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  1. So, in short... is it fake or not? 😦
  2. Hello! Is the level editor available somewhere?
  3. And when will we know the results? Regards, - Y -
  4. Here's our list, updated with the "sustentation". Please, forgive in advance my silly english: 1. Moon Patrol Redux: the first place on our listing is a double tribute. In principle, to one of the most iconic Atari shooters on all its platforms; and of which I especially remember the long hours playing together with my older brothers. In addition, it is a well-deserved recognition to the effort and dedication of TIX for giving the atarian community the version with the graphics it deserves. 2. Millionaire: my first formal participation in the production of a game for our beloved 8-bit computers. Enthusiasts from three Latin American countries join together virtually to carry out a Spanish version; apart from the gentle support of PG and MaPa. So, even in the Czech language, the game will always have my unconditional support. 3. The Rescue Expedition: it is, from our modest point of view, the best game of our friend Gorgh. The movement of the rope is simply amazing; also, the dynamic lighting and the generation of rooms that don't repeat, make this a unique game; even at the level of its reference, the classic Aztec. Apart from that, and perhaps without knowing it, Duddie gave us the first official homebrew cartridge of our whole life. 4. Adventure Ponies: I truly dislike ponies! But Gibstov's platformer is frankly remarkable. The difficulty of the game, the "bosses" at the end of each level, all the great colors, the variety of protagonists with particular abilities and even a code to unlock them ... amazing. 5. Abyssus: Fandal surprises us with an interesting shoot'em up, which despite its potential only stayed on the first level. The story behind the project - which he tells in his blog - includes several technical details; but described in such a way that it is fully understandable to the novice reader. Although he has put the tombstone to the project, it is an example for other entrepreneurs in the Atari scene. 6. Jet Set Willy 2019: another of our favorite games, which we can enjoy in all its colorful splendor and without the annoying bugs in the graphics of the original thanks to the port made by Tezz. 7. Eel Ecurb: the "little dragon" is one of our personal referents; and this project was the first step of Ute and Fantomas for what, we hope, will soon be the sequel to Datasoft's immortal adventure game. 8. New Year Girls: another program that brings us nostalgic memories; in this case, distances apart, about those days and nights trying to beat the computer in ArtWorks' "Strip Poker". We hope that Sikor gets encouraged to design more opponents. 9. Dungeon Hunt II: while we have not had the pleasure of playing it, Jacobus's project to immerse ourselves in a labyrinth full of magic enemies refers us to another of our favorites: Lucasfilms' "The Eidolon". Of course, Dungeon Hunt has much more action, although the graphic section is still a pending issue. 10. Mini Bros: finally, we want to highlight Vitoco's ability to make a game like Mario Bros in just ten lines of code - and even with two players simultaneously! Simply mind blowing. - Y -
  5. Here´s my humble list: 1. Moon Patrol Redux 2. Millionaire 3. The Rescue Expedition 4. Adventure Ponies 5. Abyssus 6. Jet Set Willy 2019 7. Eel Ecurb 8. New Year Girls 9. Dungeon Hunt II 10. Mini Bros - Y -
  6. The most iconic should be Pac-Man for all Atari plataforms (video consoles, arcade and home computers). Also come to my mind: Frognum from Draconus. Jolly Jack from Black Lamp. Henry from Henry's House.
  7. Zybex´s characters are named Rinser and Cassalana.
  8. Hi, How and when can people vote for their favorites? - Y -
  9. Is it available for digital download, somewhere? - Y -
  10. Excellent. Many thanks. Yes, as you said, it is mentioned in a book written by Kieren Hawken. I trully hope we can find such hack. Regards, - Y -
  11. Any news about this project? - Y -
  12. Hi all, fellow atarians I've been told about this hack. Does anybody have that mod in his/her archives? I wanna hear that inmortal song during gameplay! - Y -
  13. Hello, Great project! Is this game planned to work on a standard Atari computer? Or will it need memory/hardware expansions? Which ones? Regards, - Y -
  14. Superb! Hope you can change the classic font for something more futuristic. - Y -
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