquity (210 minutes) St. Nick (40 minutes) Tunnels of Doom (270 minutes) Arcade: Rampage (40 minutes) Classic Mac OS: Age of Empires II (240 minutes) Bugdom (360 minutes)
  3. I guarantee it will work with the standard serial port. I think someone proved it out a year or two ago... WiModem232 I think is what it was called.
  4. That's great! To answer your previous question, I was using a USRobotics 56k V modem, dialing out over a land phone line to a BBS in New York.
  5. What kind of modem is it you're using? As far as I know, Telco uses legacy protocols for communicating via modem. There is an auto-dialer which expects an actual phone number. See the video below. It's me using Telco to dial out to a BBS. I zoom in to the screen at the 3:45 mark, so be patient. There are other options for getting online with the TI. Maybe Telco is not the right choice for your application?
  6. Would there be any interest in a fully packaged new game for the TRS80 Model 100/102? I've been playing with the BASIC here and I could do a game for it fairly easily. Not sure about packaging costs and all, but if my releases for the TI are an indicator, I could do a fully packaged cassette game for about $25 and a disk-based release for $20.
  7. Excellent information! Thanks so much @Fritz442! loving this software. Buck is too. He created a funny one and now he is working on a serious one. It's every bit as fun making games as it is playing them. A very different experience from the old Asgard one---which I used and loved.... but this one is so much more intuitive and head and shoulders faster.
  8. Hey Matt and Fritz... I couldn't figure out how to eliminate the time limit... I have it jacked up to 25, but that's still a limit. Is it a checkable box or something?
  9. Thanks for the information. One more: Do the monster numbers (ID numbers) correspond in some way to the frequency they are encountered or the level on which they spawn?
  10. A good week of RPGs and Strategy for me. And a good week of silliness for my kids. TI-99/4A: Legends II (60 minutes) Old Dark Caves (10 minutes) Par Fore! (40 minutes) Realms of Antiquity (180 minutes) Tunnels of Doom (540 minutes) Wizard's Doom (60 minutes) Mac OS Classic: 5-A-Day Adventures (30 minutes) Age of Empires II (90 minutes) Barbie Beauty Styler (40 minutes) Barbie Mermaid Adventure (60 minutes) Lemmings (45 minutes) The Manhole (20 minutes) Theldrow (20 minutes) Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego (20 minutes) NES: Blades of Steel (25 minutes)
  11. There are 56 monster slots, and QUEST uses them all. If a fella wanted to limit the number of monsters in a game, what would he have to do to make that happen? IIRC, on the old Asgard editor, you had to use all available slots... there was no "flag" for "Monster slot on" or "Monster slot off." I think I ended up having to duplicate a bunch of monsters so they would be distributed evenly, and that took days on that old system. Is there a way to do this quickly and/or easily in your editor, Fritz? Is there a value in memory for "how many monsters are being used in this game?"
  12. Excellent!!! Should have known Schmitzi would have the list already ready to go!
  13. Can someone point me to a definitive list of all available Tunnels of Doom modules? Id like to see one broken up into TI modules, Asgard modules, other 3rd party modules, and homebrew modules. I started putting one together, but somehow I think there is already one out there. Thanks!
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