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  1. Interestingly enough, I sold 18 Lemonade Stand packages at the Faire in 2009, out of 20 produced. Of those original 18, the only one I know to have survived with the original packaging and manual is the one I currently have--which took me all of 10 years to find after the fact. There are 19 unaccounted for, and I haven't been able to locate any of them. 😂 I have the only one I need... but I'm curious how many survived with the original manual and labels. Anyone out there have one?
  2. Thanks so much, Jim. You'd think I would save copies of my old projects, but I seem to always send the last ones out. 😂 Took me a decade to find Lemonade Stand, and I doubt I'll ever find an original Honeycomb Rapture. 😬 Thanks a million, Jim. 😊
  3. Only pic I have of the Honeycomb label
  4. $40 bounty for Markus of Marinus premium edition (blue or red) with all original packaging and novella. See pictures below. $100 bounty for an original copy of Honeycomb Rapture (2010--- only 5 shipped). I have no pictures of these, as they were just a disk with a label and a small card. Thanks in advance. 😊
  5. Welcome. For me the TI is nostalgic... as I grew up with one. But there are some great games and current homebrew developers. You can write games on this system without knowing assembly language, and the community is super active and helpful. Some of the coolest people I've met in my life are members of this community. Plus it's a weird computer with a bunch of weird crap going on. 😂 Can't beat that.
  6. Give it a try. By going slower than the Dramites, you trick them into stuttering their vertical ascent, meaning they will always fire BELOW your ship as long as you are rising in elevation. The downside is, if you reach the top of the screen, you don't have the speed to drop down if the Dramite is still alive. So, kill it on the "rise" or lose a ship.
  7. That's a really interesting idea! Lots of gaming categories available to us with all these great games we have for our system!!
  8. Okay. Here's the first official submission.
  9. Love it! 😊 I'm decidedly poor at that game... so I look forward to seeing what you guys can do with it! 😊
  10. A ha!!!!!! LIFT 2 on saucers. 😀 okay. This just got real. I'm gonna do a video here in a bit
  11. There would need to be a cutoff point... with no "end" it is impossible to speed run a game. That's why I picked the Killer Satellites as the cutoff for Parsec. Usually speed run games are platformers, RPGs, racing games, etc... as far as I know, TI Invaders doesn't have an ending. Pitfall would be a fantastic game to speed run. So would "Markus of Marinus" (cough cough... plug). 😂 Alpiner too... to get to the summit of Everest, however the RNG is so wacky and unpredictable, it would be extremely difficult to make sure everyone was on the same playing field.... since the field itself changes every time you turn on the console.
  12. Interesting! I use LIFT2 on Asteroid belts and Level 3 Dramites, but I've not tried it on Swoopers of LTF. Those are usually no problem for me. The big issues I end up having are the saucers and dramites....
  13. Today I got on a great run... I was 20 seconds ahead of my 8:14, on pace for sub 8... 3rd level, I got killed by 2 Dramites, and then I got busted up halfway through the saucer wave costing me 10 more seconds. Had a clean Bynite wave and made it through the asteroids without losing a life. Unfortunately due to my difficulties on the saucers and Dramites, I ended up with an 8:14. Here's one bit of good news... if you take all my best segment times from each of my runs and add them up, you can see that a low 7 is possible.
