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  1. ColecoVision ADAM computer for sale. Commodore monitor, printer/processor, game controllers, about 30 games, dual tape drives, a few tapes (BASIC, Buck Rogers). Everything work great. Booted it and played some games a few months ago. It was mine from childhood. Time to give it up. Make Offer. It goes on the bay if it won't sell here. Shipping from Phoenix, Arizona, or you can pick it up.
  2. Nah, not all that attched to it, I thought I would want it later in life, but I really don't. I might regret getting rid of it one day... I would take a couple hundred bucks for it...but it would probably go for a hundred with a bunch of shipping like I see on the bay. If someone would pick it up then that would work, too.
  3. I have a Coleco ADAM with a Commodore monitor, and about thirty games and lots of accessories. It was mine since I was a kid, brand new. It works perfectly, and has a lot of tapes for the dual tape drives. Buck Rogers, BASIC, etc. Also have an extra processor board. The printer still printed last time I booted it up. Should I get rid of it? How much would it bring? Does anyone want to make an offer? Shipping would have to kill because sitting in the box it has got to be fifty pounds. Any advice or offers to buy it are appreciated. Otherwise, check for it on the bay in about a week. Thanks everyone!
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