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  1. Hi, In a Facebook group, somebody posted this image: Seems like this version of the game by Mastertronic (1986). Does anybody own the ATR/XEX file for sharing?
  2. Wonderful! Maybe you can also do something with Yamo, who always looked like a frog to me...
  3. Just in case, I've featured Eel Ecurb in Atariteca: https://atariteca.blogspot.com/2019/06/alistan-dos-secuelas-de-bruce-lee-para.html Maybe Ute and Fantomas would like to provide me their real names in order to update the article. Regards, - Y -
  4. I think it was José Tomás Parga, the same fellow behind Montezuma Again.
  5. Hi, Does any one know how to digitize music for out A8 computers? I'm interested to get something like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QO7CFJ0zeHA Regards, - Y -
  6. Michael Archer released the source code of many Commodore 64 games he programmed between 1986-1992: Nemesis, Altered Beast, Atomic Robo-kid, Alien 3... https://www.vintageisthenewold.com/commodore-64-developer-of-altered-beast-rampage-atomic-robokid-releases-source-code-after-30-years/ So, any chance to have these games ported to our Atari 8-bit computers? - Y -
  7. So, the project is already finished?
  8. Any news on this game?
  9. Please, fix the download link as it is broken. Regards, - Y -
  10. It looks like a great game idea. Just needs levels of increasing difficulty, the title screen and the hall of fame. - Y -
  11. Could somebody PLEASE record a video of the gameplay of this great hack? I'm affraid I'm no good at this game. Regards, - Y -
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