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  1. Is it possible to have the title screen that doesn't exceed $8000 memory? Seems that Fantomas can join both the screen and the hacked game. - Y -
  2. Just to make it clear: is there an exact ammount of moves/circles to be made in order to activate the trick? Should these "circle" moves made clockwise or counter clockwise? I'm trying to reproduce it in the emulator (Altirra) and seems no use at all.
  3. I think you found the trick to unlock the other ponies.
  4. Just ran into this in YT. Seems that Janusz "Shanti77" Chabowski has been working in something very cool -which reminds me of Tiger Attack, BTW.
  5. I'm using Altirra 3.20; emulating a 130 XE PAL with RAMBO memory (756 K).
  6. Tried to give it a shot using Altirra. The game cannot be started.
  7. Those plus: The Extirpator! Draconus Panther Warhawk Jet Set Willy And maybe over all them "Waves" from Alternate Reality.
  8. Great. BTW. does the cheat code from the original game work here?
  9. I tested the version with the Yamo's fix... and noticed that the "new" Bruce Lee only works when facing to the right. It comes back to the original when you face the character to the left. Was this done on purpose? - Y -
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