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  1. Takes your money and your console and you never see it again. Stay FAAAAARRRRR away from this guy!
  2. What's this have to do with Coleco fans? It's an Intellivision game.
  3. Looks Great! Happy to see this project hasn't died!
  4. Just got mine delivered today and it fits like a glove!! Thanks for getting these made!
  5. NOT awesome!! Need to order 210 so I can get mine!!
  6. I started waiting for DKA to come out when # still ment pound. Now it's hashtag and I'm still waiting......
  7. I'd be all over this if I didn't already have 22 of em in my collection. With that said, I'd buy the 23 I'm missing from ya...... If you eventually decide to break this down.
  8. Count me in for one if you make them.
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