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  1. Depending on your approach, you could also take into account these ones: https://bit.ly/3ubKinO - Y -
  2. Those scarves look great. One question: the motto "Power without the price", doesn't it belong to the ST line? - Y -
  3. Thanks to @Philsan´s practical manual and to @Wilhelm´s kind help: miki-matsubara_01.xex And, later... miki-matsubara_02.xex - Y -
  4. https://www.atariteca.net.pe/2020/09/por-fin-montezuma-para-atari-ya-tiene.html And https://www.atariteca.net.pe/2019/06/alistan-dos-secuelas-de-bruce-lee-para.html The rest are mostly "cosmetic" modifications or add very little to the gameplay.
  5. An unrequested advice, should you allow me If you think of becoming "popular" talking about little Atari computers, you are wasting your time. The audience you've chosen is very small and quite demanding... But if you create contents because you love this machine, go on with it. You will not become an "influencer" nor make money with it; but if you are lucky enough, will meet some very interesting people. - Y -
  6. Great master MK, Enlighten me. What is the effect that is heard in the video at 03:27 and 03:30? Is it possible to have it in Atari too? - Yautja, The all seer -
  7. It always surprises me that "The Infiltrator" (Mindscape. 1986) never made it to the Atarimania's top 100; as it has: And amazing chopper simulator, with air battles included: A great three-missions plot, in which you have to find items and interact with enemies: For me, it's like "Metal Gear Solid" for A8. - Y -
  8. Great master Vitoco, It seems like an issue with the codecs in your PC. Regards, - Y -
  9. Good gentlemen, I request your help once again, converting the attached image. Truly hope someone recognizes her and allow Atari users to have a version for their computers. Regards, - Y -
  10. Just ran into @Bill Kendrick's "Gem Drop Deluxe": https://bit.ly/38OKlOs Simple, yet quite addictive. - Y -
  11. Two games come to my mind: Black Lamp, which had a great song... that got you bored after 10 minutes. The second is Draconus, which background "music" never distracted nor ended up being annoying. Anyway, adding the option to turn music on/off would be cool. - Yautja, the all seer -
  12. Any news about this project?
  13. The real matter is: if someone shows off of being so good at coding and demonstrates to have plenty of time to correct others... why doesn't him/her develop at least one average game? 👾
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