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  1. Oh, boy! Never take our editor so seriously. We'll try to make time this weekend to publish it too.
  2. That's our language, amigo! But.. if you take a look at our previous interviews, we also release the english version later 😉 Be patient.
  3. Resistance is futile. And we got many surprises for the next weeks. Stay tuned 💣.
  4. The Annunakis and the theorists of the ancient astronauts will surely miss you... not us, of course!
  5. Go hit that shinning path, little troll! 😆
  6. Thanks, master. Our faith in humankind has been restored.
  7. Thanks for the timely clarification! By the way, if someone has any complaint regarding what was published before the current date, we suggest you to contact our legal department, where we will attend you during office hours.
  8. But we send them letterheads ... what a pity!
  9. Damn it! We forgot to stick to APA rules! Will do so when we become a study papers repository, no doubt.
  10. Hi Vitoco, Yes, there's a HUGE work due to be done: currently our Blogspot blog hosts 1100+ articles, which images need to be moved *one by one*; and the same goes for the internal links as well... the plan is to complete the migration during the following six months. Thanks for pointing about our signature. Will update it right away! Regards, - Y -
  11. Hi all, Just to let you know that we've just relaunced Atariteca -our small blog about Atari 8 bit computers- with its own domain name: https://atariteca.net.pe/ The editor's pick: - An extensive interview with @TIX about his hacks and present projects: https://atariteca.net.pe/tix-mi-objetivo-es-producir-la-mejor-version-de-los-sprites-de-8-bits-para-prince-of-persia/ - A guide on how to play Atari 8 bit games online using Atari800Win PLus: https://atariteca.net.pe/como-jugar-en-linea-con-el-emulador-atari800win-plus/ - "MotoGlass"'s etched glass collection on Atari titles: https://atariteca.net.pe/hermosos-disenos-de-juegos-atari-grabados-en-cristaleria/ And much more! Best regards, - Y -
  12. Commodorians have COVID attack: So, in fact, it's not the name of the game what truly matters IMHO...
  13. I'm writting an article about the game for Atariteca (which I expect to re-launch during the week). Could please someone contribute with a horizontal photo of the game running in real hardware? Full credits will be given. Regards, - Y -
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