  14. Okay, I came up with a checkpoint split list for this run. I did a couple runs but didn't make it through to the satellites. I died on the Dramites on level 3. For an example, here are the times I got during my last run. At this pace, had I finished the run, I would have hit the Killer Satellites at roughly 7:45. Swooper(1) :00 Urbite(1) :15 LTF(1) :35 Dramite(1) :48 Saucer(1) 1:05 Bynite(1) 1:30 Asteroid Belt(1) 1:45 Swooper(2) 2:06 Urbite(2) 2:41 LTF(2) 3:02 Dramite(2) 3:25 Saucer(2) 3:50 Bynite(2) 4:16 Asteroid Belt(2) 4:43 Swooper(3) 5:06 Urbite(3) 5:23 LTF(3) 5:46 Dramite(3) 6:14 Saucer(3) xx Bynite(3) xx Asteroid Belt(3) xx Killer Satellite(End) xx
  15. Tbh, @mizapf is the one I believe will own this speed run.... IIRC, he can play until he passes out without losing a ship. 😂
  16. Here's a 10:17 run from a YouTuber who wasn't going for a speed run... the player has some skill. You can see the issue with the random saucers in this video. In addition, you can see how much time is wasted doing refuels. If you watch carefully, the player switches up his strategy on the Dramites at the end of the Dramite wave in Level 1 and he uses the same strat on levels 2 and 3. The strat he switches into is the one I use exclusively on Dramites. It is the most effective strat for Dramites on the first 3 levels.
  17. Love that Alpiner video @pixelpedant!!! ❤️
  18. Agreed wholeheartedly. Some of @Asmusr's games would be great too... particularly the ones that have defined endings. @retroclouds's Pitfall port too.
  19. Additionally, I would like to just go ahead and get the big requirement out of the way as well. I would like for all submissions to either be live-streamed or have video evidence. Speed running has come a long way in the past 15 years, and so has technology and internet speed. There's literally no reason why we can't require video proof of a run.
  20. I'd like to hear some thoughts on PAL vs NTSC here too... Typically PAL times are slower in speed running, and rather than split the category into two records, I was thinking of utilizing a method that has been adopted by the Mario Kart 64 community... They have a formula that calculates times. On Mario Kart, the game displays at 30 FPS on NTSC and 25 FPS on PAL. If a run is submitted on a PAL machine, they calculate a 17% speed difference, so the NTSC equivalent would be 17% faster than the PAL score. Essentially, when a score is submitted, the user would have to notate whether the run was completed on PAL or NTSC, and each submitted score would have two values: The standard value and the equivalent calculated value. NTSC scores would essentially be slowed by 17% to give the PAL equivalent, and PAL scores would be sped up by 17% to give the NTSC equivalent. It's a pretty good system, but might not be perfect for us. Maybe @Tursi could lend an opinion on this. What are your thoughts, folks?
  21. Cool man!! Yeah, I'd like to get a speed run going for Alpiner too. Fastest time summiting all mountains including Everest. Single pass... as soon as Everest is summited, the timer stops. That's what I was going to do first, but I'm not good enough at that game yet to consistently summit Everest. The only issue with that game is the RNG. It appears to be extremely random on obstacles and enemies, which makes for inconsistent running mechanics.
  22. I guess it's important to define some quick parameters for the run. You should start your timer when you "press fire to begin." You should stop your timer when the screen changes to blue and the first killer satellite appears on screen. In addition, I would like to focus on a glitch-free speed run for now. There are three glitches which can be used to change the game play dynamics. The first is the "Level Warp Glitch". This involves intentionally scuttling your ship before "Pressing Fire To Begin." This can cause a level warp once you defeat the first wave of swoopers. It's unclear if this was intentional... or if it can be manipulated to a consistent trick... but it seems right now to be random. Sometimes it warps you to the end of the first level, sometimes it warps you to another level. Another glitch is the "Clip Glitch." This involves backing your starship up so far that the flame tail of your engine appears on the right side of the screen. In this state, you are essentially invincible to the armored bosses. This is a really difficult one to achieve, but I will be avoiding it as I work to optimize the run. The third glitch is the "Beam Trail Glitch." This involves spraying laser beams all over the screen by pressing fire on the joystick and the corresponding 'fire' button on the keyboard. This will leave laser trails onscreen which help against Bynites. When they turn invisible, the beam artifacts illuminate the invisible enemies. If everyone is okay with these ground rules, then we can proceed forward with these as the guidelines for our first official speed running category on the TI.
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