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  1. July 1999 for me and I used to love it. Not so much any more. I'm with you on this one..... I won't sell there anymore because of this change.
  2. I'm always looking at bids and who the bidders are on auctions I'm interested in. Not that I can see much info on the who, as Ebay has made that difficult, but at least I can see if someone is driving up the price of the auction or auctions of a particular seller. It's always a red flag when I see the same bidder, bidding on all the sellers auctions and miraculously not winning any of them. So for me, it's frustrating when a seller lists their auctions as "private listing - bidders' identities protected". What exactly are they protecting the bidders from? I personally think this type of auction is designed to protect the seller. Seems to me, it only makes it easier for the seller or sellers friend to jack up auction prices without being detected. Are there legitimate reasons for selling this way? What do you think?
  3. I've got a sealed Super Sketch ready to model the new protector for you on your web site! It's in better condition than my ColecoVision box picture your currently using. I'm happy the Roller Controller box was mentioned.... dunno how I forgot to bring that up.
  4. I'm missing 3 to complete my 5200 collection. Hero Meteorites Bounty Bob Strikes Back You've got 2 of em. You could save on the fee's and I could save some from the Ebay tax man if you'd like to sell them here.
  5. Thanks for your reply! I've been hoping / looking for protectors for: #1 Atari 2600 Adapter #2 Driving controller & Super Action Controllers Also, do you know of a protective sleeve that works for the Super Sketch box by chance?
  6. I'd keep an eye on his account.... wait for him to list something of value and then return the favor. He may even list the game you sold him!
  7. Old topic, but I'm curious. Has any progress been made on the expansion module protectors? Yes I can look into making these. I will need to buy some boxed ones though first. I only have them loose. Let me see if I can get some fellow AA members to sell me some minty looking ones so I can make protectors. I will also see about the Pro controllers and Roller Ball Accessory.
  8. Mind posting his Ebay name so I can block him?
  9. I have a Type 2 Sega Saturn Phoebe Board with a 128GB Sandisk Extreme MicroSD looking for a new home. Card has Rmenu V0.2 preinstalled and is configured for NTSC-U games. I'm not greedy, just looking to break even on this after material costs, shipping and fee's. $200 shipped, using USPS Priority Mail in the US. Information on determining your Saturn type and installation instructions can be found at https://gdemu.wordpress.com/details/saturn-details/
  10. I PM'd you all the US games with the exception of Tomarc The Barbarian / Motocross Racer. Hopefully they are better than the scans you already have.
  11. I don't think the list here is going to be by submission date. It's probably just going to be a mass email letting everyone know they are available for order. But then again, I could be completely wrong too!
  12. Hard to get my hopes up for this one again..... after I paid for the SE version in January 2016 I thought it was a done deal. Unfortunately, an unexpected refund 4 days later dashed those hopes. Here we are 4 1/2 years later receiving the same news. Not trying to be a dick, but i'll believe it when a tracking number is issued. Seriously hoping this isn't another false start. Really hoping for a better outcome this time around.
  13. Everything you've created has been well worth the money & wait! Thanks for everything you've already done for us and for what's to come!!
  14. That's good to hear, but I don't think he was looking for updates on the Lynx GD in this thread
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