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  1. Does anybody know if Colleen or XEmu65 have physicall controller support? Has anyone tested with a particular Android compatible joystick?
  2. Any chance to have Altirra for Android? - Y -
  3. I could give you a hand with Spanish, if you provide me the text in english.
  4. Awesome! So much details for our little A8 computers. Now, we only need "Plastic Love" turned into a POKEY song.
  5. Wonderful, my good friend @TIX! "Plastic Love" has been, by far, one of the few good things left by the lockdown for me. - Y -
  6. The whole album cover would be fine... but if we can have also the (classic) close-up image of Mariya, it would be great. 🙂
  7. I wonder if there would be a pious soul that could do me the big favor to convert this image:😰 - Y -
  8. I remember a few titles worth a try, that are not mentioned in the list (were they released past 1986, maybe?): Kissing Kousins Cycleknight Leapster The Infiltrator (a different genre, but it is a superb game from my humble point of view). - Y -
  9. Hi all, As I am lacking some inspiration (and time) to write for Atariteca these days, I was wondering if there are still some other blogs exclusively on Atari computers or consoles running out there. The only one that comes to my mind is Bill Lange's excellent Atari 8-bits Ads: https://atari8bitads.blogspot.com/ - Y -
  10. Magical Fairy Force... didn't notice this cool conversion. Many thanks, Miker!
  11. Shall you find something appealing from Atariteca, let me know to translate it. - Y -
  12. I vote to keep the original intro screen from C64.
  13. I'll be honoured if you consider me to test the game.
  14. Oh, boy! Never take our editor so seriously. We'll try to make time this weekend to publish it too.
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